How Patriotic can a Home Security Company Be?

First off, this company is not for consumers.  It is for dealers looking to hire out their monitoring services.  Not all security alarm dealers offer monitoring services, a lot of alarm dealers outsource their monitoring services to other security monitoring companies. One of which is All American Monitoring company.

All American Monitoring is a family owned security company that offers strictly monitoring services to alarm dealers with state of the art equipment and receivers. They are different from most other monitoring company because they offer their services on a wholesale scale unlike companies like Alarm Relay which provides monitoring to mainly end home users.

Here are the good and bad of All American Monitoring

  • No long term contract
  • Charges a flat rate of $2.50 per account monthly
  • Provides monitoring services to over 2000 dealers
  • UL certified and CSAA 5 Diamond Central Station
  • Zero set up fees
  • 42+ years of Experience
  • Email and mobile Alert


  • Not available directly to consumers
  • Outdate website and logo
  • Do not offer home automation services


Pricing and Packages

All American Monitoring offers a straight to the point single fee pricing for their alarm monitoring services, if you would like additional features like video monitoring then you should contact them for a quote.

Installation cost: Zero

Activation fee: Zero

Monitoring fee: $2.50 per account across various signals

Packages: They do not offer any contract plan. Just a monthly service which you are free to cancel at any time.  As a dealer, plan on using Honeywell security systems that have GO and Connect 2.0 available.  General GE systems  should be able to connect with this companies monitoring center as well.

Cellular monitoring service: They currently offer an interactive GSM cellular monitoring service which cost $59.00 for installation and $2.50 monthly for monitoring

Areas of Monitoring

All American monitoring coverage extends all over the United States as well as part of Canada.

Customer support

They can easily be reached by calling their toll free line for enquires and complain on 800-318-9486


All Alarm Monitoring is a family owned security company that offers monitoring services to Alarm dealers who need such at $2.50 per account. They possess state of the act alarm receivers which make them a good choice. The also offer free access to their Dealer Access Module to aid control of users accounts via a secured Internet connection. They pick complains from dealers customers as specified acting as your personal professional monitoring service. Their services cuts across all over the US and part of Canada. Definitely worth considering for Alarm dealers.[frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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