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Starting at

$99 Installation

 PHY Call Now  866-511-5762

Rating: ★★★★¼ 

     yes  Largest Home Security Company

     yes  B+ BBB RatingRequest Free Quote

     yes  ADT Guarantees


     Founded in 1874 it is the brand trusted by millions.  If you are not comfortable with installing an alarm system yourself we recommend ADT.  With great basic packages, they install within 1-2 days.


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$0 Start Up Costs

Protect America Phone  888-936-2878

Rating: ★★★★½ 

      yes  Zero Starting Costs

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      yes  A- BBB Rating 

      yes  Easy Do-It-Yourself Installation                                                                                                       

       NO Hidden Fees and a solid 20+ year history, Protect America is the perfect choice.  Free move with you service makes it a great choice for renters.  Amazing customer support with 450,000+ customers.


Starting at

$49+ Start Up Costs

Vivint Call Now  888-664-1539

Rating: ★★★¾☆ 


      yes  Free Kindle Fire

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      yes  B+ BBB Rating 

      yes  No Activation or Installation Fee                                                                                            

       LifeShield is a stellar company catering to renters and Home Owners alike.  Founded in 2004, they created the truly first wireless security system.  They provide professional installation if you do not want to install it yourself.

Starting at

$99 Activation

 Vivint Call Now  855-298-7671

Rating: ★★★¾☆ 


      yes  Largest Home Automation Company

      yes  Energy Management PackageRequest Free Quote

      yes  Standard Touchscreen Panel  


      Founded in 1999 Vivint is the luxurious, show it off system.  If you are wanting a basic security system go with someone else.  If you want the latest and greatest Home Automation and energy savings choose Vivint.

Starting at

$49.99 per month
$99+ Activation

  yes  Best Customer service

  yes  DIY system for renters or Professional install

  no  Primarily business to business company.  Better deals available

Protection One sneaks in a decent number of residential customers.  They are a great all around company yet not predominately known like ADT.  What are you going to like about them?  Getting an average deal with a good company that puts a lot of time and money into their customer support.

Starting at

$44.99+ per month
$199+ Starting Costs

  yes  Good Equipment 

  no  Worst customer ratings

  no  Prices steadily go up (like all Comcast services)

So you saw a commercial and it's got you intrigued.  Before you choose Xfinity Home (5 year history) you may want to reconsider going with a company that has a better track record.  You can read their customer reviews and see what we are talking about.  High starting cost, decent monitoring rate and nice security equipment but is that enough to save their bad reputation?



Starting at

$34.99+ per month
$200+ Starting Costs

  yes  Good monitoring price

  no  Not a stand alone alarm company

  no  Bundled service (hard to cancel)

First off, if you don't have Time Warner security service or it isn't available in your area then skip this.  For those customers already with Time Warner you will pay a higher starting costs for this add-on and not the best customer service.  While nothing terribly bad stands out, there are much better deals, equipment and brands you can go with.  Let your TV company be just that. 

Starting at

$39-79 per month
$149+ Starting Costs

  yes  Free Mobile Control

  no  New to Market

  no  Bundled service (hard to cancel)

Majority of people will not have the option to get AT&T Digital life as it is a new service only available in a few states.  They added it to their resume in April 2013 and have average (good and bad) reviews so far.  Their equipment is very basic, you can find much better basic alarm systems with Protect America for a better price.  You have to bundle the service with cable and can cost up to eighty dollars a month.  We advise you to wait a few more years for them to get everything straightened out before you try them. 

Starting at

$44-59 per month
$179+ Starting Costs

  yes  Good customer service reviews

  no  Short History (2009)

  no  Extremely high costs for basic system

FrontPoint Security, still using a basic Simon XT Panel (it's not 1999 anymore!) and high costs makes you wonder why anyone chooses them.  You have to put the system together yourself yet still pay $179+ for activation costs.  You can go with any of our top companies and get more equipment and a professional installation for less money.  Too many, they are the 'new cool company' located on the East coast but until they can prove a good track record and make sense of their high costs they are on the bottom of our totem pole. 

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