Light Up the Night: Top 5 LED Security Lights

Two areas where LED lights outshine the competition are in how long the lights last and how little power they use. Since both benefits save money, it is obvious why LED security lights are a very popular choice for outdoor security lights.

Since security lights need to be on all night, every night, to be effective as a deterrent to crime, the light is on almost half the time, all throughout the year. Typical LED bulbs are rated to last 50,000 hours or more, though, meaning you get years of trouble-free use with no worries about changing bulbs.

You will notice savings in your power bill, as LED lights use a fraction of the electricity used to power incandescent or halite lights. Some types LED security lights don’t use any electricity from the grid at all, with solar power receptors built in, so there is no wiring and the installation is simpler. Most lights that are meant to be on all night long, though, will require wiring to your home’s electrical power and may require professional installation.

1 – Cinoton LED Dusk-to-dawn Photocell

Bright enough it will light up half your neighborhood.  $25 per unit or less here

Designed to stand up to the elements for years of use with a die-cast aluminum housing with a clear lens, the Cinoton LED Dusk-to-dawn Photocell uses 30 LED lamps to provide 3000 lumens to light up your yard, garage, barn, warehouse or anywhere that needs a steady supply of bright light all night long.

  • Waterproof and anti-corrosion for long life outdoors
  • Sensor turns light on at sundown automatically
  • Save up to 70% on power bill with 26W LED equivalent to up to 250W standard


  • Requires wiring connection to your power source
  • Design and look is commercial-grade, may not fit with home style


2 – Bobcat 80W LED Area Light

Different wattage’s available.  Mounting arm $15 extra.  Buy them here

The Bobcat 80W LED Area Light is built to give a lot of light over a big area. Producing 8500 lumens at 5000K color, it can illuminate an area as large as 150 feet x 150 feet when installed at 45 foot height. For use in farm, industrial, warehouse, or other commercial areas, the LED lights provide many years of service without changing the photocell.

  • High quality materials and design with aluminum body and polycarbonate lens
  • Flat top designed to avoid build up of debris or bugs for less cleaning needed
  • Covered by 5-year warranty and support
  • 950+ 4.5 star reviews or better




3 – LePower 2500LM LED Security Light

White or black available. Many settings you can adjust for a perfect fit. $34 with free shipping

With two adjustable LED light heads, the LePower lets you customize the coverage of your security light. The energy-efficient LED lights produce up to 2500 lumens, perfect for yard or garage area that needs nighttime illumination.

  • Waterproof rating IP65 to withstand rain or snow
  • Several different timing and sensitivity settings
  • Clean, modern design; luxury at a good price
  • Sturdy aluminum outer material is attractive and long-lasting
  • Up to 50,000 hours of consistent use from the LED lights


  • Requires wiring to your home electrical supply
  • Uses an on/off switch rather than automatic on sensor at sundown


4 – Brightech LightPRO

Wins the most durable award. Hardest to install of top 5 shown.  $55 per unit

Although the LED lights use 56W the Brightech LightPRO produces a powerful 5000 lumens – almost like a street light in your yard, as the company advertises. The photo-active sensor automatically activates at dusk to light up the night with strong steady light ideal for security and safety.

  • Heavy-duty corrosion resistant outer shell is aluminum
  • Good for businesses or small retail locations
  • Waterproof and sealed to keep out bugs and dirt


  • Very bright LED light might overpower some small yard areas
  • Solid construction and design give it an industrial look
  • Not appealing
  • Needs to be wired in to electrical power supply


5 – LePower Solar Security Light

solar specs for the Lepower outdoor LED security light

Don’t want to hassle with wired installation? Get the Solar panel version of our #3 for only a couple more bucks.

Same brand as our number 3 but this time with a solar clip on.  With two bright LED light heads, the LePower Solar Security Light delivers a strong 950 lumens illumination for your porch or yard. Being solar powered, the light needs no wiring to install it, simply attach the light fixture where you want it and place the solar collector panel in a spot where it will gather sunlight during the day. You have the option of an always-on security light that activates at night or a motion-sensor light that only goes on when there is movement in the yard.

  • No wiring to electrical system
  • Two heads allow adjustable light coverage
  • Option of on all night or motion sensor LED security light


  • Casing is made of ABS plastic rather than aluminum like many outdoor lights
  • Maximum 49 foot sensing area might not catch movement across the yard


How will you be protecting your home with outdoor lights?

There they are!  Our top 5 most recommended lights to spot or scare away the bad guys.  A small investment in these can yield long results and peace of mind.  Avoid a home invasion or burglary by protecting your home with these security lights along with possibly a dog, doorbell cameras and signs.

Your property will be safer and more secure when you install adequate nighttime illumination. No matter what size or type of property, you can get the brightest light with the least power with LED lights. LED security lights also give you peace of mind of a long-lasting light source that doesn’t need maintenance for many years.

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