Reviews of the Famous Brand & is it the right Alarm System for you?

General Electric builds thousands of technical items for the home.  You most likely already have a fridge, stove or something as simple as a light-bulb in your house with their brand on it.  If you have had a home security system installed in your home within the last 20 years the equipment (whether you knew it or not) it is most likely GE.  Their main competitor is Honeywell and both companies supply dozens of home security companies with equipment for customers.

Here is a quick glance at the good and the bad of General Electric Security:


  • Brand name knows by millions
  • Reliable security system equipment
  • Affordable
  • Wired or wireless equipment available
  • A+ BBB rating



  • Not too much available in the automation field
  • Not a monitoring provider
  • Most equipment requires a professional installer
  • Purchase their equipment through dealers


The one thing you should know off the bat is that GE is a provider of alarm equipment but they do not provide monitoring services.  Many companies and dealers use either all or pieces of their system that they offer to customers including.  Some of the companies include:


History of Company

Way back when…

1892 – Like ADT, General Electric has a history of over 100 years.  However, they are in several markets and not security alone.  They innovate and create the security products for consumers to either buy and set it up yourself (DIY) or purchase through a company.

In 2010 their security division was acquired by UTC Fire and Security and they employ over 44,000 people with annual sales of over $5 billion dollars.  (Wiki source)

The Future of GE security will continue to be a quiet one.  They let third party companies market their products how they wish and keep it at that.  They have some new equipment to go with the changing times of smart home automation technology but most of their equipment is the standard sensors which have been the industry standard for the past 30 years.

Their brand name is what keeps companies using them as a provider of security equipment and what keeps customers happy.  Their devices all have backup batteries so in the event of a power outage when burglaries rise you will still have power to the security system.

security equipment

What catches the bad guys…

While newer companies make the same gadgets with more of a sleek, modern look, GE equipment will always outperform and outlast them for the moment being.  It may not look as cool or be marketed as the ‘newest’ and ‘greatest’ thing but it will do the job.

GE Simon XT Panel with sensors

Simon XT Panel

This is by far the most sold control panel in all of security.  It is reliable, simple to set (arm and disarm) and easy to accessorize with key fobs, sensors and more.  Even though touchscreens exist most companies still use this as their brain behind the alarm system.  Although it looks basic you can connect with it through app and control it via mobile smart phone.  If you get it, you can pay to have it mounted on a wall or just set it in your closet.  Protect America security system uses this for free along with a touchscreen secondary backup panel.

GE Security gamera with LCD Monitor

Security Camera + LCD monitor kit

The newer side of GE has arrived…

This is by far the best deal out there for not only a HD security camera but also a touchscreen kit.  Great for monitoring the baby, any rooms or the basement.  Many parents use it as a cheaper alternative to a baby monitor.  We recommend this camera because it is GE brand over the Nest or Canary cameras who’s prices are 3x this.  Easy to control and set up, must have wifi.  It is also easy to move around opposed to getting a hardwired camera in place.

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Other General Electric Security Equipment

They own a huge market share in the home security industry and carry:

  • Window and door sensors
  • Touchscreen panels
  • Flood sensor
  • Smoke & C02
  • Motion detectors
  • Glass break sensors


If you go with a company that carries GE equipment and a device breaks or runs out of batteries, make sure you contact your company directly and not GE support.

Our conclusion

General Electric offers several solutions for your home security needs.  It is reliable equipment that has helped dozens of companies grow into the giants they are.  They may not always have the latest and greatest in what they offer but you can rest assured you aren’t getting a piece of junk.

Let us know any experience or ratings you have for GE below.

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