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This review is not to be confused with the month of August… Home automation is constantly changing the way we live and interact with our homes in ways we never imagined. The August Smart lock is a modern innovation to the good ol’ dead bolt. While lots of Smart lock are currently available in the market, the August Smart Lock differs significantly in its ease of installation and features packed up in the product which is expandable by its ease of integration with other home automation kit like Nest.

This review focuses on the August Smart Lock complete with Home kit enabled.  Here’s a glance at the good and bad.

  • DIY, Easy to set up
  • Voice unlock via Home kit
  • NO need to change Deadbolt
  • Remote access
  • Geofencing feature (not exclusive, any or 2gig and newer system also has this)
  • Mobile App Access
  • 24 hours Activity log
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Auto lock door after a specific time frame.


  • Expensive.  You could lease one for less with Vivint when signing up
  • Requires additional purchase to enhance feature usage.
  • Not compatible with some deadbolts


Home Kit Explained.

Wondering what Home Kit is? Home Kit is a proprietary framework by Apple for home automation. It affords users the ability to control their home kit compatible devices in their home via their mobile device. With Home Kit, users can lock and unlock their August Smart lock with their voice via Siri by just simple phrases hassle-free.

Design and Features

The August Smart lock is available in Silver and dark gray finishing. It measures 3.2 by 2.2 inches and has a round distinct shape like a hockey puck. It’s battery powered by four AA-sized battery that comes included in the box.  The battery goes right under the lid and is held in place by magnets.

The Smart lock is equipped with a led indicator that changes from green to red when the door is open or closed.  the smart lock is home kit enabled and takes command via Siri. You can easily confirm if a door is open or close by inquiring of its status via a voice command.

The August smart lock easily integrates with other IFTTT compatible systems.  Not many home security companies have added it to their security system lineup yet.  Unlike the Nest which integrates with several home automation systems, the August is a bit limited but can still work great with GE alarm systems.


How to Install the August Smart Door Lock

Installation of the August Smart Lock is relatively easy. A typical installation takes less than 30 minutes for the most inexperienced. It doesn’t require any professional installation knowledge as the installation manual is pretty straight forward. You could also follow the steps listed below.

  1. Confirm that you have a compatible deadbolt as not all unit are compatible with the August smart lock.
  2. Remove the screws on the thumb latch with a screen driver.
  3. Attach the smart lock mounting plate to the dead bolt and screw it in place with the existing screws from the thumb latch
  4. Attach the adapter that works for your deadbolt from the provided options to the back of the lock.
  5. Attach the lock to the mounting plate and feel it snap into place.  Ssecure in place with latches.
  6. Remove the battery slab and confirm its properly installed
  7. Install the August App
  8. Good and ready to go!


Security and performance.

Having your front door installed with the August Smart lock doesn’t pose any security threat far more when compared to the standard deadbolt. Rather it gives users more flexibility with its range of security features like being able to check if a door is locked or open, not being locked out if you lose your keys. Auto lock features and smart lock. Being able to provide timed guest access through the door and a 24-hour log on usage makes it a secure option.

Our Final Say on the August Smart Locks

Although Pricey, the August Smart Lock is a very convenient gadget to have in the home, its range of features and ease of installation sets it apart from other smart locks.   The home kit feature requires an iPhone or any other apple gadget to work but it comes highly recommended by us.

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