Hate to break it to you, but they have better things to do.

Man with binoculars “My neighbor watches my house” is a common rebuttal as to why one doesn’t have a home security system.  Sorry to say but as much as you think they are a free guard dog, they like being at home and doing their own things.   Even if your neighbor is retired, their eyes are 10 times more likely to be glued to the TV (Wheel of Fortune or Oprah) than on your house.  Here is a quick list of reasons why you shouldn’t count on your neighbor to watch over your house.

1.  Shouldn’t you be creep-ed out if they ARE watching your house all day? 

 Maybe that is just us but the thought of someone staring at my house all day makes me uncomfortable.  Close the blinds honey.

2.  Break ins only take 1-2 mins.

Getting in a house is quick and efficient when a burglar has picked his target.  The burglar most likely won’t be waving his arms and doing jumping jacks for the neighbors to see.  So hope that Patty and George next door happen to be walking through their house at the same time the burglar hacks the code to your garage door or cracks a window opens and climbs through.  To see more of these statistics just see what the FBI has published.

3.  Burglars don’t wear black & white striped shirt.Home burlgar in black and white

Yes, at night they may be wearing black.  But most home invasions and burglaries happen between 10am and 2pm.  That means wearing black will actually make them stand out.   More often then not, if you happen to see a neighbors house get broken into you will just assume it is the repair man, a technician, or a friend or family member.  It is ironic how quickly we as humans justify someone as not being suspicious or a criminal.  Rather than acting on our instincts, most people will say to themselves everything is okay and that the home owner knows they are there.

4.  Lastly, They have better things to do.  

Even more of a reason to compare Home Alarm Companies one to another at  so you get your own watchdog for a cheap price.  Your neighbor is in and out and sorry but you are not their biggest concern.  Sure they occasionally glance at your house or point out a few things you could do better but they aren’t your home security system like you think they are.


Let your neighbor be a neighbor and don’t rely on them to be the eye in the sky.



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