DIY Security System Battle between Old & New

Founded within 1 year of each other, Frontpoint and SimpliSafe Security have several similarities.

They both:

  • Ship the security system to you pre-activated in a box which you setup requiring 30-60 minutes (not hard).
  • Great customer support on the technical end.
  • Have a testing period of the alarm system which if you are not happy you can return it.

With all of these things being said, below is a summary of both companies where we look for things that they aren’t so similar on to better help you make choose which system is best.

Frontpoint Security is used by the modern and tech savvy generation.  They are a trendy company and cater to those who want to have ‘smart’ controls and ‘smart’ home automation.  Frontpoint has all the basic security equipment such as motion detectors, door sensors along with add-on options like security cameras.

SimpliSafe hasn’t progressed much since being established 10 years ago but it still known as the older & most basic system among home security companies.  SimpliSafe (often misspelled Simply Safe) has the same equipment setup now as they did when starting.  Why is this?  They target an older market of consumers, most between 50-80 year old.  This generation doesn’t care much for smart phone integration and cool new automated features.  Their users are happy as long as it works.  Nothing’s a matter with this approach but from a home security reviewers perspective, we can’t be happy about complacency in this industry.

Side by Side Comparison

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Security equipment banner

Who has the better security system? 

Frontpoint wins by a long shot in this comparison.  Better looking, better quality and ironically enough, simpler to use than Simplisafe.  Frontpoint has a easy to use free mobile app that you can turn on and off the alarm system with.  Their control panel is simpler and cleaner of a layout then that of Simplisafe’s.  Frontpoint’s has been less faulty upon testing which can be attributed to better equipment. 

Here is a screenshot of Frontpoint’s starting package:

touchscreen panel, motion detector and smartphone

Here is the basic package you can get for $259 with Simplisafe

simplisafe package

As you can tell from these two pictures, Simplisafe’s equipment is something you would see in a older hospital or senior care home.

Customer Support

Who has the better customer support? 

This is a coin flip.  Frontpoint has a 30 day trial period which SimpliSafe does not (update; they now offer their own free trial). SimpliSafe has shown over the years that they greatly care about customers and maintain a great BBB rating.  They avoid angry customers by making people pay upfront for the security system and don’t have to sign a contract.

Several companies like Vivint have increased contract lengths to 48 and 60 months.  Luckily, Frontpoint has kept theirs at 36 months which is reasonable and good for the customer who locks in their rate.  These two companies rank in the top 3 along with ADT for the best in customer support.

And the Winner Is…

Frontpoint is the winner as they continue to innovate and enhance their security system.  They cater to customers by providing a test trial and live support at any time.  Simplisafe will always be a top contender with their marketing campaigns that include big names endorsing their product.  By spending millions of dollars every year on ads, SimpliSafe will always be heard of.  FrontPoint gets more of their customer base from referrals instead of interrupting ads.  In the end though when comparing apples to apples, Frontpoint wins in our books.

Let us know your thoughts about these 2 companies below

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