Home security and all it entails has changed greatly in the last two decades, with tons of innovations and modifications to all its different sectors. The ADT Door lock is ADT proprietary modification to the good old door lock with lots of innovation like remote lock and opening from anywhere and a much-needed automation system that opens your doors in the incidence of a fire outbreak. A look at what ADT door lock offers makes you wonder how you could have ever gone by without them installed in your home.

  • Easily connects to your ADT Pulse® Wireless Network
  • Illuminated keypad for low-light use
  • Keyless entry
  • Compatible with ADT smoke alarm and other devices
  • Lock or unlock using the keypad or any web-connected device
  • Full 128-bit security encryption for increased wireless security
  • Uses 4 AA batteries, eliminating the need for wiring
  • Notifies you of unlocked doors
  • Comes in three different color choices
  • Compatible with other ADT security cameras


  • You may forget your Pin code
  • Requires professional installation
  • Requires ADT pulse monitoring package


ADT door lock and ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse is ADT’s own offering of home automation combined with home security. It offers a whole lot of gadget options complete with Z-wave technology to turn your home into a smart home. its range of gadgets include ADT thermostat, light switch dimmer, garage door control, deadbolt door etc. with ADT pulse, you can control all your equipment with your mobile phone via a mobile app.

How does an ADT door lock work?

An ADT door lock made by Kwiset functions just the same way as your conventional door lock. But it offers a lot of added benefit. Once installed, you need not worry about where you kept your keys or if you are home when your parents visit because with the remote access technology you can easily open and close your door from anywhere.

The ADT door lock comes equipped with an illuminated keypad for low-light use and is battery powered, so you never have to worry about being locked in or out in the case of a power failure.


An ADT door lock is part of the ADT pulse offering. To have it installed you would have to be subscribed for an ADT pulse package which comes with monthly monitoring fee.  Call 888-285-0760 for $850 in free equipment. 


ADT door lock offers users lots of added benefit far better than what a conventional lock offers. With its keyless entry, you never have to worry about duplicating your keys or a lost key. To have a system installed you need to be running the ADT pulse plan which offers a one stop solution to most of your home automation need.

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