Blue and White Security Companies in a Head to Head Battle

Last updated: August 6, 2018. So you’ve come across SimpliSafe and are wondering how it compares to the other blue and white company, ADT.  Maybe you heard David Ramsey or another talk show host go on and on about SimpliSafe on a radio commercial. SimpliSafe has done a number of things right when it comes to marketing but not much in the way of equipment upgrades like ADT Pulse has.

The biggest difference between two comes down to pricing.  With ADT you ‘lease’ the equipment during your 36 month term, thereby getting a full system (smart phone controlled) for $99 installation fee.  With SimpliSafe you will get lower monitoring during a 24 month term cost by paying upfront for your security system for a price tag of $399-799.  More on this in pricing segment.

ADT Pulse basic security package

SimpliSafe basic security package

Comparing the Blue & White Companies head to head…




Starting Costs:       

Do-it-yourself installation
$300-$839 packages

$99 installation
$0 activation

Monthly Cost:




Proprietary.  White labeled equipment.

Not as visually appealing & outdated

Pulse, GE & Honeywell


Short or no contracts

No early termination fees

Positive customer reviews

Trusted and reputable company.

No large lump sum of money to get started

Move equipment for you anywhere in USA

$899 free in equipment

Expert technician

Great home automation


When you move, you have to take
down and move equipment.

You install the system yourself

Basic system, not great for automation

Very expensive starting costs

36 month agreement

BBB Rating:


A- and accredited





24/7 nationally.

24/7 nationwide

History of Companies

Way back when & website comparison

How they operate and market their business is very different.  First of all, ADT uses authorized dealers who provide their own marketing and equipment.  They are required to maintain a high standard for their equipment and marketing.  By doing this plus corporate advertising (what you see on TV and internet) they cover the nation entirely.  SimpliSafe doesn’t have a dealer program, they do have an affiliate program that several websites use to push their products to consumers.  We have not done this at this time due to not wanting to promote a company we believe is not a good fit for users.

When doing SimpliSafe website reviews, it felt much more like a scam when you visit their website. It is full of ‘As seen on’ or ‘As heard by Dave Ramsey’ with BRIGHT RED TEXT in areas.  That being said; their service is reliable and NOT a scam, just our initial impression.  ADT’s website is more professional and calm, not feeling violated or worrying about fake testimonials.

Too see what we mean, see these screenshots below:

ADT Website Screenshot

— (Outdated website screenshot from 2014.  Updated in 2017 seen below).

Here is SimpliSafes with the Red and news reports (anyone online can pay for a PR package to be featured on top News sites) giving it a very fake feeling:


SimpliSafe Website Screenshot

Security Equipment

ADT VS SimpliSafe Security System Comparison

ADT was making security equipment most likely before you were born.  Their Pulse automation is a smooth experience in and out of the home along with great equipment.  You get a good amount at base price and any extra cameras etc. you need can be added on.  SimpliSafe’s equipment is white labeled meaning they have their own brand of equipment.  This is unique to them and only a couple of other companies.  SimpliSafe has not updated their security system in over 10 years since founding. 

ADT uses GE and Honeywell’s equipment and has a proprietary app for Pulse control.  You pay upfront for the equipment, between $300-700.  It is better than something you would get at Walmart or Home Depot but it is nothing to brag about like ADT Pulse’s home automation may be.  Like SimpliSafe’s name says, they are simple.  

Final Conclusion

We hope we helped you compare these two companies side by side to help you can make the best buying decision.  Regardless of who you choose, both companies have a great BBB rating and you do not have to worry about either one running away with your money. 

We declare ADT as the dominate winner.  You can request a free quote here or call their customer support & sales line at 888-285-0760.  

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