Frontpoint vs ADT Home Security

Frontpoint vs ADT Home Security

Home Security Giants ADT & Frontpoint's Comparison

Last updated: August 6, 2018.  So you're stuck at a crossroads between two security companies, ADT and Frontpoint.  A new (FrontPoint) versus old (ADT) battle.  We'll compare apples to apples on pricing, equipment, smart home control and history.  Then you can decide which company you let put a sign in front of your residence.

Image of Frontpoints security system package as it arrives in the mail

The main difference between the two is comfort.  With Frontpoint, you are the technician and set it up yourself. This saves a one time $99-149 installation fee.  Security units have peel and stick technology, making it quick and easy to get the security system up and running.  If follow an installation guide isn't your cup of tea, then go with ADT who will send out a professional to install it.  

Price advantage?  With Frontpoint, you do pay more out of pocket for your equipment.  So even without a install fee, most users still pay more initially for Frontpoint then ADT.  ADT offers $850 in free equipment, Frontpoint is only $300 for approved customers (credit approval based). 

Head to Head Battle - Comparison Chart

Starting Costs:
$36.99 - 54.99 / mo
$34.99 - 49.99 / mo
Monitoring stations:
Nationwide, 150+ locations
Nationwide, 1 main monitoring station
C02, Fire & Police
Check Mark
Check Mark
BBB Rating:
Good online
and offline reputation
Customers rave about them
Not available
Available for Renters:
Depending on qualification
Control Panel:
2 way over voice
or touchscreen
Touchscreen upon asking
Security Cameras:
Available with ADT Pulse.
Free monitoring with app
Available and free monitoring
with Frontpoint app
Home Automation:
5 of 5 stars
4 of 5 stars

Best for:
The average user. 2-5 bedroom
homes & customer support lovers.
Mellinnials, DIY enthusiasts
36 months
36 months
$800 in Free
Free Trial
Call a Sales Rep:
866 511-5762
888 861-8730
ADT's Review
Frontpoint's Review
Visit Site:
Click Here
Click Here

Security equipment banner

Who has the Better Security System? 

Both companies will cater to what you need.  However, each has a standard basic package.  You can pay extra for security cameras and home automation parts.  Mobile apps and control are free with both brands.  Both companies have all the standard sensors and touchscreen control panels.  The look and feel of the equipment has a minimal difference.

Here's a look at ADT's Security equipment:

    Here's a look at Frontpoint's starting package:

    touchscreen panel, motion detector and smartphone

    Frontpoint just added (as of July 2017) a slicker new version of a Smart doorbell security camera.  This allows users to see what is going on in front of the home and set up a perimeter that alerts your phone if someone is within it.  ADT Pulse can integrate with the Ring doorbell cam and Nest thermostats.

    doorbell security camera device
    New doorbell cam offered by Frontpoint Shown

    Who has the better smart control app?

    ADT Pulse app interface shown on smartphone

    ADT Pulse app (review here) is their own smart device app they have developed from ground up.  Not many companies can afford to do this (Vivint is another who has) and so an option for those companies is use a third party app.  Frontpoint's app (review here) does this.  This allows them to white label the app, and connects great with 2gig, GE and Honeywell equipment.

    Screenshots of the Frontpoint mobile app

    Both apps are reliable.  You can turn on and off the alarm system remotely.  Add other users (kids can download the app and have access to alarm control).  With ADT Pulse app, you will get The majority of crash issues come when live viewing camera feeds.   Compare the both to other home security apps here.

    History Comparison

    In today, out tomorrow?

    Luckily, neither company is going to be selling your monitoring services out to another company, a frequent problem in home security.  Frontpoint and ADT have a great BBB records and over 70 years in business.

    Hands down the best reputation and history record goes to ADT with over 100+ years in the market and dozens of monitoring companies.  Frontpoint's rapid growth has been possible due to them sending out the equipment to your door step activated and allowing you to be the installer.  It connects through your local cellular towers and they set up emergency response to your local Fire and Police departments based on your address.

    So Who Should you Choose for Your Home Security?

    You can't go wrong with either... 

    All in all you really don't have to worry that you aren't getting a good deal with either company.  Both will treat you good and also have lower sales pressure then Vivint and other companies. They are totally different companies in our minds.  

    1 - You get Frontpoint if you value customer service and don't mind installing it yourself.  The setup is quick and easy and no longer something to be worried about.  They have good home automation and are continually adding new items.
    2 - You get ADT if you want what has been through the test of time and a no hassle option.  Their Pulse system is top of the line and have full control through their app. 

    Let us know which one you will choose or if you have experience with either company below.

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