DIY Security Systems but which is Best?

So you have slimmed it down to these two companies… Both Do It Yourself installation security systems where they program the equipment and ship it out to you.  If you are looking for a company who installs it professionally for you, check out ADT — otherwise keep reading.   Protect America has been in the industry longer but with Frontpoint’s newer system and home automation features, they are having a hard time keeping up.  

 Comparison Table

 protect-america-logo                      Frontpoint_Full_Horiz_CMYK (1)

        Protect America         Frontpoint Security
$19.99-54.99 / Month

$0 Starting Costs

$36.99-59.99 / Month

$99+ Starting Costs

DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Installation DIY (Do-it-Yourself) Installation
Founded in 1992 Founded in 2007
GE Equipment

Basic Home Automation (Cameras)

GE  Equipment 

Advanced Home Automation Available

Free Mobile Control on Smart Phones Free Mobile Control on any Smart device
A- BBB Rating B+ BBB Rating
500,000+ Customers 125,000+ Customers
Headquartered in Texas Headquarters in Virginia
Renters allowed Renters allowed
Security Cameras and Home Automation       Cameras (Indoor & Out), Home Automation
Fire Monitoring $9.99/month Fire Monitoring Equipment add on
BEST of:  Overall Value BEST:  Overall Company

Call 888-936-2878

Get Started Red Button

         Read Protect America’s Review

Call 855-861-8730

Get Started Green Button

         Read FrontPoint’s Review

Equipment comparison

Comparing Starting Equipment Packages

Beep — beep — beep! 

You will get more equipment per package with Protect America.  However, you will get higher end quality equipment with Frontpoint’s starter package.  They both use General Electric brand of security equipment but offer different devices.   If you have a land line still (not recommended) you can get monitoring costs down to $19.99 with Protect America if you are fine with only the basic security setup. 

Products unique to Protect America:

  • GPS Sensor in case your car gets stolen
  • Secondary touchscreen panel
  • Outdoor Siren

protect america alarm system in box

Products unique to Frontpoint:

  • Standard touchscreen panel that is better
  • Outdoor camera
  • More smart home security features
  • Recently added video doorbell viewer to their lineup

Both companies offer the standard to advanced equipment such as:

  • Free mobile app to arm and disarm alarm system
  • Window, Door, Motion & Glass-break sensors
  • Security camera’s you can control from app
  • Control panel

Final Opinion between these two security companies

Both are great companies and are here to stay.  You really can’t go wrong choosing one over the other but after reading this you should understand the key differences.  Frontpoint has a fan base unlike any other company which is rare in this industry (typically only complainers that write reviews online).

New to 2015-2016 you can also pay an extra fee for either company to send out a certified technician to install the system for you.  This can save you the headache of trying to do it yourself but it really isn’t anything to be scared of.  Both systems are peel-and-stick technology with helpful guides and customer service to help you get it done in 60 minutes or less.  You can check out our top DIY security systems here.

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