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The 2 GIG is one of the best home protection systems that offers complete home surveillance solution and programmed to alert you when its sensors detect any untoward incidents.  The system is a complete wireless model, and you can even do the installation without professional assistance. It has a color touchscreen control that can control the total system. The touch screen display makes the entire process interactive.  You can monitor the system from your smartphone, and also, you can have the alerts on your smartphone.

The Pros and Cons of 2GIG – Security Panel


  • The user interface of the 2GIG alarm panel is easy and spontaneous to use.
  • The Wi-Fi technology makes the entire process easier.
  • The panel can be personalized for a particular room in your home.
  • You can integrate the panel with the door locks and wall light switches.
  • The alarm is selling with lithium batteries and carries a 5 year warranty for the battery.
  • The system provides smoke alarms and carbon monoxide warning messages that are connected with it


  • The installation process will be difficult unless you have detailed technical knowledge of electronic items.
  • If the products are purchased from the retailers, there will be less instructions and programming codes.
  • Finally, there is no power cable provided with the product.


2GIG GOControl


GoControl is another brand of security and commonly confused to be owned by 2GIG.  They use 2GIG’s TS1C touchscreen control panel and white-label the GoControl logo on it.

Companies that use 2gig for their security system include:


Price of the product

The 2GIG alarm can be purchased online or offline stores. You can probably find offline stores in every nook and corner of the city.  The prices of various product models are available online with Amazon and many other stores. The 2GIG Alarm – Security Panel 2-GIG 345 GO CNTRL (Security / Surveillance – Monitoring Security and Control Systems) will cost about US $178.98. Another model, 2gig GCKIT311 3G Go Control 311 Kit (White) will cost you about US$ 274.28.

About the 2 GIG alarm

The new technology infused 2 GIG security systems with the alarm features will always be a safe bet for your home security requirements. For trouble free and easy interface the security system is featured with LCD touch display operation.  The Go Control features of the alarm let you use the alarm system anywhere, and you can monitor and receive security alerts anytime anywhere interrupted.

2gig-gc3-security-system 2gig-ts1c

Two different types of panels available – several other components of security systems available.  Mainly used by authorized dealers. 

Highlighted features

The 2 GIG security systems are bundled with exciting features which are easy for the customers to use and the latest technologies are incorporated in a user-friendly manner.

Full voice response

The panels will give you clear notifications that indicate system status, zone descriptions, alarms, and emergencies.

Quick access

The touch button features of 2GIG are very useful during emergencies. The front panel and buttons serve as controllers and indicators, also there are separate buttons for fire, panic and emergency.

Date and time display

The time, date and weather forecast can be displayed, and the messages are displayed loud and clear and hence it is easy to read and understand.


The touch screen controls all the system functions with easy-to-use color touch interface screen.  This will let you have all the security features at your fingertips.

Radio module

The Z-wave radio frequencies are using to augment various automation functions including lock control systems, HVAC, and other applications.

Multiple arming options

You can secure your home by arming the system away or stay, because this feature is the added convenience for the users.

Remote control options

The system is a remote control system, and you can manage the system from your computer or android mobile phone.

Self- contained

The self-contained panel of 2GIG security contains a battery with backup and allows 32 user codes to monitor up to 48 wireless zones including 8 key fobs and a programmable solid- state control output.

Good updates

With the OTA function, you can update the panel with the latest software. The regular updates on 2GIG alarm let you have the most recent software innovations and make your home security affair an easy task.

Summarized features of the 2gig panel shown


  • The transceiver sends and receives the signals with the wireless keypad and image sensors.
  • The touch keypads on 2GIG security allow remote control system of the control panel. T
  • The hardware conversion kit provides the installer the easy way to convert while the zones of the pre-wired security alarm system to wireless zones.
  • The touch screen interface shows easy keypad functions available in the control panel.
  • Finally, users can invest money, as their protection increases.



  • You need a permit for this type of alarm. Some municipalities and cities require an alarm system point. This process is little complicated, as you should ensure the rules of laws with the local or national system.


Installation process

We recommend having a professional install your 2GIG security system, because it is not a common do-it-yourself security panel although it can be done.  People who are tech savvy and can go through the installation manuals; it would be easy for owners of the system to install it without any support from the company professionals.  There aren’t any rules against installing the system for yourself, also if you dare to do the installation, you can save the cost of an installation.

When installing the wireless system, install the wireless sensors in the appropriate location to avoid difficulties.

First, you have to identify the system components.  Finally, the installation floor plan must look for the centralized location of the control panel.

You will also need to identify the wall outlet for the control panel’s power supply.

Use the 2GIG control panel’s back plate to spot the cutouts for the control panel, after that, you must install the sensors. The hardware sounder and route the connection wire to the control panel’s wall cutout.

Finally, you have to plug the battery connector into the the connector on the circuit board.

History of Company

A look into the life at 2GIG technologies

The 2 GIG Technologies were formed in 2007; they design and manufacture the most technologically advanced security system in the industry. The 2 GIG Go Control is the first self-contained, home security system and was awarded as the security product of the year, by the Consumer Electronic Association. It was also honored has the Electronic Security Expo’s top honor, and won maximum impact award, in 2011.

Go to Home or tech expos?  Check out a local booth of theirs

The 2 GIG Alarm Company is the principle member of the Z-Wave Alliance. The company has produced the new and modern home security system for the market. Most of the customers have liked this technology due to its flexibility and cost efficient pricing policies.  The company’s control panel was chosen as Best overall product by the Central Station Alarm Association and the Electronic Security Association. It was also named the Best Alarm Equipment in the Wireless Alarm System Category.

Product ranking

The product has 3.7 stars out of 5.  The 2GIG product has a good reputation among the customers and also features the most promising home security system available in the market for an economical price. With our 2 years limited warranty, the manufacturer’s confidence in the product is radiated to the customers and could be read through various customer reviews.  The product is ranked as the best home security system due to the innovative and modern technology which bears a promise of total security for your home.

The 2 GIG alarm has excellent customer service support, because the customer feels their investment is made in a proper way.  You can email your product queries directly to 2GIG.Info@nortek.com.  You can also contact us on our website. We will answer you in the shortest possible time, and we will offer technical assistance for a normal fee if the product is out of warranty period.

Final verdict

The 2 Gig alarm has many interactive features make the product as the best of the available home security system in the market.  You can travel fearlessly once you install your home security system. You will have the remote access and alert reception features.  Thanks to the support interactive features that will help you to stay connected with your Android mobile phone, because this feature helps you view images or videos from anywhere.

They are the leader of security equipment versus their contenders Honeywell, General Electric and DSC alarms.  It’s closest rival is now the Vivint sky panel which is a step ahead but requires using Vivint as your monitoring company.  As long as they continue to innovate in the space, dealerships will feel comfortable to use them.

Nevertheless, all these positive features, it is disgusting to note that the 2GIG alarm kit does not come with an instruction manual. If the instructions are provided clearly, it will be useful for the users to install it in a single go. The present system forces you to shuttle between the store and home or force you to make few phone calls to get a clear picture of the installation process.  More than 2.6 million security product have been sold so far, which is the highlighted milestone of the company and its product.

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