Tips for making your spouse or partner feel safe at Home

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Feeling safe at home is vital.  It helps with a better nights rest and sleep is crucial for dozens of reasons we won’t get into here.  As a Husband or partner to any lady it is your duty to make sure she feels safe at home.  Sure when you are there she has your muscles, guns and tough ego.  But the moment you leave she boards up the doors and windows anticipating zombies.

Here are some tips so the next time you leave for work; vacation or just to the grocery store your wife can have peace of mind that everything is going to be okay.


  1.  Don’t rely on gunsBlack and silver pistol

Sure, as the man of the house you know How to use a gun.  But she doesn’t.  You may have even taken her to a shooting range once or twice and she pulled the trigger and nearly hit the target.  But do you think  in a high stress scenario such as a Home Invasion that she knows what to do and how to react?  “I have a gun” is a common defense to not getting a home alarm system but not a practical one.

It comes down to this.  Your wife or partner doesn’t want to use the gun.  Do you really think she wants to shoot a man dead in the house?  When Home Invasions happen, they are so quick and instantaneous that unless she is packing it with her there won’t be much time to run to the safe, get it out, take aim and fire.

2. Invest in a home alarm systemInvest in a home alarm system

Yeah, you’re a man and money matters.  But you holding back that $30-50 a month for extra beer is causing your wife to have bad dreams and not feel safe without you home.  You would be impressed what a security system can do.  Even though it doesn’t stop someone from breaking in, it increases prevention dramatically.  Just by the signs and stickers alone will make someone think twice before doing it.

Best of all?  When you are at work or gone you know what is going on at your house too.  If the alarm goes off, you are alerted right away and can zoom on home, have the police called and take care of priorities.

Is it really an investment? Sure it is!  If it helps her sleep well at night, keeps an eye on the two most important things in your life (Family & Home) then why is your cheap ass not already getting one?  Go ahead and use our home security systems review site,  to find out what company is going to best serve your needs, wants and budget.


3. Get a guard dogGet a Guard dog

Getting a guard dog or at least one that is going to make noise at a burglar is a better choice than getting a gun.  Why?  Because a dog will actually do something!  Your wife grabbing a gun may actually get turned against her if she doesn’t dare or know how to pull the trigger.  The dog is going to make noise and make the bad guy think twice before going in that door or window.  And if a burglar does decide to test out that back door; they will be in for a nice surprise when getting in!

Burglars have been known to get past big dogs fairly easy so it isn’t a one-and-done home security technique but it is a great start.  It will also give your spouse peace of mind knowing if anyone is tip toeing around outside the dog will hear it first.


There you have it!  3 crucial tips to making sure your loved one feels safe while you may be away from home.  Yes, it may cost a little more money but that peace of mind is worth it and you will find yourself having a better relationship because of it.

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