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Alarm Grid is a company that was founded in 2012 on the principle that you should be able to protect your home by yourself. Their DIY approach lends to much lower costs, but also reduces the overall safety of your home. The best part about Alarm Grid is that you can pay as little or as much as you want for as simple or as complex of an alarm system that you could possibly imagine.
Security Costs

What are the Costs?

Starting costs:  This could be alot!  Varies, from $160 – $800 depending on the system you get

Monthly cost: The Not so fun Bill.  Expect $30-50

Installation cost:  You’re on your own with this one.  It is a self install system so you don’t pay.

Activation fee:  The hidden one… While you may get free installation, that fee gets turned into a ‘activation’ fee of the equipment.  $99-199.

What goes up, hopefully won’t come down.

Alarm Grid’s security systems are primarily made by Honeywell. They offer several different kinds of alarm systems, including:

– Wired and wireless home and business security systems
– Internet, cellular, and dual path systems
– Medical alert and life safety systems

All systems are compatible with mobile devices, but you will have to ensure that your monthly Alarm Grid contract allows you access to those features.

Equipment: Customer’s choice, offerings include wired and wireless systems from Honeywell.

Sensors include:  Window, glass break, motion, fire, CO2 and everything else you would expect from a security company.

Home Automation:  We recommend choosing a company such as ADT or Vivint for Home automation so you don’t have to install it yourself.  Alarm Grid has limited home automation.  You can turn the system on and off from your phone which is pretty standard.  Their cameras are lower grade then most other companies.

Positives (+)

The things they don’t mind you knowing about them.

– No long-term contract, so you can cancel services at any time
– Flexible and affordable monthly services
– DIY installation lowers the overall price
– Their no contract policy allows you greater flexibility
– Having a monthly contract means there are no moving fees
– You can get hands-on DIY experience (both good and bad)


Negatives: (-)

The things they don’t want you to know about them.

– A professional isn’t installing your system, making your liable to make mistakes
– Entry costs are higher
– Monthly costs are high for how few services are offered
– The business is very young and doesn’t have much experience
– No contract means no assurance that their services will last
– If you make a mistake installing your system, it is difficult to fix
– Installation costs are significantly higher


History of company

Lets open up the History Books

BBB Rating: A and accredited.  The company is a little young for some of the factors that BBB considers to have any real validity, but still, it received an A, and that is no small feat.

Founded:  Alarm Grid was founded in 2012 (Yikes, that’s new!). Their motto and mission were formed:

– As a response to “corrupt” alarm companies
– To give homeowners a DIY alarm option
– To give homeowners better contract options

Monitoring: Generally 24/7, outsourced monitoring.   Several complaints from AlarmGrid not calling soon enough when an alarm goes off or no connection at all even when paying the monitoring fees.

Customer Support Review

The People behind the Desk

You can contact Alarm Grid as a provider by:

– Sending a letter
– Sending an email
– Calling their toll-free number

They can be contacted Monday through Friday for tech support, but they have extensive tutorials and content describing installation and their products on their website.   If you are someone wanting 24/7 customer service then check out Protection One who will answer your call by a live representative within 10 seconds 7 days a week.

Alarm Reviews Conclusion

All in all, Alarm Grid is great for a very specific kind of customer – a very self-confident one who is willing to take a chance on a baby home alarm company.  Everyone else who wants to be 100% sure that they can rest easy at night might be better off checking other companies out first.

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