The First Alert D-575 Digital Wireless Security Recording System is a wireless security recording system made by First Alert Security. The security camera is equipped with motion sensing technology, LED night vision, and also comes with a built-in audio. Some of the notable benefits of installing this product include burglary detection, asset protection, carbon monoxide detection, outdoor motion detection, smoke detection, flood sensors, temperature sensors, access control and video solutions.

A few pros & cons

  • The wireless camera can be easily set up. It only takes a matter of minutes.
  • The device is very simple to use. Whether you know how to operate electronic devices or not, this one is way easy to use.
  • The device comes with a strong range. You can monitor up to 750 feet, which is pretty far.
  • Monitor station displays live pictures and make recordings of events. You can record live images and event.
  • It is cheap. When compared to other products the device is not too expensive.
  • The customer support is good.


  • You will find that it does not record from more than 2 cameras simultaneously. Many have felt this way. When you are monitoring an independent house, then this should really not be a problem.
  • The SD cards cannot hold a lot of recordings. Usually, SD cards are not capable of holding several recordings.
  • The motion detector is sensitive. This might be a minor issue as any motion by animals around your vicinity will trigger alarms which are a disturbing result.



The First Alert Security System is available through authorized dealers or retail outlets.  Despite the highly advanced features equipped with the security camera, it is reasonably priced. The box contains 1 alarm panel, 1 keychain remote, 1 keypad 2 door/window sensors, 1 motion detector, and 1 siren. Along with the installation, it will cost you about $289.00. You will have to pay an additional $150.00 for the receiver and keychain remote that also includes a garage door opener.

The packages include monitoring costs $19.95/month, which is well priced when compared to other packages of different makers.

About the product

The First Alert D-575 Digital Wireless Security Recording System enables you to monitor your home whenever you want. It helps you defend your precious areas and also dear ones. The mounting kit and all-weather shield camera give you the ability to install it both outdoors and indoors. Depending on your requirements, you can install it wherever you want to have it.

The First Alert Security System comes with a 56-degree viewing angle which allows you more flexibility, and it also comes with LED night vision technology that can monitor movements up to 40 feet. Isn’t it impressive? You can operate the camera in both 14 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a long range which is at a distance of 750 feet from the receiver, which is really high.

black key fob for alarm control first alert security camera
The specifications of the product include:
  • Model number: D575
  • Motion-sensing technology
  • Weather-resistant indoor/outdoor camera
  • Wireless receiver plugs into TV
  • LED night vision: up to 40’
  • Transfer files to PC
  • Included 2GB SD card
  • Connect up to four cameras total
  • Record to VCR or DVR
  • Dimensions: 3.2”x5.9”x9.9”, 2.2lb.


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Highlighted features of First Alert D-575 Digital Wireless Security Recording System

Monitor belongings indoors and out

You can easily monitor your belongings indoor and outdoor with First Alert Security System. When you got items in the back of your house like furniture and a swimming pool, then you need a camera to be monitoring it. The camera does not get affected due to elements like snow and rain. It can keep your front as well as your back area safe.


Automatic night vision

With the automatic night vision on First Alert Security System, you do not have worry about the fact that the sun sets in the night. That is because the LED night vision enables the camera to watch up to more than 40 feet, which is really impressive. Night vision is very important because burglars come at night. This feature helps you keep track of those entering your property.


View images on Your TV

You can easily view the images on your TV with the help of wireless receiver features.  The wireless receiver can be plugged into your TV, and you can monitor the surveillance footage.


How to install First Alert Security System?

You just need a couple of screws, a good area to install, and some electrical knowledge. Installing the weather-resistant First Alert Security Camera device is not too hard. As it is a wireless camera, you just need to decide the spot. However, it needs to be screwed in at the right place at height.

It is important that the First Alert Security Camera is secured high and in the vicinity of your entrance where you want to place it for the better view of your front area. The camera comes with night vision and sends images through to the non-wired receiver that can be viewed on your TV. However, if you are not feeling safe about installing it yourself, then you will want to leave it to the professionals.

Sometimes it is better when things get done by experts as wiring and setting cameras at accurate locations is crucial for ensuring that your home is well protected.


History of the company

First Alert Security System has been serving many states all over the United States of America. You will be glad to know that it has several service locations in all the states. In Canada, the company operates from Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia. The company also has sales and service locations in the UK.  In addition, it has one sale and service location in Saipan, and two locations in Guam.


Product ranking

The First Alert D-575 Digital Wireless Security Recording System has received a decent 3.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon, which is pretty good considering the fact that most don’t get more than 3 stars. The security camera is not exorbitantly priced, and that could be another reason other than its performance why the camera has many fans following.  Customers have rated their security system with an overall score of 3.2 out of 5 stars with all websites combined.


Customer support

It is worth mentioning here that First Alert Security has professional customer support center.  The customer care executives are very kind and helpful. They are professionals who are courteous and don’t take too long to respond to your questions. They are able to solve your problems immediately and can be communicated over the phone and email.



It is safe to say that the First Alert Security System is a device that everyone ought to have in their homes. The installation process is simple, and it does not take very long. It is reliable, and you might not hear too many complaints or read poor reviews about the product.  Their excellent customer support service system never let your down, and you will have a solution for all your problem.  That makes a lot of difference when people contact the customer care with desperation.  The product is inexpensive and easy to install and hence is confidently recommended.



It is the clear that the First Alert D-575 Digital Wireless Security Recording System can keep your home safe and sound from unwanted guests. With a powerful range and nigh vision, you can keep track of unwanted guests. When you do not want to take any risks, then you will want to have First Alert home alarm system device installed at your home at the earliest.

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