Do you really have enough time to get that Gun?

A home invasion is when burglars force themselves into a home or apartment. This is a most frightening crime, since most people consider their living spaces as protection from the outside world. Home invasions typically occur at night or on the weekend; often targeting residents and homes in which valuables are supposed to be inside. Everyone wants total security, but in these times, that isn’t a reality. Therefore, here are five tips to help you avoid a home invasion.

What’s the difference between an invasion and a burglary?  Invasions happen when you are at home during the same time as when the criminal is getting inside your home.  A home burglary happens when you are outside the home (at work or on vacation) and you come home to find many of your possessions stolen.  When comparing the two, oddly enough a burglary doesn’t sound that bad.

These situations often lead to the worst outcome possible such as: hostage situation, hand to hand combat or a shootoff.  A common excuse of homeowners is, “I have a gun and that is all I need.”  While it is true a gun gives you protection, when home invasions do happen the owner of the gun doesn’t have time to go to his or her’s safe or closet to retrieve the gun.  Picture this, you are in your living room watching TV and someone kicks in the door or window.  Would you have enough time to run to your room, get your gun, load it and then aim at the person?  No, because this is such a freak incident that happens quickly you need to take bigger precautions ahead of time to make sure it doesn’t take place.

1 – Know Your Neighbor/Neighborhood

Row of Homes

As the saying goes, “it is best to be safe than be sorry”. This is never truer than when it comes to questioning anything or anyone that looks out of the ordinary in your neighborhood. If you come out your front door; and you see a car full of people sitting there, circle the block and see if it is still there.

On that same note, pay attention to construction or lawn care companies that frequent your neighborhood. If you see anything out of the ordinary, call the police. It is better to look paranoid then to prevent a crime from taking place. Also, learn the patterns of your neighbors, specifically what type of cars they drive, how many people live in the homes, etc.

2 – Appearances

While driving your luxury vehicle around town is your mode of operation, it can also signal to thieves that you supposedly have money in your home. Wearing expensive jewelry and clothes attracts criminals to you.

3 – Home Security Systems

 Equipment of a Security System

If you want the ultimate protection for your residence, you need to invest in a home security system complete with cameras, sensors, and motion detectors. Today’s home alarm systems are very cost-effective, and they are well worth the money. For example, a redundant camera helps to capture footage of a thief that has properly cased your residence, and it can figure out the path that the thief takes to disable the camera before it sees them.  Several companies offer outdoor camera’s as well which can be used for litigation and a deterrent.  You can also add signs in your front yard which can deter a criminal from ever considering to break in your home.

Most importantly, you need to set your alarm when you are at home. There is a Stay mode and an Away mode.  If you are at home, set your alarm system to stay mode and then all the doors and windows are armed but not the motion detectors.  You can then watch your movie in peace and know you will get a heads up if someone intrudes your space. Criminals bank on the fact that most home security systems aren’t activated when residents are at home. When you get a home security system, you should a second keypad installed in your bedroom that has a panic button and quick access to alarm controls.

4 – Have a Safety Plan
Safety Plan

Have a plan for you and your family in the awful event that a home invasion occurs. You should choose a safe room as a gathering point where everyone is protected and the police can be notified. It is a good idea to stash a cell phone there as well.  Know where you will hide in such an event and a way to secure each child.  Make sure your children know where to go as well and how to lock the door.

When someone comes in they often tie up the people inside such as this scary incident.  Don’t let that be you or your spouse.  Evaluate and practice your safety plan so you can outsmart the criminals when the time comes.

5 – Lastly, get a Gaurd Dog

Angry Pitbull Defense DOg


It seems simple, but having a dog brings unwanted attention to a criminal. You might also want to consider having your dog trained to attack if necessary.  The loud noise is typically enough to scare the burglar away.  If it is a big dog like a Pitbull or Rottweiler they can also tear a mean one into the person.  Don’t feel bad about the bad guy getting hurt either!


Utilizing these 5 tips can really save you from the worst event unfolding inside your home.  Depending if you live in a safe or high crime city, chances of a home invasion increase dramatically.  A gun is not enough because when it comes down to an actual home intrusion; you will most likely not have enough time to retrieve, aim and shoot it.  Add things that make noise such as security systems or dogs to slim your chances of this horrific event from ever happening.

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