LiveWatch vs Frontpoint

LiveWatch vs Frontpoint

Head to Head Comparison of Two Self Setup Security Systems

So you have narrowed it down to two national brands that ship their security system in a box to you.  Neither company is going to take your money and run.  Both have a solid 10+ year history and a large customer base.  If you are looking for a company that has a professional technician come and install it for you, read no further and check out ADT or Vivint who do that for a small fee.

In this review, we compare Frontpoint to LiveWatch in all aspects and let you decide which company will be best for your home needs.

Table chart

LiveWatch securityFrontpoint
Starting Costs:
$99 - 299
$29.95+ / mo
$34.99 - 49.99 / mo
Monitoring stations:
Nationwide, 24/7
Nationwide, 24/7
C02, Fire & Police
Check Mark
Check Mark
BBB Rating:
Average, mixed customer reviews
Best customer ratings
Landline Option:
Available for Renters:
Control Panel:
Touchscreens available
Touchscreen available
Security Cameras:
Available for higher
monthly costs
Home Automation:
3 of 5 stars

5 of 5 stars
Best for:
Average users, those who want
a basic to intermediate system
Support lovers, modern,
millennials and small-medium homes
12 months
36 months
Cancellation Fee:
Call a Sales Rep:
Contact local rep
Read Review:
LiveWatch's Review
Frontpoint's Review
Visit Site:
Contact local rep
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A short history recap

Both home security companies have a great online reputation with their customers.  LiveWatch has a few more years of history than Frontpoint but started out as Safemart and recently changed to LiveWatch.  Frontpoint hit the ground running in 2007 when they were founded and racked up their first 100,000 customers very quickly.  SafeMart had good traction and then with the change to LiveWatch brand, thousands of their customers were left confused about who monitors their security system and who they pay the bills too.  The same thing happened when Brinks switched to ADT.

Who has the best security system?

Every company likes to brag they have the better security system.  These two are very similar.  Both companies use GE alarm equipment and a stick their logo on a touchscreen panel.  They are both self setup and are shipped to you in a box.  Frontpoint has more in the way of home automation offering indoor and outdoor security cameras and a few more smart features.  It really is a coin flip when it comes down to the hardware.  With Livewatch you are going to pay more upfront to get the same amount of equipment that you would get with Frontpoint.

Here are pictures of both companies starting packages:

touchscreen panel, key fob and motion sensor

(Above) LiveWatch security system, touchscreen panel, smart home control and wireless sensors.


(Above) Frontpoint security system.  Similar control panel as Livewatch, door/window and motion sensors. 

Both companies use the security app as a white-label security system control on smart phones.  This means that your app shouldn't crash or have many bugs since dozens of home security companies pay this company to use their app software.  Bigger companies have had developers create their own app for their customers.


If you choose Livewatch as your security provider, plan on higher startup costs upwards of $299.  They have $19.95 activation which is lower than Frontpoint and you an also purchase online via a checkout process and not have to talk to a high pressure sales rep.  You do have a shorter agreement length but Frontpoints 36 month agreement is nothing to worry about with free move-with-you service anywhere in the USA.

If you choose Frontpoint Security, plan on getting better equipment and customer service.  As of 2017, Frontpoint also added doorbell integration if you are wanting to keep an eye on the front of the home.  Security cameras are also integrated with Frontpoint's services better.

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  1. Kyle
    08/16/2017 at 15:05

    My experience in comparing LiveWatch and FrontPoint was not completely consistent with this review. Let me explain... I signed up with LiveWatch in late 2016 after calling and comparing w/ many companies- FP included. Both seemed far and away better than the others called (ADT, Simpli, Protect America...), but here are the key differences I found... 1) LW is cancel any time and FP is a 3 year contract. Pretty cut and dry. 2) LW was $5 cheaper per month. I went with their Total Home package (39.95/mo) that includes every feature except for video, but does come with full home automation capability. Not sure what is meant here when they say FP has more in the way of home automation, as both companies have the same exact capabilities since they both use the platform. FP may sell more equipment directly? Either way their equivalent package was $44.95/mo. Still, anything needed to utilize the home automation features can be snagged on Amazon. 3) As for the equipment, I actually paid a lot less for that than what I was quoted with FP. I went with the IQ 2.0 touch panel, 4 entry sensors, 2 motion sensors, and 2 keychain remotes, and my rep got everything to me for a flat $99 out the door with free overnight shipping. FP had me closer to $200 for the same equipment. My LW salesman said people calling in can get better deals than those buying online... and he was not kidding. Not sure why this site says LW has higher equipment costs... 4) The other big difference maker for me was LiveWatch's ASAPer feature. This operates independently from the app to alert everyone on my contact list via their smartphones in the event of an alarm, and opens a window so we can all see what's happening and dispatch/disarm immediately when needed. My FP rep told me that LW only does this in the event of an alarm, and does not respond in the traditional method with monitoring station agents calling the contact list and dispatching if no one answers. My LW rep let me know that this is untrue, and that LW actually has 3 monitoring stations that will dispatch, as well as LiveVoice service. It definitely rubbed me the wrong way that I was given false info by FrontPoint. Long story short, I'm really happy with the choice I made, and don't see myself canceling any time soon, but it is still nice to know I have the option. Hope this helps someone :)

    • 08/18/2017 at 11:04

      Thanks for the clarification Kyle and good to see some updates on LiveWatch's end.

      • Kyle
        08/19/2017 at 13:58

        No problem :)

  2. Chris Johnson
    10/13/2016 at 10:39

    I use Frontpoint but my parents use Livewatch. All in all, both are amazing home security systems. They are yet to complain to me about a problem, so i guess it serves its purpose. The no cancellation fee is a deal maker. The only bad thing is their company Livewatch has changed names 3 times over the last few years and their billing has changed a bunch. My contract with Frontpoint is over so I am paying month to month but they have had to renew theirs with the update.

  3. Nicky
    10/10/2016 at 00:19

    I have Livewatch and yes they have a higher set up fee but the monitoring is lower. So you will be eventually paging the same amount in the long run. I'm really surprised that they only have 3 out of 5 stars. I'm really happy with my equipment and service!

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