Belkin has been producing consumer electronics for over 3 decades. Headquartered in Playa Vista, California, Belkin specializes in the production of gadgets like cameras, home automation systems, hubs, cables and other similar products. Belkin aims to bring home automation to commonly used home appliances

Wemo is a line of smart products from Belkin International that enables users to control home electronics from anywhere.  The product suite comprises of a switch, motion sensor, Insight Switch, light switch, camera and an android or iOS app which can be controlled either via your home Wi-Fi or via a mobile network.

Here is a full review of the Belkin Wemo Home Automation Product Suite

The Wemo Mini Smart Plug


The wemo Mini smart Plug offers you full control of your home appliances, lighting’s and other electronic devices right from your phone or tablets. With the aid of your home Wi-Fi network you can easily have control of your devices with no subscription required from anywhere in the world.

The wemo Mini Smart plug is compatible with IFTT technology, a free web based service that gives you far more functionality for your gadgets.

With the compatibility with Nest Thermostat, Wemo Smart Plug offers you the ability to sync your thermostat with Wemo, turning off and on your lighting when you are home or away.

Wemo Mini Smart Plug offers more functionality. It can be easily controlled from your mobile so you can easily switch on and off your appliances from anywhere in the world. It also offers seamless voice control with the Amazon Alexa.

How to Use

It’s Simply Plug and Play. Simply plug the Wemo Mini Smart Plug into an electrical outlet, plug a device into the Smart Plug, and control your device using the free Wemo app. Very Easy! The Smart Plug is a minimalist item so it doesn’t obstruct other power outlet.


Wemo Insight Switch


Imagine being able to know how much power your appliance consumes and being able to turn it on and off at will from anywhere. The Wemo insight Switch connects your appliances to your home Wi-Fi. It can monitor your electronics and will send information about the device’s energy usage directly to your smartphone or tablet. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices allowing users to track their energy spending and save in the long run.  It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa allowing for voice control and also IFTT.

How to Use:

To install the Wemo Insight Switch is simple, Plug the Insight Switch into a power outlet in your home and then plug an electronic device or appliance like dryers, washers, TVs etc.  Into the switch, then control with the free Wemo security App for IOS and Android. Wemo App works with Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G network.


Wemo Maker


The Wemo Maker is a proprietary home automation gadgets that provides automated control to almost all low voltage electronics. It affords limitless customization for your low voltage appliances. Imagine being able to program your sprinklers not to turn on when rain is forecast.  This is easily achieved with the use of Wemo maker. Wemo Maker is compatible with IFTT making customization limitless.

Key Points

  • Control nearly any low-voltage electronics device
  • Knowledge of electrical wiring required
  • Use triggers from a variety of sensors with the WeMo Maker
  • Control devices via smartphone or tablet with free WeMo app
  • Works with IFTTT for customization and unique use-cases
  • Integrates with other Belkin products in the WeMo ecosystem.


Our Conclusion

Belkin offers a suite of home automation gadget that makes you have peace of mind.  The Belkin Wemo items make a great addition to any top security system.  The Wemo suites of Product allows you to use your home appliances from anywhere in the world.  Now you won’t have to worry whether you left the iron or the dryer on.  It’s worth the cost to add to the home.
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