SimpliSafe Reviews

SimpliSafe Reviews

Simply Outdated?

Dave RamseyLast updated:  August 6, 2018.  Dave Ramsey loves them (or at least gets paid too) and maybe that is what got you researching SimpliSafe reviews security in the first place.  He is their primary spokesperson and anytime you tune in to his radio show you will hear him talk about this company.  Like our top picks Frontpointand Protect America, SimpliSafe is a do it yourself installation security system.  If this doesn't sound like your forte, we suggest an ADT alarm who will install it for their users.

Unboxing of a SimpliSafe system shown

What are the pros and cons of using a SimpleSafe? Let's a take a glance at the good and the bad of SimpliSafe Security:

  • Trusted brand
  • Good history
  • Self-installation security system
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Multi-purpose sensors for medical pendants
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Very high upfront fees
  • Wins the coveted Ugliest Security System Award (editors point of view)
  • Very costly to upgrade equipment in the future (have to re-buy at full price versus a free upgrade after 36 months with other companies).
  • Outdated equipment
  • Difficulty setting up for some users
  • Lack of home automation
  • Limited live support

We'll cover all the aspects of the SimpliSafe reviews security system below so you can decide if they are the best company for you.

SimpliSafe Quick Facts

HeadquartersBoston, MA
Standard SensorsYes
Touchscreen PanelNo
Key Remote (On/Off) FobYes
C02, Fire and Flood Sensors Yes Extra fee
Mobile & Tablet ControlYes Limited
Advanced FeaturesMedical alert
24/7 MonitoringYes
Smoke, C02 & FloodAdditional
Customer Rating3.5 of 5
Support Rating3 of 5
Equipment Rating2 of 5
BBB ratingA

SimpliSafe Monitoring & Security System Costs 

Users pay upfront for the equipment on top of a monthly monitoring rate.

Most security companies give a complete free security system for signing up for their service.  This is really where SimpliSafe sticks it to the consumer because you pay upfront for their equipment $300-600 on top of a monthly fee of $24.99.

Here are the different packages offered by SimpliSafe Security:

ultimate package

1 - Ultimate Package. $540.  Expensive, several better deals with any of the best DIY security systems we reviewed.  Comes with a lot of home security equipment, more than the average security camera house needs.  If purchased, you will most likely have a lot of unused equipment and devices.

For the same amount of equipment, you can get Protect America and pay $34.99 in monitoring, saving yourself $540.

This SimpliSafe monitoring Ultimate package comes with enough equipment to cover homes with 3-5 bedrooms and 3 doors that lead to outside.  No security cameras come with this package which is surprising since it is their most expensive one. If you have this kind of money to spend upfront on a smart alarm we recommend you check out ADT Pulse, you can see SimpliSafe and ADT comparison here.

simplisafe master package

2 - Master Package. $450.  Not much change from the Simplisafe home security Ultimate with this package.  You don't get a smoke sensor and no emergency pendant.  Still includes 14 other sensors.

simplisafe classic package

3 - Classic Package$350. One less motion detector from the Master package and a good all around setup for most consumers.  This will cover most homes easily without leaving you with excess equipment.

simplisafe economy package

4 - Economy Package.  $260.  If you are going to get SimpliSafe outdoor camera security kit, it'd be smart to start out with this Economy package.  You can always buy and add on more equipment later. The economy package is good for middle-class homes, apartments, condos or mobile trailers.

What kind of Security System does SimpliSafe offer?

Most security companies distribute Honeywell and General Electric equipment.  This is one thing that stands out with SimpliSafe products is their white labeled equipment.  We rate it 3.5 of 5 stars. Each sensor has a backup battery.  The siren is loud enough to wake you up at night if a burglar enters (and most likely a few of the neighbors too).

simplisafe motion sensor

Motion Detector - The motion sensor work by peel-and-place in highly trafficked areas of your home, such as hallways or a living room.  It is infrared and detects any heat wave over 45 lbs. If you have a large guard dog inside you might want to swap these out for something else.

You can add a motion sensor for $40 anytime.


Security Camera - Their camera is nice but is going to cost a lot of money upfront.  Users are able to connect to it through their free smartphone app.  It is an indoor camera so it shouldn't be put anywhere outside where the temperature and weather can affect it.  This is NOT a pan and tilt camera. Meaning wherever you place it is what you will see. Honestly, this camera is not as effective for the price so if you want DIY home automation it is more economical to go with Frontpoint who will throw in a camera for free.  If you are looking for a standalone security camera, you may be interested in the Canary or Cocoon which have better technology and serve as a multipurpose sensor.

Tip: Compare the SimpliSafe camera to alternatives of ADT's or Vivints.

Time to be the handyman...

They claim it can be installed it in under 5 minutes which is simply not true.  Expect 30-90 minutes.

Here's how it should go 

1 - You buy one of their packages
2 - You get the equipment shipped (pre-activated) to you
3 - Peel and stick the sensors to areas.  You place the door sensors on top of the door etc.  It is an easy process but doesn't let their advertising get the best of you.  We recommend using a professional installation company.  If you are a crafty or technically-skilled person then it will be easy for you.
4 - After installation, call their support and they will finish activating the system and test it over the phone.

Note - Several things may affect how long it takes to install such as your comfort level with technology, ability to reach high corners, ability to follow how-to guides.

False advertising? A look below

simplisafe save thousands ad

We saw this SimpliSafe ad we had a good laugh and have to diagnose it.

First of all, you don't save 'thousands' of dollars by doing it yourself.  Most companies charge $99 for installation if that!  Second, the title says 'Five-Minute installation'.  Unless you are Superman and can fly through your house that is absolutely a ridiculous claim to have.  Expect 30-90 minutes at least.

The Who, What, When, Where and Why of SimpliSafe

Founded in 2006 in Boston, MA by Chad Laurans who had been a victim of home burglary.  With that personal experience, he went to work and created what is now SimpliSafe security.  While some companies are known by offering the 'latest and greatest' these guys are known for being basic and offering what works.

SimpliSafe manufactures all the equipment they sell for professional monitoring. This includes base stations, smoke detectors,  entry sensors, high-decibel alarms, motion sensors, glass break sensors, freeze sensors, panic buttons, and an indoor security camera.

The mobile app, may not be as packed with the features you can find in Nest’s, but the SimpliSafe app does offer the vital functions. You can control the system siren, remotely monitor all your devices, and enable additional PINs for other family members.

They offer national monitoring service in all 50 states and have more than 150 employees.  They do lack backup monitoring facilities, meaning if something bad such as a natural disaster happened to their primary monitoring station you may be left without a provider.

Final Thoughts on Simplesafe

Call us biased or whatever you may but if you end up forking out $300-900 (by the time you add a camera and other sensors you need) for SimpliSafe, you really didn't get the best deal or security system.  If you are comfortable committing to a 36-month agreement where you can still move nationwide, any of our top 5 beats this company.

[Total: 4    Average: 2.8/5]
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15 User Reviews
  1. MB
    02/12/2018 at 12:28

    This company is a sham. Connectivity issues with the camera. It never synced to the app. Couldnt set up monthly monitoring because the camera's serial number was wrong. Had to call customer service several times and waited over 20 minutes each time. Finally returned the camera, over a month ago, and still no refund. Bottomline: Do not trust these people with the safety of your home.

  2. Reuben Virchow
    01/07/2018 at 10:27

    Rip off they turn the system on and off. At first I tried ADT and had my place broke into three times, no alarm so I switched to SimpliSafe. Only had it three weeks got up this morning and the system is off. I'm paying the same as ADT because Simplisafe Monitoring fee went up with out my say they got my card and charged it.

  3. Dan Killian
    10/25/2017 at 11:50

    There is no CONTRACT for Simplisafe. What do you call high upfront fees? $300? $500? The first 60 days you can return it all for a refund if the system is not for you. most people only need enough to cover a couple of doors and windows, a motion detector, the alarm and control unit, keychain fob and keypad.

  4. Jayce
    05/30/2017 at 11:28

    If you are under the age 60 there is no way you end up with SimpliSafe (unless baited and taken advantage of). Thanks goodness there are sites like this out there that compare them to better alternatives. I'm not sure there is a worse alternative but Simplisafe's advertising on news channels with doom and gloom get them their customers. Pricing is reasonable, but the equipment is junk and you can't update it without another $1-2k out of pocket. For that much money you can get a very nice Vivint smart system (#4 pick I see on this site) or anything else.

  5. Jason W.
    05/23/2017 at 18:25

    The live support is a joke. That is my only complaint with the company. When the system is working good, it is great! Even the prices are okay. But when I run in to any issues it takes them so long to get them resolved it is an absolute joke. I am not sure if they hire people over seas in the Philippines or what but I am beginning to think this is the case. If you have a short fuse for poor customer service, go with another company.

    • Mario P.
      05/26/2017 at 23:56

      What area are you in? I never had issues like this nor thought I was speaking to someone outside the country. Maybe it depends on the place you live? I don't know. This company is legit and has a stellar track record. I been with them for 3 years now. Very pleased!

  6. Billy
    05/06/2017 at 20:53

    I could not do it. I tried. I tried to get help and no one seems to want to want to help. No one will return my calls. I got this system for my father and mother and it has been a hassle. If you do not know how to work with security systems go with another company.

    • Casey Helms
      05/11/2017 at 23:04

      Are you sure you are contacting the right number? I had this issue with Simlisafe. I was calling the wrong number every time. The people on the other end did not speak proper and clear English and they kept asking for my information over and over again. Thankfully I found out it was a scam number before I gave them too much information!

  7. Scooter Fredrick
    04/22/2017 at 16:35

    You did a great job on this review. It has helped me a lot. I almost signed a contract with Simplisafe and I am glad I didn't. Those upfront costs are insane! Who would pay that when leading companies out there like Frontpoint and ADT do it so much cheaper?

  8. Ken
    02/04/2017 at 18:32

    SimpliSafe is only as good as human memory. Most homes have several inhabitants all of whom must think and remember to activate the system when they happen to be the last person leaving the home. This provides a system that is wrought with error... human error. What's worse is that this situation is totally preventable. If SimpliSafe would simpli (<--sic) integrate with  system activation could easily be automated and human error totally avoided. Why is it SimpliSafe is counter to this automation which could be accomplished with very little coordination?

  9. Nicole
    10/13/2016 at 00:32

    Like Pat said, I don't see many of these 's signs anywhere but I went ahead and check them out anyways. The prices are extremely high, I thought I would get get high end equipment, but you don't. I wasn't impressed with them at all. Oh and the camera and sensors should not be an extra charge. The sales rep actually agreed with me too!! I did not go with them!

    • Mark D.
      04/18/2017 at 17:55

      I am not sure how people can afford this company but I know someone from work who has been with them for 7 years and praises them. I guess it depends on your budget. I know her and her husband both make 6 figures between them so the costs aren't that bad to them. For me, it is still out of my range.

  10. Lynn
    10/07/2016 at 02:53

    I love Dave Ramsey . He wouldn't be endorsing something that he didn't believe in. Plus the founder built this company based on his experience and that's always the best way.

  11. Steve
    09/27/2016 at 19:45

    I'm really surprised that Dave Ramsey supports a company that has high cost when he's about helping people get out of debt. Yeah you save money with the do it yourself installation (as long as you can figure it out.) I think I would rather have a company that hooks it up for me. There are much lower cost systems than this one!

  12. Pat
    09/13/2016 at 13:50

    The way I see it is that SimpliSafe is for my parents generation and one of your top 3 ranked here are for me. Nothing a matter with this advertising model or method, I'm sure they have better credit and pay their bills better at that age. I don't see many SimpliSafe security signs in neighborhoods when I drive around and I have lived in several cities throughout the Nation.

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