What You Need to Know About the Safe Security System before Buying

SAFE security, the alarm system with the blue lighthouse symbol boast of a security service that aims to give your home the feeling of a “safe harbor”. Navigating through the SAFE Security web page may not give you the feeling they boldly assure of on their web page but away from aesthetics and not so catchy web page design, does SAFE Security have what it takes to keep you safe and protect your home from intruders? Let’s break it down.

  • Self-setup and professional set up available
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Available for Renters
  • 20+ years of practice
  • Registered in 25 states
  • 24/7 monitoring with central monitoring



  • Bad customer service
  • Lots of hidden charges
  • Undisclosed contract duration
  • Limited home automation
  • Basic alarm system
  • Poor website design (feels like 1999, see screenshot below).



(Website not optimized for mobile responsiveness, something that all websites upgraded too in 2011 and on)

SAFE Security Quick Facts

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SAFE Security work offers a dealership program.

Installation Fee: if opting for the IP-based basic system, installation fee is free as you have to do it yourself, but the professionally installed system may cost more than $100.

Activation fee: SAFE Security offers the No activation fee policy, much like Protect America’s no startup fees.

Packages: SAFE security offers various packages that are not distinctly listed on their website. You would have to call for a personalized quote. They offer both wired and wireless monitoring service and also a range of security gadgets, including but not limited to Motion Sensor, Door/Window Contacts, Interior Siren, Remote Key Fob, Yard Sign and Stickers.

Security Equipment review

This is usually the interesting part but with SAFE Security majority of the gadget borders on essentials.

Essentials:  They offer most of the essential security gadget needed for your home such as; window/door sensors, screen keypad, cellular or landline monitoring (dependent on your choice), motion detectors, glass break sensors, mini keypad, panic fob, wireless key remotes and a yard sign.

Their control panel uses the white label security app., Alarm.com.

Home Automation:  SAFE security does not seem to be big on home automation. Their Home Automation equipment is basic. They do not offer a phone app for remote access. They also do not say much about the Z-wave compatibility of their service. If you are a fan of Home Automation or looking to incorporate some into your Home security system, you should opt for another security system like FrontPoint.

Advanced:  Not big on the advanced Tech.  The majority of their security gadgets is basic.

Security Cameras:  SAFE security do not offer security cameras with its basic package, but you can have them installed as a standalone system.

Installation Process

Having a SAFE security system installed in your home is quite simple.

  • Contact their customer service for a quote or meet with a dealer.
  • Select the plan and contract that fits your home.
  • Fix a convenient time when you would be home for the installation.
  • Sort out any question you may have with the installers
  • And that’s it! You are protected.


What makes them unique

Despite the numerous poor customer service and rating, SAFE security does stand out in quite some key areas.

RENTERS: SAFE security offers renters a service that some security providers do not offer.  SAFE offers a mover package which implies that you can disassemble your security system and install at your new location before you move.

INSURANCE COVER:  SAFE security system are UL (Underwriter Laboratories) approved. As a user of a UL approved alarm system, you are entitled to up to 20% off homeowner insurance policies.

slomins customer support

SAFE security system customer support has been rated below average on numerous review platforms. Despite this, they offer a limited range of customer support modalities.

Chat: They do not have a chat support.

Email: Not readily available / don’t count on a quick response

Technical support: they offer technical support via their phone line.  If you have a complaint, users may each them on (800) 669-7779. Schedule a meeting with their tech service which is not free.

FAQ:  SAFE security offers an online FAQ area that is easy to navigate through depending on your system

History of SLomins

The Story…   SAFE Security system started up shop in 1988 with the idea that a security company should be built around the concept of providing high-quality customer care. Paul Sargenti is SAFE’s President and CEO.

The company sells and install home security system while providing 24 hours monitoring. They have coverage in 25 states including Florida.

Headquarter: San Ramon, California United States

Our Conclusion of Safe Security

If customer rating is the sole criterion for getting a home security system, then SAFE’s should probably be out of business. With over 25 years in the industry, they definitely are doing something right. I would not advise you to gamble with at least 36 months of security with a lot of hidden costs. Other security companies are available which are more competitive and won’t give you too much headache and or pocket ache.  If you want to see how SAFE home security reviews stack up against the top 20 home security systems, visit our home page. [frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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