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Sonitrol, as it sounds, was incorporated from two words, Sound and Control by its founders, Robert Baxter, an inventor and Al Cronk, a police officer in 1963. Sonitrol Security founded in 1964 makes use of a proprietary voice based verified Alarm system to provide the lowest false alarm rate in the industry and arguably the most apprehension since its inception. With numerous offices all over North America, Sonitrol also provides security options for commercial users including schools, hospitals, industries, government etc.  This is their main focus is on governmental businesses.

As a company that trusts what they offer, Sonitrol offers a $10,000 warranty if your home is successfully broken into while being protected by their Alarm system.

Here is a look at the good, bad and the ugly:

  • Voice verified Alarm system
  • Markedly reduced false Alarm notification.
  • Available nationwide
  • Mobile App


  • Home automation
  • Very outdated website
  • Lack of product information
  • High cancellation policy
  • Limited who can get it
  • High credit check
  • High starting costs
  • Poor Online transparency


Quick Facts

Founded 1964
Sales Line 877-SONITROL
Z-Wave Technology no
Monthly unavailable
Installation unavailable
Activation unavailable
24/7 monitoring
Smoke, C02 & Flood unavailable
Customer Reviews 4 of 5
Support 4 of 5
Smart app control Available


How it works

Sonitrol alarm system functions via voice detection as against the majority of Alarm providers that is based on motion detection. If an alarm is triggered. Sonitrol Alarm system sends voice signals to the monitoring centers where the sound is listened on and verified by professionals as a break in and the police dispatched immediately while relaying real-time information to the responding officers. In the case of a false alarm, the system is reset with no notification to the police hence the name “Verified Alarm System”.

Price and packages

How much will this cost?

There’s no clear-cut plan regarding price or package on their website as is the case with some alarm companies but the prospective customer can contact them for a quote.  Unfortunately this is a common sales technique to make you get on the phone with a high pressures sales agent.  This is also done by Ackerman, AMP Smart and others.  We like companies who list their prices and packages upfront so you can decide before calling.

Security Equipment

A look at their alarm system gadgets

Not much information is available regarding the type of security equipment installed by Sonitrol but it’s highly likely they are manufacturers of their own systems.  We scoured their website and they are definitely not proud or showing off their security system.

Sonitrol website screenshot

Here is the only image we could muster up of their outdated control panel:

Sonitrol control panel


Sonitrol utilizes professional technicians for the installation of their systems. They do not offer DIY systems.  Installation are best done at your convenience.

Customer Support

How easy are they to get a hold of? 

Contacting Sonitrol can be done through any of the following media.

Phone: 1-877-SONITROL

Web contact form: you can easily a message on the web contact form available on their website. The duration that it would take to get a response is uncertain.

History of company

 A look down memory lane

Sonitrol began as a pet project of the inventor, Robert Baxter in 1963. The technology currently being used in Sonitrol began as a pest control technology installed in walls to track termites. Sonitrol has since grown to begun one of the most trusted alarm providers in North America.  Sonitrol was acquired by Stanley security in 2008 and functions as a subsidiary of the parent company. Sonitrol offers only Cellular monitoring. They do not support monitoring of existing systems.

Our conclusion

The Audio-visual technology utilized by Sonitrol sets it apart from the competition with its relatively low false alarm. Users would have to call me for pricing and contract plan. [frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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