Head to Head Comparison of Two Self Setup Security Systems

So you have narrowed it down to two national brands that ship their security system in a box to you.  Neither company is going to take your money and run.  Both have a solid 10+ year history and a large customer base.  If you are looking for a company that has a professional technician come and install it for you, read no further and check out ADT or Vivint who do that for a small fee.

In this review, we compare Frontpoint to LiveWatch in all aspects and let you decide which company will be best for your home needs.

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A short history recap

Both home security companies have a great online reputation with their customers.  LiveWatch has a few more years of history than Frontpoint but started out as Safemart and recently changed to LiveWatch.  Frontpoint hit the ground running in 2007 when they were founded and racked up their first 100,000 customers very quickly.  SafeMart had good traction and then with the change to LiveWatch brand, thousands of their customers were left confused about who monitors their security system and who they pay the bills too.  The same thing happened when Brinks switched to ADT.

Who has the best security system?

Every company likes to brag they have the better security system.  These two are very similar.  Both companies use GE alarm equipment and a stick their logo on a touchscreen panel.  They are both self setup and are shipped to you in a box.  Frontpoint has more in the way of home automation offering indoor and outdoor security cameras and a few more smart features.  It really is a coin flip when it comes down to the hardware.  With Livewatch you are going to pay more upfront to get the same amount of equipment that you would get with Frontpoint.

Here are pictures of both companies starting packages:

touchscreen panel, key fob and motion sensor

(Above) LiveWatch security system, touchscreen panel, smart home control and wireless sensors.


(Above) Frontpoint security system.  Similar control panel as Livewatch, door/window and motion sensors. 

Both companies use the Alarm.com security app as a white-label security system control on smart phones.  This means that your app shouldn’t crash or have many bugs since dozens of home security companies pay this company to use their app software.  Bigger companies have had developers create their own app for their customers.


If you choose Livewatch as your security provider, plan on higher startup costs upwards of $299.  They have $19.95 activation which is lower than Frontpoint and you an also purchase online via a checkout process and not have to talk to a high pressure sales rep.  You do have a shorter agreement length but Frontpoints 36 month agreement is nothing to worry about with free move-with-you service anywhere in the USA.

If you choose Frontpoint Security, plan on getting better equipment and customer service.  As of 2017, Frontpoint also added doorbell integration if you are wanting to keep an eye on the front of the home.  Security cameras are also integrated with Frontpoint’s services better.

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