Is their All-In-One device as Smart as they Claim?

Last updated: August 6, 2018.  So maybe you have your hopes up about the new Home Security….system…device…hrmm… whatever you want to call it.   We can’t claim it as a full home alarm system even though they want you to think of it as that.  Why not?  It’s basically a security camera with a few extra features.  It is still a great concept and in the months and years to come it will be exciting to follow Canary on their venture to become a full home security brand.

Here is some of the good and lots of bad of the Canary security camera:


1 – Simple installation.  It is a self installation security system which saves you $99.  Connect with it through wifi, it scans and learns the area and you can set up mobile alerts and monitoring through your phone.  Of course with most other companies, they install their system for you for free anyways but Canary makes sure to point out that this saves you ‘days’ of time (which it really doesn’t)…

2 – Available for renters and home owners alike.



1 – Even though the technology is great it’s still very new to the market.  First of all, how can they claim it’s an all-in-one security device if you need more then 1 per a home.  You actually need 1 per a room and at $180 a pop these are much more pricey then your standard free door sensor.

2 – Next, when you cram a bunch of things into one it typically is average at each.  Would you rather have stand alone door sensors that have had 20 years of design and technology put into them for $20 each or this Canary system that may or may not detect someone coming through your window, trying to manipulate it and break in etc.  By making this a C02 sensor, motion detector, camera and more it means that those it is going to lack compared to a item whose soul purpose is built for it.

3 – No home automation such as light control and energy savings like ADT home automation would.

4 – Several customers are complaining that their mobile alerts go off constantly during the day by their pets.  The Canary has ‘learning recognition’ where it is supposed to bypass the pet after you have taught it not to set the alarm for that.  However, when there is bugs in their app software and they are slow to roll an update out like this, you are the one left waiting or getting annoyed by false alarms in this case.

5 – Those without a smartphone.  Not every 8 year old these days has a smartphone… And if they do that doesn’t mean they are eager to put a home security app on it.  Which means if someone in your home (or a guest) who isn’t on your verified guest list comes in your home, they are then an intruder and you get an alert.  With a standard system you can just tell them the code or disable the alarm yourself from your phone.  A little more complicated of a situation here but at least their smart camera records and stores the event for you to watch them get scared out of their pants another time!

Package Costs

How Much will a Canary Security system cost?

The best deal we found is here for $179 and Free Shipping.  Now keep in mind, you will want a couple per a home.  Imagine your eyes where the camera is and that is everything it can see.  So you may want one for the living room, entryway, kids bedroom(s), master bedroom and basement.  You can rack up the costs quickly with this but if you buy two at a time you get a better discount.

They also offer a monitoring plan that doesn’t make much sense because you still have to click ‘Call the Police’, which if you are away from your phone (ie., vacation) what good is the monitoring?  Price may be anywhere from $19.99-39.99.  There is also a monthly fee for extra cloud storage of your video footage.  This is where Nest makes monthly money from their security camera as well.

security equipment

What exactly is the Canary all-in-one security system?

It comes in black or white and it is more than an average wireless security camera.  But not just any ordinary camera, one that has ports to monitor air quality (C02/smoke sensor) and temperature.  You connect with it via your smart phone and anyone that has a device in your home it can recognize.

canary is all in one security device

It also stores the last 10 hours of recording footage continuously to a cloud which can be nice for certain events.  And maybe record some events you wish you didn’t have to see again like a fight, teenager leaving the house or kissing on the couch.  But hey, they portray it that you will capture your child’s first steps so that would be good too!


Rather then make a list for you to read, here are two pictures that cover their top features and technology:

Canary product information canary security features



Customer complaints

Other customer complaints as seen here:

customer complaint

The Canary Conclusion

Because it’s so new to the market and technology is ever changing, we think it’s a little soon to jump aboard 100%.  However, it may be smart to buy 1-2 using the link provided below and test it out for 30 days.  If you don’t like it you may always return it.   We recommend going with one of the top 3 companies rated here but if you want to try this smart security technology out along with a basic alarm system that is a great idea!

Click here for 30% OFF and Free Shipping

Have any experience with the Canary all-in-one security solution?  Leave your feedback or rating below for other customers to review for themselves.


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