Are the DSC Security Products any Good? 

Let’s talk about a key player in the security alarm industry, DSC (Digital Security Controls). DSC security isn’t exactly your regular home alarm system provider. They are more recognized as innovative manufacturers of home security systems ranging from revolutionary control panels to IP alarm monitoring products and self-contained wireless panels.

A quick search on DSC would show a delayed version of cutting edge innovation on what an alarm system should provide.  This review would show a breakdown of some of the systems DSC offers.

Here is a brief overlook of the pros and cons of DSC Alarm:


  • Rich history of providing security products
  • Affordable
  • Good for dealers
  • You can have Honeywell and other companies take over your DSC System
  • Used by businesses



  • Outdated quickly
  • Have to rely on dealer support and not of DSC
  • Not very appealing


History of SLomins

History 101… DSC as a security system manufacturer was founded in 1979. Recognized in over 140 countries, DSC has its headquarters in Toronto.

In 1990. DSC acquired Sur-Gard, a close competitor specializing in manufacturing central station monitoring equipment, and in 1998, they completed the acquisition of Italian security product manufacturer, Bentel. Currently, DSC is being run by Tyro international, one of the largest security portfolios in the world.

With manufacturing plants in Canada, Italy, and Korea providing security systems with the highest ISO and sigma ratings. They are credited with introducing the industry’s first small security keypads and micro-processor-based alarm panels.

DSC Alarm Products

They are numerous DSC alarm product.  We have observed some installers that install DSC products for customers instead of other branded alarm products like ADT. The DSC range of product ranges from

  • Security Panels, Keypads, and Modules
  • Wireless Home Security
  • Wired Home Security
  • TouchScreen Security Keypad
  • Audio Verification & Integration
  • Business Security
  • Security window Sensors & Accessories
  • Motion Detectors
  • Glassbreak Detectors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Flood Detectors
  • Security Alarm Communications
  • Central Station Receivers


We recommend purchasing any of this equipment through a dealer.  A list of authorized dealers is available on their website.  It is not something you can do by yourself as it requires lots of drilling and professional expertise.

Identifying a DSC Alarm Panel



A typical DSC alarm panel comprises of a DSC control panel, one or more keypads and various sensors and detectors.  Most people switch their outdated looking equipment out with a new Honeywell DSC system.

Some alarm systems have two names, the Model Number, and the Marketing Name. For example, the PC5010 (Model Number) is also known and the Power 832 (Marketing Name) which is usually found on the control panel.

While researching for a DSC alarm system, be sure to check for the specific model number as each system differs to a great extent from each other.

Take a look at the various user guides that are available on the DSC website. Simply search and contact their customer support if you have any complaint.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I stop my DSC alarm from beeping?

  • Go to any keypad and make sure the system is disarmed. If not, enter your disarm code as usual.
  • Press the “#” key. This will silence your DSC alarm system keypads.

Sadly, if you want to eliminate the underlying issue, you’ll have to consult the user manual, as DSC has changed a lot of its approaches over the years when it comes to troubleshooting problems.

What is the default master code for a DSC alarm?

By default, every DSC alarm should come with the classic 1234 master code. If that doesn’t work, try contacting support or resetting the alarm yourself by following the instructions in the user manual.

Final Thoughts

The DSC alarm systems might have had their ups and downs throughout the years, but their newer offerings seem to be doing quite well. Feel free to browse the rest of our website and come to your own conclusion, or go ahead and buy something from DSC if you think that the price and value that it brings are worth it for your needs and budget.

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