Night Owl Security System Reviews

Night Owl Security System Reviews

An interesting name for a security company, Night Owl security are manufacturers of security cameras and other security equipment. Relatively new in the security technology industry, the company started up in 2009 from Boynton Beach, Florida.  They are manufacturers of complete security camera systems for both residential and corporate establishment, as well as cameras and standalone DVRs.


  • They offer both Analog, DVR- HD and NVR-HD security systems
  • Offer both DIY installation and professional installation service
  • No monitoring fee
  • Can view live feed from your phone using the Night Owl security app (for iOS or Android)
  • HD night vision
  • Comes with 2TB preinstalled storage
  • You can access video feed remotely by mobile phone, tablets or laptops for free
  • Backward compatibility
  • Price friendly


  • Relatively new company
  • Not too great software


What's included:

Generally, the Night owl complete Security cameras comes packed with

  • 1 x 4, 8,16 channel HD DVR with pre-installed storage ranging from 500GB TO 2TB Hard drive
  • 4,8,16 X Indoor/Outdoor Cameras
  • 24 X Mounting Hardware And Screws
  • 1 X 6 Ft HDMI  Cable
  • 1 X RJ-45 Cable (Ethernet)
  • 2 X 4 Way Camera Power Splitters
  • 1 X USB Mouse
  • 2 X DC 12V/1.5A Camera Power Adapters
  • 1 X DC 12V/2A DVR Power ADAPTER
  • 1 X Remote Control ( With Batteries)
  • 3 X Night Owl Security Stickers
  • Software CD


Get their most famous security camera system package for $199 and free shipping.  This has 4 cameras.  Picture seen below.


Installation Process

Most of the Night Owl Surveillance systems are DIY (do it yourself)

Installing a Nightowl complete security system can be done in two ways. If you prefer a hands-on experience and don’t mind doing it yourself, NightOwl offers instructional videos and how-to guides to easily set up your system with little or no hassle.  If you don’t have the time or are scared you would damage something, Night Owl also offers professional installation services, simply navigate to the link on their website and get a quote to schedule an appointment with an installer at your convenience.

slomins customer support

Night owl customer support can be accessed on a range of portals and is divided into three categories, each with its own means of contact.  Their customer support is available in both English and Spanish.

Pre-sales support

Phone: 866-390-1303

Email: [email protected]

Hours: They are open 9am - 5pm Monday – Friday

Technical support

If you are having problem with the night owl system and seek urgent technical support, the technical support department is open 24/7 to attend to your complaint and inquiries.  Although you are required to create an account and register your product before you can be attended to optimally.

Phone: 866-390-1303

Option: #4 (after selecting preferred language)

Email: [email protected]

Hours: The Technical Support department is open 24 / 7, 365 days a year.

Customer Reviews

Customers review of the Night owl security system are quite favorable, with of course a few negative review by some users. The general disposition of users is that of satisfaction and its affordability. Most negative reviews stem from complaints about the software being buggy and bad viewing angle of the cameras. Based on users review, the night vision is of optimal quality.


Are you in a search of a security camera that is cost effective and does not have monitoring fee and other hidden charges for your home or office?  Night Owl is a huge brand, in addition to carrying dozens of types of security solutions, their primary focus is on cameras.   They will be around for a long time to come so users can rely on their customer support being there for the product.  This is not a 'full blown' home alarm system but can be incorporated with most security systems.  As a result, Night owl complete security camera is definitely one of the best options. Do you have a night owl security camera system in your home or office? Let’s know what you think of the security system in the comments section below.

  1. Robin B
    06/13/2017 at 22:58

    Well -- I am leaving an additional comment in addition to the one I wrote the other day. As of today, only my iPhone is working! My computer, my iPad & my sister's Android phones are NOT working. Yesterday I called because everything showed offline - I was on with Tech Support over 30 minutes & he finally told me they had a network glitch. All worked fine after they figured that out (apparently because I called & told them!) And then suddenly, today, only the iPhone works. This is a horrible system & I would not recommend it!

  2. Robin B
    06/04/2017 at 13:00

    I purchased the newest Night Owl security system (4 cameras + upgradable to more) from Costco. The picture quality is good, it works on both my iPhone & iPad & my sisters Android, however I also downloaded the software for my Mac. I consistently have 'no connection, connection lost' issues with the Mac. There is NO online information/booklets on 'how to'. I have emailed, called & entered tickets for my issues, No one at Tech support seems to know anything about the Mac software. I also get put on hold a lot & then get cut off when I am on with them. And even though they have my callback number & my email, I never hear from them again! I finally just give up & I end up fixing the problem myself (mostly by restarting my computer!- which is ridiculous). And since there is no online docs, you can't even find out how to download your playback - I had to guess & then once I did that, it took forever to download a short block of a time. I do have one problem with my phones' views & they cannot tell me how to fix that either. To put it in a nutshell, their 24x7 support stinks! So if you need help, forget it.

  3. Rob Meldrum
    06/03/2017 at 16:28

    I'm about to return my system to Costco. I first set it up with a "good" password - mix of digits and letters, etc. It wouldn't connect to my iPad. I called Costco Concierge - you have to use a maximum of eight characters! You can't edit the admin password once set. Called back to Costco and was instructed to set up a "user" account with an 8-digit passcode, no alphas or special characters. So much for security. Once done, my iPad connected but would only show one of the eight cameras. I'm not bothering with a third call to Costco. This one's going back!

  4. J M Kinsey
    05/31/2017 at 07:06

    We have had our system for over 4 months. And still not working. This is NOT a DIY project. I've had guys with a computer science degree, and a post graduate in electoral engineering trying to get it working. Unless you are really good at computer geek stuff, or willing to pour some money into a system... looking out the windows is a better, more effective, and much cheaper solution. I can't believe I let my wife talk me into this.

    • Dan Recon
      06/07/2017 at 14:48

      What a load of bull. One need not be have a "computer science degree, and a post graduate in electoral engineering" to use this device. You are just a bloviating jackmouth.This device can be installed by most anyone that is able to physically install a wired systems. Its not a plug and play .. but its also not rocket science.

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