What’s Trending for Home Automation & Security in 2018

Currently, there have been efforts to find various ways to enhance home security due to the increasing rate in burglary. A home is considered and safe and happy place, therefore, it is every person’s interest to ensure that security is guaranteed. This reason alone leads to a search for effective methods to make or ensure that there is a safer environment for the family members. Generally, when dealing with home security there is the consideration of factors such as complete features, security functions that are wireless and home security automation.

Latest trends in home security and automation

As technology keeps evolving, smart home technologies keeps on improving. This article highlights some of the latest trends in home security and automation.

Voice Activation

Can you hear me now?

When talking about trends in home security and automation, one of the examples of it is the voice activation. There has been introduction of voice-activated software on the mobile phones. Lately, there has been the utilization of voice activation in home security enabling homeowners to set home security via voice commands. The home owners can be able to arm or disarm the system as long as their voice can be identified by the system. The control of home lights can also be done through voice commands.

Cloud Integration

Living life on the cloud

Let’s hope our data never ‘rains’ down on us from the skies

Your virtual life is already on the cloud.  Everything you upload to social media, write in email or upload as a file on Dropbox is stored in the cloud.  Google announced that they generate over $1 Billion through their cloud services.

Cloud integration is another Latest trends in home security and automation. There has been an integration of the home automation with home security. This has been made possible by the presence of cloud technology. It is evident that the cloud is able to store and send information to various places. People are able to see what is going on in their homes from long distances thanks to this technological advancement. For instance, there are ways to create patterns in such a way that in case there is triggering of motion sensors, the cameras at home can send live feeds to your mobile device.

Smart Kitchens

But will it clean itself for you?

Soon be able to control all kitchen appliances from your smart device.  Image cred >

Lastly, there is the introduction of smart kitchens. Major manufacturers have come up with technologies such as smart refrigerators and Wi-Fi ovens. This is aimed at ensuring that there is simplification of food management and how to eat. For instance, smart refrigerators contain features such as notifications in case of food spoilage, shopping lists, management of family schedule and recommendation of recipe.

Our Smart Conclusion

What do you think of everything going to automation?  Does it make life simpler or more hectic?  In our experience, it is a nice tradeoff for some items but some items (such as a light switch) is still easier to command by a switch quickly than loading an app, waiting… tapping a button and seeing a result.  There is also updates and software glitches that you will have to be aware of.  In the quest for a simpler life, your home is being pieced apart by smart automation companies; you decide what proves profitable for them with what you buy.

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