Head-to-Head Home Security Comparison

Last updated: August 6, 2018.  You have knocked down the competition to red versus blue.  Both are good companies with proven track records and shorter term agreements compared other companies demanding 60 month contracts.  You can easily move nationwide with either and they both give a generous starting package.  

Why are they so different then?  Primarily it comes down to installation.

protect america alarm system in box

Protect America box opening shown – self install security

Protect America is easy peel and stick technology (DIY security) where the equipment gets shipped to you.  It comes activated and installation is done typically under one hour.  When installing it ourselves for this review, it wasn’t as big of an undertaking as we initially thought it would be.

With ADT users get it installed by a professional technician

Users looking into doing security cameras may want to use ADT so a professional can install it.  By doing a self-install, users save $99+.  However, if you are the average person and don’t want to screw anything up especially when it comes to a home security system then ADT is your choice with a professional tech installing it for you.


Which sign will you be putting in front of the home today?

You will realize the two is price, convenience and add on’s such as home automation gadgets.  ADT Pulse has more home energy saving options and equipment (read about it here).  With that being said let’s get into the details.

Comparison Chart



Protect America

$36.99-54.99 / Month
$99 Starting Costs
$19.99-54.99 / Month
$0 Starting Costs
Professionally Installed Do-It-Yourself Installation
36 Month Agreement 36 Month Agreement
GE & Honeywell Equipment GE Equipment
Pulse Home Automation Alarm.com Automation
Security Cameras Security Cameras
Founded in 1874 Founded in 1992
B+ BBB Rating A- BBB Rating
$99 Move With You Cost $0 Move With You Cost
Renters allowed Renters, apartments etc. allowed
CO2, Fire, Police 24/7 CO2, Fire, Police & Medical 24/7
Best:  Reputation and package for average person      Best:  Starting & overall price

Call 888-285-0760

Read ADT’s Review

Get Started Blue Overlay

Call 888-936-2878

Read Protect America’s Review

Get Started Red Overlay

Package Costs

Who has the Better Deal?

Assuming you choose the average package with either company then you will be paying around $45/month.  You will get a few more security devices (window sensors, motion) with Protect America in any package.  Protect America runs promotions more frequently.

Promos:  $850 of Equipment with ADT  —  Up to $1400 with Protect America

With both companies you will get a full starting package of window & door sensors, panel and motion detector as well as free smart device control. 

Mobile & Smart Device Control Review

protect america app on smartphone with security camera

Protect America security system control via smartphone app

ADT Pulse app shown on iOS device

You can turn on and off either security system with any smart phone with either company.  ADT has their own app named Pulse.  This controls the system from any smart device.  Protect America uses a 3rd party app called Alarm.com (dozens of companies do) and it works great but lacks the features that the Pulse app has. 

Protect America currently does not offer smart thermostats and other energy saving devices that Pulse’s system does.  They have integrated with Alexa and you can control your system using that device.  Both give you notifications and you can see what’s going on at your home through cameras.

Security equipment banner

xti5 security system with sensors

Protect America’s basic security system shown; updated in July of 2017.  Alexa control now available

ADT basic security system shown; updated early 2017

My Security System is Better than Yours…

Use these pictures to decide for yourself whose equipment you would want in your house.  They both use the same manufacturer for majority of equipment (GE) but overall ADT has newer gadgets whereas PA is still using the SimonXT panel that has been around for years (have now upgraded to touchscreen).  There are additional touchscreen panels you can add for convenience throughout the residence.

Protect America’s equipment:

Wireless Pan-Tilt security camera Outdoor home security camera Indoor fixed camera by Honeywell Light module Simple unlock and lock key remote Black solar light Outdoor siren box mini pin pad Indoor siren with red flashable light GPS sensor attached to keychain CO2 detector iPad displaying Protect Americas app Smoke detector Red and white WARNING signs. GE Secondary touch screen White wireless motion sensor iPhone showing app Medical pendants Glass Break Sensor Freeze sensor Starting Package Flood sensor with wires Wireless in home security camera with Protect America logo

ADT’s security equipment:

Laptop and iPad running ADT Pulse app ADT Yard SIgn window and door sensors White wireless Smoke Detector by ADT Black iPhone displaying ADT Pusle app Motion Detector Mobile ADT Pulse app Black four button remote glass break sensor  Garage door sensor ADT Low temperature / freeze sensor flood sensor with chords CO2 detector

OurFinal Verdict Between these Two Companies

 The blue and white sign is known by millions and they have a history that is hard to beat.  But if there was ever a true contender then Protect America is that company.  A healthy history and A- BBB rating, they know what they are doing in this industry. Stay away from ma and pa shops as they often go out of business or sell out and your monthly monitoring costs increase.  Let us know who you are going to choose or have any questions for our experts below.

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