Are the Kidde C02 and Smoke Detectors Worth the Costs?

Kidde United Technologies is an old timer in the safety products category.  Their logo looks and feels outdated but that doesn’t necessarily mean their products are too.  Like General Electric, they are a common household name in security products.  What was started in 1917 in United States has expanded internationally and was bought out in 2005.  Before we go more in-depth about Kidde lets take a look at the good and the bad first.

  • Affordable products
  • Long history
  • Reliable company and products
  • Founded in United States
  • A BBB rating
  • Easy to add on products as needed


  • Smoke and fire detectors are not monitored
  • Not a full security system
  • Outdated equipment and logo, not up to the ‘smart’ era of technology


With those things in mind, we can take a look at the best deals you can find on Kidde and their individual products.

Security Equipment review

Kidde Smoke Alarm with Voice Warning – $25/pc

kidde smoke detctors

What’s special about Kidde smoke detectors?  The fact that it can talk back.  This will increase your reaction time to the hazard detected and help you identify the problem.  This is very helpful in identifying which smoke alarm is going off in the house as well if you have ever had that problem!  Not being able to locate the right one when beeping can drive a person crazy, with Kidde voice warning it will be easy to track down.

What we also liked was that it takes AA batteries which are easy to find and replace.  They last a long time and it comes with a backup battery.  The range of these detects smoke odors from farther so 1 unit can replace up to 2 existing alarms.

What do customers think of these?  They have 4.5 star reviews out of 625 rated so you know people are happy with them.  At only $25 a piece and free shipping, they are worth these costs.  They may not qualify for the modern smoke detectors that Vivint offers but this will do the job and more.


Kidde KN-COPP-3 Carbon Monoxide Alarm – $29/pc

Kidde C02 Alarm sensor

Most home owners and parents know how deadly (or have at least heard) carbon monoxide can be.  Upon getting high levels of C02 it can poison your body quickly and be a silent killer.  Because you cannot smell the odorless and tasteless chemical a detector for your residence is critical.

With Kidde’s 100 year history behind them and their laser-beam focus on smoke/fire/C02 sensors, you can bet that this product will work and last for years to come.  Over 1400 reviews on this individual product with an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars.  It comes with a 9 volt backup battery.  This display in red shows the level of current C02 in the air continually, refreshing constantly.   It is easy to plug into any outlet and we recommend at least 1 per floor in residence.  It is also smart to add one to the garage and kitchen.  A small payment now that can save a child or yourself later.

The product itself is slightly under 1lbs and is a little big coming in at 12″ x 8″ x 3″.  It is made in the USA and they offer full refunds if you are not happy with it.  These aren’t required in houses but there is no reason they shouldn’t be with the horrific stories we come across year upon year.


Kidde FA110 Multi Purpose Fire Extinguisher – $20/pc

kidde fire extinguisher

This is an extremely important product to have around and one you hope you don’t have to use!  If you are going to buy this, we recommend watching a ‘How-to use’ and operate fire extinguisher video.  Many people have one around in the time of a fire but are not sure how to use one.   Most people will never use one of these in their lifetimes.  But they are crucial to have around, and we recommend having 1 on each floor in the home and a small one in each car.

Luckily Kidde’s fire extinguishers come in at only 2.5lbs so it isn’t something that only a fireman will be able to carry.  To make it work you follow these three steps:

  1. Pull the pin and hold unit upright (common sense, don’t try to spray with it upside down!)
  2. Stand back at least 5-8 feet from the flame and aim at the fire
  3. Pull the trigger and be the hero of the day who put out a fire!


If you ever have the chance to try one of these just for fun or practice you should.  It is amazing what they can do.  What do they mean by ‘multipurpose’?  This flame extinguisher is able to put out Class A – C fires.  If you never knew there was so many different types of fires, don’t feel left out.  It comes with a 6 year warranty and there aren’t really any negative reviews regarding this item that we could find.



There are the 3 main Kidde safety products reviewed in detail.  On top of these safety products it is smart to secure your belongings with a security system.  Kidde is an all around great company who makes great products.  With a 100 year history it is hard to say much bad.  They haven’t expanded into other niche’s and markets but instead continued to deliver quality in each piece.

We hope you enjoyed this article and please leave any feedback you have regarding these products below.[frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]


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