It’s pronounced, Lah-View

Laview security is a security company focused on the development of DIY (Do it Yourself) video surveillance devices. Relatively new in the home security industry, Laview offers full HD on all its video security systems while providing an option for new buyers to customize their security systems to their personal specification.

Laview Security are proud producers of

  • HD IP security systems
  • HD Security Systems
  • HD IP cameras
  • HD Security Cameras
  • Wi-Fi Camera and other camera accessories

The Laview home Security systems comes with different surveillance cameras that offers HD video complete with two-way audio and communication.  A close look at a couple of Laview security system is presented below

  1. Laview SKU LV-KT8216B06-T1

The Laview SKU LV-KT8216B06-T1 camera is a comprehensive 18 channel camera based security system that comes with 6 1080P HD cameras. The 16 channel security system has a backward compatibility with most analog camera. It has a 1TB storage pre-installed and is also motion sensitive.  This LaView camera set gives off a general appeal of safety as it also offers remote access from anywhere which means you can watch live video feeds from anywhere. The night vision extends up to 65 ft. and its IP66 weatherproof rated.  The major drawback is the price although it’s cheaper than some offerings from other manufacturers. The price of this unit clocks in at $659.

A similar offer is available which gives 8 1080P full HD cameras with the same other specs at $699

  1. Laview SKU LV-KNX966P1612W4-T3

This could well be the most expensive and feature packed laview security camera system. This security system is packed with a 16 channel 4K NVR with 12 4MP HD IP Cameras, 3TB of Storage pre-installed and H.264+ compression capability to aid for more storage time. Complete with a mobile app for remote access and night vision up to 100ft, this camera system offers the best of video quality. The price of this system stands at $685 and if you want a tech to come out and install plan on another $600-1000 depending on complexity of job.

  1. Laview SKU LV-KNW9382F2-T1

A customer favorite, this is an 8 Channel HD NVR with 2 1080P HD Wi-Fi IP Cameras, that is packed with features. Full HD video quality combined with up to 100ft of night vision and crisp clear two-way audio. Fashioned for easy installation via DIY and a mobile app for remote access. There’s 1TB of preinstalled storage which is upgrade-able, motion activated and advanced features such as a smart search ability. Weatherproof rating stands at IP66. The average cost of this unit is $550.

Installing a Laview security system is best done by a professional. they offer professional installation services if needed although the systems are fabricated in a way to make self-installation not extremely tedious.  All systems come packed with enough wiring so you don’t need to get extra wires. Once connected the system runs automatically to assign each camera to the network seamlessly although it’s advisable to opt for professional installation in order for the systems to be fine-tuned.

Remote access and connectivity.

Laview has three mobile security apps depending on the variant of systems for remote access. These apps essentially perform the same function although the newer apps are more sophisticated and feature-packed.

Saying Lavou to LaView – Conclusion

The quest for a security surveillance system should be based on a system that offers crisp video quality and durability of equipment. The Laview set of security cameras delivers in this regard and they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.[frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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