Full Comparison Between the Two Home Security Giants

So you have narrowed it down to these two companies.  Hopefully we can get it narrowed down better than the flipping a coin option for you.  We will go over their history, pricing and equipment and let you decide who to choose.  They are both national (available in all states) with great customer feedback.  However, LifeShield has gone under 2 big merges since 2013 which can be a bit of a mess.  With that said lets dive into the pros and cons. 

Comparison Table

                 Lifeshield Logo


LifeShield Security

  $99 Installation Cost
$49-149 Starting Cost
  Professional Installation                    Do-It-Yourself (Free) OR Professional Install ($99)
  CO2, Fire, Police CO2, Fire, Police, Medical
  Renters allowed (new for 2016) Renters allowed
  32 Month Agreement 60 Month Agreement (Not recommended)
  Founded in 1874 Founded in 2004
  Best overall History Good starting package 
  B+ BBB Rating B+ BBB Rating
  Honeywell & GE Equipment Proprietary Equipment
  Pulse Home Automation Proprietary Home Automation
  $99 Move with you fee $0 Move with you fee (Because you unhook and move the equipment yourself)
  Military Discount ($2/Month) Has been acquired by DirecTV who has been acquired by AT&T.  

Customers may have to use ATT Digital life and as of 2016 we recommend not choosing Lifeshield as your security company.


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Why one over the other:

They are both reliable home security companies and you have nothing to fear in the way of getting ‘ripped off’ or scammed.  LifeShield has a sturdy 10 year history and are actually the inventors of the wireless alarm system.  They recently merged with DirecTV to be able to offer a security company to their current customers much like Comcast home security does but their services etc. haven’t changed.  ADT’s history blows all other companies out of the water in length and have bought out several large companies along the way such as Brinks, BroadView and dozens of local shops.

Why people choose LifeShield over ADT:

  • Save $99 on installation by doing it yourself.
  • Know friends and family who have positive feedback
  • Lengthy customer support hours
  • Great promotions and touchscreen control panel

Why people choose ADT over Lifeshield:

  • Better history and known name & brand.
  • Great equipment and home automation
  • Standard 36 month agreement
  • Guarantees of alarm working and preventing break-ins.

Security comparison chart

Who has the better equipment?

Comparing basic package to basic DirecTV/Lifeshield does.  But for energy saving equipment and home automation ADT Pulse blows them out of the water.  You also are leasing the equipment with your contract fee of 60 months with Lifeshield whereas with ADT you outright own your equipment after the 36 month period.

You be the judge, here are pictures of each companies equipment they have available:


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*Please note that ADT equipment may differ from dealer to dealer and newer equipment is available by choosing Pulse.

Our Verdict

Everyone reading this with a brain to think should choose ADT.  They will get the security system up and working within 1-2 days and you will not have to think of it again.  Because LifeShield is in such a whirlwind of buyouts currently, we recommend staying far, far away from them.  It is no fun to have your contract switched to new providers, automatically renewed, new customer support etc.  For this reason, choose one of the top security systems ranked as they will not be switching around their brand name for years to come. 

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