Help! I Need out of my ADT Agreement!

Moving or stuck with an ADT alarm contract that doesn’t seem to be working out for you anymore? Canceling an ADT contract shouldn’t be difficult if you take the necessary steps. This article will lead you through the steps of getting an ADT cancellation without any penalty by ADT on damage to your credit.

*Note:  ADT will relocate with you if you are moving.  Generally, they will set up a brand new security system at the new home for a $99+ fee.  This is subject to change based on where you are moving and how much equipment etc.


  • ADT offers a 36 months’ contract plan.  This is standard among security providers.  The high is 60 months and low is 24.
  • The cancellation policy states a 75% payment on cancellation
  • 30 days’ trial period
  • You can get out of your agreement for free if you are relocating to a unserviceable area for the military (deployment).
  • USAA members can get a monthly discount on monitoring

How to get an ADT cancellation?

First of all, getting an ADT cancellation without any penalty depends on the timing of your decision to cancel. Based on these facts, there can be either of two possibilities.

Pen writing Contract on Paper

Some companies require a handwritten letter to cancel their services

ADT cancellation during trial period

Every ADT contract comes with a 30 days trial period.  Most users don’t know this!  There is the mandatory 3 day right of recession for any product but most don’t know that ADT’s carries on for 30 days.

Opting to cancel can be based on any reason, the decision to cancel during the trial period doesn’t incur any penalty and you will not be billed if you opt to cancel during the 30 days trial period.

It is required that you inform ADT either through mail or via their customer care line. We prefer their customer care helpline for fast response. The customer care officer may try to convince you to stick with ADT and may offer to sort out any complaint you may have regarding their service.

If you are resolute on canceling, being firm but polite would pass the message across. The customer care agent would set the cancellation process running.

ADT canellation after trial period

The reasons for Canceling after the trial period varies per individual. Ranging from lack of satisfaction, a better offer from another alarm company, or a decision to move. Whichever the case, the cancellation policy in the contract which you signed on opting for ADT states a 75% payment of the leftover contract on cancellation. This may run into hundreds of dollars depending on your plan and the time elapsed on your contract plan.

Example:  You owe $1000 left on the contract (roughly 20 months).  To cancel; you would need to pay $750 to ‘buy out’ your contract agreement.

What happens if you don’t pay that?  You can run from them for quite a while.  Because they have millions and millions of customers, your credit is what will take the hit.  Depending on the remaining amount, they will send your account to collections and let them do the dirty work.  If you have no credit or bad credit and don’t care to fix it then feel free to keep avoiding the payment.

adt trial period offer shown

What some trial offers look like online

The first step in canceling after a trial period is to contact their customer care service and inform them of your decision. The most cited reason that may not get you penalized is the reason to move. Depending on the contract duration left, ADT may allow you to move with your unit to your new location or if out of state. The customer care agent may offer you another option.

It is important to note that an ADT contract auto-renews after it expires. If you desire to cancel after the expiration of a contract, you should notify ADT before the last month.

Other options to consider after canceling

Despite canceling on ADT contract, your home and business need to be secured. Other optimal Alarm companies that you can consider include

  1. Frontpoint
  2. Protect America
  3. Vivint
  4. Link interactive
  5. Simplisafe

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I cancel my ADT without a penalty?

“You can cancel in the first six months with no penalties thanks to the company’s money-back service guarantee, although ADT’s Terms and Conditions aren’t clear on what qualifies as a refund-worthy cancellation reason. After six months, you can cancel your contract by paying 75% of your remaining balance.” – according to Safewise

What happens to ADT equipment when you cancel?

You have two options when canceling your ADT subscription. First, you can either keep the equipment and transfer the monitoring rights to another company, or, alternatively, you can return the equipment and let the new security company supply your new monitoring devices. Either way, you’ll have to ask around and see what are the advantages and disadvantages in both scenarios, as their legal terms and conditions can change in time, so you’ll need to stay up to date with the latest information.

How do I write a cancelation letter for ADT?

Use a standard business letter template to write your cancelation order. Start with a heading, then continue with a greeting, body, closing, and signature. Your heading should be on the left side of the page and should contain all of your contact information (address, email, etc.). The next line of the heading should be the address of the ADT service point that you’re sending the letter to. Afterward, choose a greeting. A simple “Dear” will suffice along with the name of the department or the individual meant to receive the cancellation. After that, the body of your letter should be short and simple, informing ADT that you want to cancel your subscription and the reason you want to do so. List the address currently under service and your account number. Now you can close the letter with “Sincerely, Best, or Have a good day” and your name plus your signature.


Canceling your ADT contract shouldn’t be marred with confusion. Depending on the time the decision is made and the reason for cancellation you may not be required to pay the cancellation fee. However, your home deserves to be protected. Other Alarm companies may offer you service at a shorter contract length or at no contract at all.
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