Aggressive Summer Salesmen often lie to make high commission sales.

It’s that time of the year.  “Suns out Guns out” as the saying goes in Provo, Utah – Home of more than 6,000 men (and some women) who go door to door selling home alarm systems for companies like Vivint or ADT and even Protection One who has recently gotten in the game.  While most (we hope) are trustworthy door to door salesmen scams offering a good price or deal, many tell lies or use aggressive salesmanship skills to close the deal.  Why?  Because the incentive is so high.  Most sales in this industry will give the salesman $400-800 cash in their pocket per sale.  If they are the manager, they will get an override on all of their sales reps sales as well.  Also; they don’t get paid unless you get the system installed into your home.  With a pay structure like this, it leads them desperate for the sale.  

Since our main objective here at Alarm-Reviews.Net is educating the buyer of each company, we wanted to make sure that anyone researching for good home security reviews this year would be able to find this article and save themselves some time.  


#1 – Verify the Salesmen and Company

.  This is fairly easy to do.  You will most likely be talking to the following:  Vivint (has the most door to door sales reps).  They will have a badge and a number you can verify the rep at.  Security Networks – this is not as easy and honestly, we would suggest sending the sales rep away and checking out our top 3 companies.  These people offer very long contracts of 5 years at rates of $80+ a month.  Protection One has the most professional reps and they want to maintain their A+ BBB rating and have even fired sales reps for lying on the doors.  To verify you will want to call your city to make sure they have a solicitation permit, then call the company to verify and check out their website.

# 2 – Review their contract and terms.

 Is the deal too good to be true?  Then it probably is.  The average deal you will hear goes as follows:  “Are you the Homeowner?  Great., If you can hold a company sign out for me in the yard to help out with advertising, we will cover the costs of the alarm system for you.  I am only doing this for X number of neighbors so it is in our best interest to help me before I run out.”  Yes, it’s a pitch and they could do as many as they want at this deal.  Even when they promise you no start-up costs by the end of the pitch they will usually have you paying $99-199 for installation, or an ‘activation/setup fee’.  

No matter what they call it, they have broken their initial ‘Free Security System’ pitch.  After breaking down their pitch, it is time to break down their contract.  Several companies are now doing electronic contracts which makes it easier for the sales rep to not show you what you are getting.  They will let you know you have been emailed the agreement.  Make sure you read through it on their device first.  Many of the companies are now 42-60 month contracts with auto-renewal.  Ask any questions and call family or friends first.  Don’t get taken advantage of just because it seems like a great deal at the moment.


#3 – Don’t feel rushed.

Sales reps are delegated ‘area’ for up to two weeks.  You may have even seen this security salesman in your neighborhood a day or two before you got knocked on. When he or she tells you it is a once in a lifetime offer or that day only; know that you can always come to our website and find even better deals.  Security companies always want new customers and therefore are always doing Free Installation perks or Free Security Camera etc.  If you don’t feel comfortable or do not have a spouse at home to make the decision with you; don’t worry you will get knocked on again by the same or different company and the deal will possibly even be sweeter.


With these tips in mind this summer; it will help you not fall victim to the next door to door security scam.  Some companies are offering; several are shady companies and sales tactics to make a quick $500 from you and your family and your protection is their least amount of true concern. [frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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