How Safe is SafeGuard?

Now a days it seems your information is safe with noone.  Credit beuaru getting hacked, stores as large as Target having their customer data compromised.  So how do we know if we can trust a security company with the rights of watching our home and protecting us?

For that, we look into SafeGuard and their history as a company and what they offer.  Please note; this post is newly updated from our previous post on SafeGuard. Primarily focusing on their B2B.

Safeguard is a company that offers fire alarm and security, mobile and web control and video surveillance. They offer patrol responses to their clients’ homes. Notably, their main goal is to provide quality and highest level of security through the latest technologies.

The company provides both home and business security.  They are located in Arizona, the home to Guardian Security as well.

Some companies have poor websites giving them an unprofessional feel.
Luckily, SafeGuard is not one of them.  Screenshot of their website taken April of 2018.

Home security

  • There is provision of 24/7 monitoring. The company provides local monitoring at all times to its clients.
  • They offer remote control. One can manage their lights, locks and systems via their mobile devices.
  • Quick and reliable patrol. The company’s officers have fast response to alarms and offer assistance in case one is locked out of their home. Also while the home owner is away, the officers perform a home inspection to ensure security.
  • There is installation of cameras around the home offering video surveillance. Their systems store the recorded home video ensuring real time observations.


Home automation

  • The security system contains custom settings enabling the scheduling of thermostats and lights to set the mood automatically.
  • There is provision of system control whereby one is able activate the system and monitor their surveillance cameras at home.
  • Additionally, there is the provision of energy management. The clients are able to minimize the bills through control of lights and thermostat like that of Vivint home automation.


Business security

  • Enable remote control whereby one can manage the building’s lights and locks via a mobile device.
  • They offer a 24/7 service and repair. This means that they have a customer service that is available at all times.
  • Video surveillance.
  • They offer custom solutions.
  • Provision of fire and safety inspection. They ensure that the business’s building is code compliant via use of custom solutions. Moreover, there is inspection and repairing of the buildings necessities such as fire alarms and fire extinguishers.
  • The business is able to control its energy use.


Other companies that specalize in Business to business home security are:  Kent Security, Bay Alarm, Protection One.

They claim to offer some things that other home security companies don’t.  Here’s a picture of what those are:

Packaging features

The Safeguard security provides a starting package that similar to other companies in the security industry. The basic package contains a wireless system that has the following components:


The Good
  • They offer flexible budget for its customers
  • Safeguard has high customer satisfaction and years of experience.
  • The customer service offered is of high quality.
  • High quality security system equipment and services


The Bad
  • Despite offering a warranty, the company requires you to purchase an extension after expiry of the warrant.
  • Long contracts
  • High installation fees



Safeguard is considered one of the most experienced and reputable companies and has a huge clientele. They strive to offer quality services and ensure high customer satisfaction. A fix of their warrant program would ensure that they further increase their clientele and reputation.
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