The Who, What and How Much of Security Networks

Security Networks is a nationwide authorized dealer of Monitronics.  Many home security companies start this route and many later become stable enough to provide their own monitoring and customer support.  But until that point it can be a little confusing of who you report too, who monitors your home etc.  Security Networks has been in business nearly 25 years with mixed reviews, primarily negative.  Overall they cost more a month than our top security companies reviewed but for most it is too late by the time they have heard the sales pitch and signed up.

Here is a quick look into the good and bad of Security Networks:

  • 25 years of business
  • Standard 36 month agreement
  • Uses Honeywell security systems along with iNet
  • Affordable setup


  • No BBB rating
  • Marks up monitoring prices from Monitronics
  • Unreliable customer service
  • They sale their contract off and profit from it, you are left with a security system and not much help


Knock, Knock!

Reviews of how they grow as a company by massive door to door sales force


If you are reading this review because a Sales rep with Security Networks came to your door — you are not alone.  First things first, it is not a scam.  However, each door to door security sales rep differs and we cannot vouch for their honesty.  We will go over the company in-depth but first here are some quick tips to dealing with sales reps. 

  1. Read over the contract.  Make sure you know whether it is a 36 or 60 month contract.
  2. Get the MMR in writing.  MMR is Monthly Monitoring Rate (Monthly Cost).  Make sure the rep writes it down in ink.
  3. Do not believe the Buy Now or Never deal.  Alarm companies will be here tomorrow just as they were 10 years ago.  Do not get sucked into the buy now or lose this deal forever pitch.
  4. Do your research.  Congrats if you made it this far without succumbing to their sales pitch!  They are a dealer for Monitronics.


If you feel skeptical about it, read other home security reviews first and perhaps go with one of them.  

Security Networks Specifics:

Pricing:  Expect to pay $49-89/mo.  This is about $10-20 more per month on average then others.  For installation you will typically pay $99-149 depending on the service you get.

Security networks monthly price bar graph at $47 out of $90
Security Networks Starting Cost bar graph showing $99+ on a scale from $0-199
Bar graph marking 36 and 60 months

Dealer program explained

Security Networks is a Monitronics Dealer.  Just like ADT, this company has thousands of authorized dealers to sell their service.  By getting Security Networks you are:

 – Installed and initially serviced by Security Networks for up to 6 months.

 – Your customer service and monitoring is through Monitronics, read their reviews here

 – By going with Security Networks instead of Monitronics directly, you get hit with an extra $4-10 monthly.  

 – Most likely getting a 60 month contract.  The salesman gets a higher commission if he gets a 60 instead of 36 month agreement. 

Customer reviews

Customers don’t have too much good to say about this company.  Most complaints are that they felt ripped off, binding to an agreement they didn’t understand and when they try to cancel they are left to figure it out on their own.  Because sales reps can be so deceiving or even lie to make a sale, if the customer doesn’t carefully read over the agreement they are signing they face a long 3 years to get out of the agreement.

Here is a screenshot of how one customer tells their story of working with Security Networks:

security networks customer review


Security Networks overall is a high priced home security system that should be avoided.  The dealer increases the companies monthly contract price to make additional money and will charge for extras like activation or other bogus fees.  The dealer will typically sell off the contract within 6 months to the higher company for a multiple of 20-36x monthly contract value.  At that point you are in the hands of the primary company and the initial sales person that sold you security networks is completely off the hook for anything you may have been promised.

To avoid this bad situation in general you may want to choose one of the best alarm systems for you home from a reputable brand.

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