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Bay Alarm is a family owned company which have built a name for itself over the years on account of the plethora of services offered by them. The company is centred around in California and is one of the most preferred home security partners for many commercial and residential properties in California and dealing with world renowned brands such as Bosch, Honeywell, Videofiled, GE Security, Linear, Aiphone and DMP

Let’s have a look why Bay Alarm Security is simply the best

  • Good automation prices
  • Great customer support
  • Provides new age technology like touch screen
  • Customization according to users’ needs
  • 24/7 Live Monitoring
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Added Fire and Smoke Monitoring


  • Caters only to California residents
  • Finally, Bay Alarm Technicians have to install every system. No DIY options.

Having skimmed over the surface about Bay Alarm; let us dwell more into how Bay Alarm helps to keep our safe.


Bay Alarm Security Cost

Installation: The installation of their devices are solely done by Bay Alarm technicians. There is no DIY options available with them. It is a big turn down for those who want to save on the installation costs.  If you are looking for a DIY option, check out this list of wireless security systems.

Activation fee:  Bay Alarm has not displayed their activation charges on their website which is a big disappointment to many.  The only way to get hold of their prices is to give them a call; and then they dispatch their representative to your home. You can read negative remarks about this issue in many Bay Alarm reviews. In this age of data transparency, it’s important to reveal the prices on the website itself, so that the customers can decide on their choice. However, they charge $325 for their activation fee which also includes the installation cost.

Monitoring fees: The Company charges $30 per month for monitoring services which also includes all service calls.

Nest equipment

Security Equipment of Bay Alarm

Let us see what makes Bay Alarm one of the unique security service providers and makes it one of the preferred choices of the California residents and commercial establishments.

Different device integration: The main reason why Bay Alarm has been so popular in California is that all their devices are manufactured and designed to integrate with other manufacturers devices.

Touchscreen Panel: A neat touch screen panel which can be customized to have a range of functions like controlling smart door locks, smoke and carbon monoxide detection, lightning control and protection from intruders.

Medical Systems:

Bay Alarm is a specialist in manufacturing Bay Alarm Medical systems which can be used in commercial hospitals as well as in residential properties in case of elderly and physically challenged persons. It comes included with a panic button which sends direct notifications to the concerned person to notify of the need for help.

Cellular monitoring:  Their system comes with a added advantage of mobile monitoring. So you can have round the clock notifications from security systems to your mobile device. The integration of mobile app has made things easier.

Advanced features: Since this company integrates features a whole lot of devices; the users have the opportunity to get the best of features in one device. It makes Bay Alarm stand out from the rest of home security systems.

Home Automation: Bay Alarm’s Total Connect Services allows for 24/7 monitoring of your home. The system can completely control electronic appliances, locks and other devices from the click from your Smartphone.

BayGuard Sensors: These sensors which comprise of heat sensors and infrared sensors are placed in the hallways and other areas to lessen the chances of any intruders.

Total Connect Video Feature: This feature allows the user to receive 10-second video clips when some sensors are triggered can view the live feed from any place on their smart phones. The mobile support is for various platforms like iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, etc.

Installation Process

How to install the security system and make your home secure.  It is a professional installation (like ADT).  If you want a simple self-setup security system read this.

Bay Alarm doesn’t have any DIY kit available with them so that you can order the kit and can install the security system on your own.  You have to allow Bay Alarm Technicians install your security system for you, which does come at a price.

  1. Call for expert advice: The first step is to call the Bay Alarm helpline number and state you address so that a Bay Alarm representative can come over to your house to discuss the terms of the contract.
  2. Taking a decision: Choose the features you want to have in your security system and inform the same to the Bay Alarm representative.
  3. Select the installation day: Communicate over the phone when you will be available to supervise the installation procedure. Sit back, relax while Bay Alarm technicians will take over the installation process in making your home secure.


What makes them unique

What makes them unique

These are some of the important features that make Bay Alarm Security unique when compared to other security systems

  1. Free tech support for existing customers: Bay Alarm cares about their clients. This service has made the company so popular and will always be there to help its customers when they need technical help. Other companies charge fees for providing any technical support albeit they may not include it directly but it is charged with some monthly service fees. They do offer free technical support to its customers.
  2. Re-locations service: Most of the other security companies don’t help their customers in shifting their security systems when they are moving out. Bay Alarm assist in moving your security systems to your new residences at a nominal cost. This will surely save you the hassles of moving around your security systems now and then saving you some precious time. The only downside they cater to relocation within California as they are a California based company.


History of Company

History of the company

Down by the Bay… Bay Alarm has truly valued its customers and that why it is so valued by its clients now. It is a family owned security providing company by Westphal family, established in the year 1946 and offering its services in California only.

They have had some acquisitions which have helped them in building their long range of products and provide value-added services to their customers.

Partners: Bay Alarm acquired San Diego-based security company SDA Security in 2014

Customer Support banner

Customer Support and reviews

Bay Alarm is known for caring for their customers and offers some free security assessment for their potential customers.

Customers can schedule a free security evaluation by calling their helpline number or by filling up a form on their website. Once a Bay Alarm customer, you will have a Bay Alarm account which you can use to make payments, send inquiries and ask for system upgrades.

One thing about the Bay security system is that their product manuals are not that up to date. This might be being to being restricted to being a local company, but to expand beyond the borders of California it needs to keep up with other players who are well-documented guidelines and product manuals. Apart from that their after purchase services are good.

Our Verdict

Now having looked at the Bay Alarm in detail and understanding what they offer in terms of service, it’s time to make the final call. Bay Alarm is a fine option for those who reside in the California. Being a local company, they can easily cater to the needs of its customers. Also, the various range of products offered by them only makes the first option for home security. However, if you are looking for service outside California, you also need to have other options.


Considering the overall performance of Bay Alarm; it delivery satisfactory services to its customer and hence considered as the best security provider in California.  Many Bay Alarm reviews have lavishly expressed their positive critical remarks about the company and its security service.  Despite finding odds related relocation outside California the customers certain to face problems.

Locally within California, their services are superb.  The company offers 3 years contract service is especially good for residents in California area. But for people who are planning to move outside California, the three-year contract won’t be the best option.  However, the service of Bay Alarm is best rated as the best in the industry.  The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have an excellent score A+, which is a sure indication of its service excellence.

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