Is their DIY Home Security System any Good?

Last updated: August 6, 2018.  A quick way to grow a Home Security company these days is by pre-activating the equipment and shipping it out to the new customer.  Why is that?  Then they can advertise Nationwide and save costs on a technician going to your house to install it.  There are a number of companies doing it as it is easier and more efficient for the company to grow and those savings get passed on to the consumer.

touchscreen panel, key fob and motion sensor

They are the only company that you can buy a complete security system online just like any other product you have before while still being monitored by them.

With that being said, let’s take a look into the good and bad of a Livewatch security system:

  • Shorter contract length along with a ‘cancel anytime’ policy (unheard of in the home security industry)
  • Simple purchase process (and don’t have to talk to a sales-rep if you don’t want too!)
  • Over a decade in business.
  • Self install
  • Quick monitoring response via ‘ASAPer’ patented technology
  • Upgraded to touchscreens in 2015
  • A+ BBB rating


  • Higher starting costs
  • Basic home automation
  • Not enough equipment in starting packages; most users need to add 3-5 more sensors to each package
  • Re-branding from SafeMart making it confusing exactly who is providing the monitoring service


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livewatch prices

What’s LiveWatch Security Going to Cost?

Higher upfront costs but a mid-range monitoring rate.

So yeah, installation is ‘free’ (because you do it yourself) and they make sure you know about that.  But what they don’t tell you about is their shipping and other hidden costs.

Equipment  – As we show below, you can expect to pay $99-199+ for starting equipment.  You get to choose the amount of sensors needed for your home.  They are low cost ($14.95/window sensor and $39 for extra motions.)  Example:  We did a mock purchase for a home that needs 4 door sensors and 2 motions.  Here is what it costs up front:

(‘My Cart’ shown on Livewatch checkout process)

Activation costs – Aside from Protect America who has no upfront costs; most security companies charge $99-199 for an ‘activation cost’.  Livewatch comes in well below the average at $19.95 for a one-time activation charge. 

Monthly Prices
 – The monitoring fees.  They have 3 different packages from basic to home automation.

  • $29.95 / Mobile Pro.  Practical for most users.
  • $39.95 / Total Home.  Free shipping added but not many new features to warrant an additional $10/mo.
  • $49.95 – Total Home + Video.  This is their automation package.  Comparable to others such as ADT Pulse.  By getting this package it reduces the start up base costs by $100 as well. Several good features and a must if wanting security cameras.


Livewatch monitoring plans

(LiveWatch pricing plans shown)

Steps to buying a LiveWatch Security System Online

LiveWatch is surprisingly the only company that has streamlined the checkout process to resemble a typical online store.  You can still submit your name or call them and sign up or you can follow the way below:

1 – Go to their site

2 – Click the ‘Plans’ or ‘Browse Service Plans’ buttons seen below

3 – Choose which package fits your home & then choose a ‘base system’  which are the fundamentals.  (Type of control panel and basic sensors.)  Depending on which package you choose, these will be discounted to $99-299.  The higher plan you choose a month the lower the initial startup will be here.

4 – Add more sensors as needed.  1 per door, 1 motion per large living room or hallway.  Most homes are 3-4 door sensors and 1 motion.  Most homes do not do 2nd floor windows or doors, only primary entry/exits on the first floor.  Doors that lead into the garage are also recommended as many burglars break in through this entrance.

5 – Last of all – Checkout.  They do Free 2 day shipping and if you have any questions during the checkout process there are live chat agents available to help.  This takes out the stress of dealing with a high pressure sales rep on the phone.


Security Equipment review

Livewatch Security System reviews

Nothing to brag about here.  GE sensors and a new touchscreen package.

IQ 2.0 security system plug and protect basic system

Their standard package comes with a:

  • Panel
  • 2 Window/door sensors
  • Motion sensor
  • Free smartphone integration via the app
  • Key fob


Their new IQ 2.0 comes with the same equipment but instead of a Simon XT touchpad panel you get a touchscreen one.  For home security cameras, you get 1 free one with the $49/mo. package and anything else will cost you out of pocket.

History of Company

The Story of how they came to be…

Careful, this one might bring you to tears.

Who, What, When, Where and Why – In 2002 by Chris Johnson.  He noticed there is a difference between seconds and minutes in response time, often a difference between life and death for someone.  Acting on this he teamed up with others in the home security niche and founded LiveWatch.  Their goal is to make it affordable to everyone which they are accomplishing with low $19.95 activation rates, purchase as you need equipment and quick ASAPer patented technology.  Their colors and branding often get confused with Link Interactive who has orange & blue colors and similar name and DIY security system.

Final Verdict on LiveWatch Security / What was once ‘SafeMart’

So that is everything you need to know about LiveWatch before committing to them.  They aren’t a bad security company, just not a great one either.  They definitely are better than Simplisafe which is another popular DIY solution.  Nothing stands out from the other 20 of our top 20 home security systems list but they are a company  you can trust.

You may also be interested in LiveWatch vs Frontpoint or Livewatch vs SimpliSafe.

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