Tear down my security panel; shame on you

Smash and Crash Protection and Technology is one of the finest innovations in the 21st century with a heavy touch of highly advanced technology and expertise. The specific Smash and Crash technology protect you from any burglary where the intruder’s target is to bring down your alarm system to stop any signals flowing out to you that notify of a critical situation.  It is extremely fast.

A typical burglar will try the front door in a normal condition where you can say the burglar will crash through the front entry and then as faster as possible reach the security panel and smash it down to stop any signal notifying the owners.

What is Smash and Crash Protection and Technology

The delay that the security system gives the property owners generally a 30-60 second count that allows the owner to open up the application, disarm the system and type in the security code is used here. With this technology, the panel will work and the signals will be still sent even though the physical alarm system or the control panel is fully destroyed by the burglar which is the beauty and of this specific and unique protection and technology. Your properties are safe with this smash and crash protection and technology.

Visual shown on the steps that take place if a security panel is torn down. 

The Benefits of the Smash and Crash Protection and Technology to the Users

The system will notify you to own any burglar where even the bugler tries to damage the alarm or the security system to avoid you getting to know of the critical emergency situation happening on your properties when you are away. Even you can connect this system to the local police station so that at an emergency situation, while you are away from home the police will be notified and they can charge.

The system is amazing and will be really helpful is you possess quite a lot of assets or wealth in your properties. The probability of theft is brought to a minimum with this amazing technology and certainly, the cost of purchase over weigh the benefits it could derive to you in the long run. You also have the option of notifying your neighbors and the friends in a critical situation where they will get a Text or SMS alert. This prevents any burglar and protects your property on a comprehensive note.

How Does This Technology Work and is This Worth Trying?

As mentioned earlier the security system will give a countdown so that the owner can reach the security system or the alarm system to enter the code to disarm. However, most of the burglars try to enter the house that is crash the house and get to the security panel as quickly as they can and then smash it so that notifications are not sent. The beauty of this system is that it still works, even if it is fully damaged.

When the specific count is reached an SMS alert will be sent to the owners and the persons that are notified to be acknowledged on a situation like this. The experts will be also notified where they will take all necessary steps to reach the destination as fast as they could and to stop the burglary and protect the properties. The experts are well trained for undertaking such situations and this ensures that you and your family is safe.

Even with this great technology; most security companies do not offer smash and crash protection.  Frontpoint home security is one of the few who do along with some other Alarm.com dealers that use the Simon XT panel.

Who will Need This Amazing Technology?

Not only households, this can be used in offices, public properties, apartments and any other valuable properties. This amazing technology will harden the burglary process and will reduce the attempts of theft to a greater extent. This will also contribute to the economic and social well-being of the country as there are many theft and burglaries reported all around the world at the moment. This expert system facilitates everyone as stated above but not only the households.

This is one of the best tools to be used in a manufacturing related storing company to protect the inventory if the value of the inventory is very high. Apart from the physical security officers you can also use this smash and crash protection and technology as a valuable addition to the security system, to ensure internal as well as external controls are right in place.

Final Words

As explained above, a lot of benefits could be derived from the use of this amazing technology. This is truly one of the best innovations in the 21st century that facilitates a wide range of parties contributing to ethical and just economic and social situation around the community and the world.

Install a smash and crash protection today and safeguard your properties on a comprehensive note without giving any of the opportunity to the bugler to bypass the system or break it and damage your property putting you at a loss.[frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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