Cox Home Security

Cox Home Security

Is Cox HomeLife Security System Any Good?

The name Cox Communications does not require much introduction. Cox Communications is the third-largest cable provider in the United States. Not the only cable provider in the home security business, Cox Homelife security can be regarded as a newcomer to home security system compared to the likes of ADT, Cox Communications offers home security services under the name “Cox Homelife”. Does one of America’s Top-rated cable and internet provider pack enough power to protect your home and at what cost?  Let's find out!

  • 24/7 professional monitoring service
  • Accessible via web, smartphones, and tablet
  • Free home security starter equipment
  • Short contract (24 months)
  • Save more on bills when bundled with other Cox services like High-speed internet, cable, and digital telephone plans.
  • Free HD camera*
  • Installation by trained personnel
  • Saves money on home insurance
  • Finally, loads of paid advanced security equipment for a customized experience

*not available on the essential package



  • $99 installation and activation fee
  • Lots of additional charges
  • Requires Cox internet service
  • Requires touchscreen, provided on rentals which are returned at the end of the contract.
  • No crash and smash protection.
  • Poor customer service based on buyer’s review
  • Finally, it's not available nationwide.


Reviews of other cable providers that have hopped on board the home security train include:  XFINITY security, AT&T Digital Life

Quick Facts

FoundedParent company founded in 1954, home security system division started 2011.
HeadquartersAtlanta, Georgia, United States
WebsiteVisit site
Standard sensors included free 2 window/door sensors, 1 motion detector, 1 wireless router, a yard sign and window decals as standard on both plans.
Touchscreen Panel Available on rental. $3/month
Key Remote (On/Off) Fob Available on added purchase and monitoring fee
C02, Fire and Flood SensorsAvailable on added purchase and monitoring fee
Mobile & Tablet Control Free
CamerasHD camera available free on the preferred plan
Z-Wave Technology Basic
Advanced FeaturesSmoke and heat sensors, wireless keypad, HD video cameras, Carbon monoxide detector, thermostat controllers, light controllers, glass break sensors, electric smart plug
Monthly$29.99 and $44.99
EquipmentFree Basic security equipment
24/7 monitoring Yes
Smoke, C02 & FloodNot Included, Available on added purchase
Customer Reviews2 of 5
Support3 of 5
Equipment4 of 5



Cox Homelife security system comes in two monitoring plans named Essential and preferred service plans.

Unlike most other top home security systems providing. Startup cost would set you back $99.99 or more.

Installation cost: installation of the Cox Homelife security system cost $50. Additional gadgets may cost more to install.

Activation: Cox charges $49.99 for activation, unlike other competitions that charges $0.0 for activation.

Monitoring fee: The Monitoring plans offered by Cox Homelife is quite competitive and offers more benefit to customers other utilizing other Cox services. Cox homelife's Essential service plan offers you the basics of security gadgets for $29.99.  The preferred service plan offers more upgrades and costs $44.99 monthly. The touchscreen control panel cost extra $3.00 monthly and is returned at the end of the contract.

Minimum contract is 24 months.

Here’s how both plans measure up to each other.

24/7 Monitoring  YY       
Battery/Cellular BackupY     Y   
Smoke/Heat DetectionY    Y   
Water/Flood MonitoringY     Y   
Carbon Monoxide MonitoringY    Y   
Unlock/Lock DoorsY   Y
Touchpad, Web And also Mobile AccessYY
Receive Text/Email AlertYY   
Live/Recorded Video      NoY
Home Automation      NoY   
24 Hours Video Recording      No 
Starting Equipment2 Window/Door Sensors,1 Motion Sensor, Wireless Router, Yard sign and window decals2 Window/Door Sensors,1 Motion Sensor, Wireless Router, HD camera, Yard sign and window decals

Security Equipment review

Essentials: New subscribers of Cox Homelife security system gets the basic essentials of home security gadget comprising 2 Window/Door Sensors,1 Motion Sensor, Wireless Router, Yard sign and window decals.  Our preferred plan offers an HD camera.  All other gadgets are same. Touchscreen control panel comes as a rental.

Home Automation: Users of Cox Homelife security can carry out remote access and basic home automation function like remote thermostat and lighting control.  Their security app is limited compared to other home alarm apps.

Here’s a look at Cox Homelife's security system equipment.


Installation Process

Installation of Cox Homelife security systems is carried out by their professional personnel, also at a cost of $50.00 or more.

The installation follows three easy steps

   Decide: set up a convenient installation time, preferably when you would be home by calling 855-446-5970.

   D- Day! : Installation of security takes 3 hours for most system. Cox Homelife security is no exception.

   Done deal: Finally, the installer would direct you on how to operate the system and prevent triggering false alarms.


What makes them unique

What makes Cox homelife stand out?

PRICE: Although the equipment is basic, they are free! They offer quite a competitive monitoring fee less than other home security companies like Frontpoint. You save more when combined with other Cox services like the internet and digital telephone.

Home automation: Cox Homelife system offers control for small appliances which are Z-wave compatible in addition to thermostat and light control.

Cellular service: Cox offers notification via mobile and email alert.

Customization: Cox offers customers the opportunity to customize their home security system by need, because hey offer a wide range of security upgrades/equipment to their basic system.

slomins customer support

There is generally a below Average rating of the customer service by users of Cox Homelife security system.

Chat support: Cox Homelife security does offer chat support.

Phone support: Cox Homelife customer service can be reached via phone support 5 days a week.

Videos and forum support: Instructional videos to prepare users for their Homelife security system installation and to also maximize the Cox experience can be found here.

Technical support: They have a 'tech support' line but we did not find it very useful.  The attendants answering didn't have in-depth knowledge about the security system.

FAQ:  They have a great online FAQ area that is easy to navigate through and find your topic of interest.

History of SLomins

The Story: America’s 7th largest phone company and 3rd largest cable provider, also known as Cox communications began in 1962 as a cable television industry. In 1993, the company began its telecommunication services which later became known as Cox business. Following numerous Acquisitions, in 2011, Cox telecommunication began offering home security systems as part of its suite of products.

Headquarters: Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Our Conclusion

Generally, User’s Experience has not been favorable on the Cox Homelife security system. With a very short contract plan; and a competitive monitoring fee, Cox Homelife system may be worth considering but where user satisfaction matters and the numerous hidden charges abound in addition to the short duration of being in the home security business.

Also, Cox Homelife security systems may be ideal for existing users of other cox services. We highly recommended sticking with seasoned security providers, because they have perfected the act and are trusted to keep you safe and deliver results.

[Total: 2    Average: 3/5]
11 User Reviews
  1. Vernann Waldrum
    02/12/2018 at 15:28

    COX home security... hrmm... where to begin? I guess I thought I would be doing myself by bundling the service but then I wanted to change internet to a faster local provider. That's when it got sticky! To cancel that I would have had to pay to get out of all of my bundle pack (Internet + cable + security). Not sure if this was just an issue with my local COX dealer and support or if this is nationwide. Basically I'm being 'coaxed' into keeping their internet just to keep my home security the same. The app is pretty buggy too. I used to have APEX before they were Vivint. I would go back with them or ADT in a second over this complicated mess.

  2. Brian
    11/11/2017 at 11:57

    I have Cox but I am dissatisfied with the level of customer service I receive. It's lackluster to say the least and whenever I call to inquire about a promotion or a question about my contract I usually wait through long wait periods and a less than enthused rep. Hope they can turn it around soon or I'm gone once my contract's over.

  3. Damien Chiesa
    07/11/2017 at 02:20

    I had Cox Security for almost a year. It did what I expected it to which wasn't very much. My big issue is I had canceled it and my TV service on 7-7-17 due to some big personal issues between myself and Cox. They were fine with disconnecting it and I even turned in all my equipment on 7-8-17. The issue is that on 7-9-17, I had come home after running some errands to find my cox box at the side of my house damaged, some of my cable lines damaged, and the stucco on my house damaged. After talking to my neighbors since I couldn't use my cameras from cox that I had paid for to see who had done it, I had found out that it was someone driving a truck with a cox logo and wearing a cox uniform. When I called to find out if someone was suppose to be out, the rep told me that there was no one out there from cox and refused to note my account that someone had been our nor allow any sort of follow up with the issue. How can you trust a security company that will damage your house when they know you don't have a security system?

  4. Jessie
    05/30/2017 at 15:53

    Cox is no good in this area and I unfortantly had to switch. I would look into your area's specific reviews. I had no idea they had so much down time with internet and security around here but it is likely due to my area being down more, not to up hill. The company is great if you are not in a hit or miss area like I am.

  5. Earl
    04/24/2017 at 17:26

    I have had Cox as a cable provider and internet service for 6 years now. Nothing to complain about. There are some issues with down time every few months but I can manage. Someone mentioned me getting a discount if I added on the security package. I am considering it. I am glad I found this review though. Very helpful and honest.

    • Gerald M.
      05/24/2017 at 16:31

      I ended up doing what you are considering and I regret it. Not because the cable is bad but the internet is shotty. So when the internet goes down, I am stuck without a security system or one that bugs out. It happened to me when I was away for the weekend and all's I did was worry the entire time. Really reconsider it.

  6. Mike Walton
    04/21/2017 at 15:10

    Cox is in our area and i have debated on getting them since I can get the security, internet, and cable all in one. A few of the reviews I read on it said that the internet was not reliable so I am not too sure about them now. Also, I am not a fan of "returning" things after I have used them. Specially not a tablet. Things happen and I know someone who through out their old cable box and got charged nearly $600 for the thing. No way they cost that much!

    • Marky P.
      05/11/2017 at 17:08

      They cost that much because someone can easily code into it and get free cable. That is why they want the boxes back. I am not sure why they don't just tell us these things but it has happened a lot. Heck, my brother's friend was using an old cable box for nearly 2 years without paying a cent! He found it at a garage sale. Someone thought it was a VCR. He bought it for $5. lol

      • 08/07/2017 at 12:13

        Thanks Marky for info; just FYI we are trying to keep this article about Cox <b>home security</b> and not the other aspects of their company. Still good info for others ;)

  7. George
    01/19/2017 at 19:39

    No crash and smash protection? Now that just doesn't seem right to me. I also don't want to switch my internet provider. To much of a hassle before it gets started. I bet them temp everyone with their free HD camera and starter equipment.

  8. Prince
    01/08/2017 at 02:16

    Actually there are additional charges and the cost of installation seems to be high but I think it really worth it. The monitoring service is really good. However they need to improve on their customer service.

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