SpotCrime Reviews

SpotCrime Reviews

The Who, How, What and Why of SpotCrime App

In your quest for a safe neighborhood, there is the need to employ all available tools in choosing a neighborhood or locale that’s safe for you and your family. The SpotCrime app is one of such tool. The SpotCrime app is a mobile and web-based application developed by Spotcrime, a company based in Baltimore, USA and founded in October 2007. It is privately owned by ReportSee, Inc.

What does SpotCrime do?

Spotcrime is an application that provides a nationwide information of crimes such as arrests, arson, assaults, burglaries, robberies, shootings, thefts and vandalism committed all around using a google map. The crime data are sourced majorly from open source crime data from police agencies, news reports and its own private crime reporting portal, Crime-tip which provides users a platform to anonymously drop data on crimes in their location.


Screenshot taken of burglaries and criminal activity located near a city. 

Key Features

  • You can view criminal activity reports in your area, and also sort them out by date
  • Crimes are classified by types so it’s easy to understand the magnitude
  • Crime reports sourced from open crime data base.
  • Currently supports only 500 cities within the US
  • Sister sites exist for other crime database
  • Free to use.
  • Available on android and iOS


How does one make use of the SpotCrime app? 

Currently, SpotCrime offers crime data in over 500 cities and location in the United States making it one of the most popular crime data service. Users can sign up to receive updates either by SMS or via email alert on crimes committed in a particular area.

There are several uses for the app.  Some may include; using it to inform neighbors about what is going on and locating a safe city.  If you are moving, you can use the app to avoid wasting your time, because there is no sense looking at neighborhoods you aren't comfortable living in.

Download it via iOS or Android.  Once you have used the app and realize how many scary events there are in your neighborhood, you may decide to use a home security system.  We have done the hard work here in reviewing dozens of them, see the best ones on our home page.

How to use the SpotCrime web portal

  • Navigate to the website on your web browser
  • Proceed to search for your location or use the map to navigate to your choice location
  • Click on the crime list on the right for crimes you want information on
  • You can submit a crime tip by clicking on the option at the top
  • You can sign up and sign in with the option listed above.
  • There is an option to navigate and compare crimes by state.



Being safe is of utmost while in search of a location to move to. Be sure to run a background search on the SpotCrime database and other similar service like the Trulia service which is also free to use with no sign up required and include property listing.

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3 User Reviews
  1. Kathryn Hare
    05/24/2018 at 13:03

    Spotcrime is a life safer! Looks don't always match the crime level in a neighborhood as we just learned. We almost purchased a nice home in a neighborhood only to come home and use Spotcrime's app and find out there had been some break ins surrounding it. While I know crime can happen anywhere, I'm going to place myself in an area that it's not so common place. These were nice $250,000+ home neighborhood as well!

  2. Devine
    02/18/2018 at 04:19

    This is a great app anyone will desire for optimum safety around their neighborhood. I just moved into my new home and I am already considering this app. I hope it doesn't disappoint me.

  3. Keith Audley
    01/18/2018 at 14:12

    The free aspect of Spot Crime is okay, at least until you try to tell them you've moved, as we just tried to do. The only way to get the job done seemed to be to unsubscribe, and then subscribe again, but wait! If you try to do that, you receive a message to the effect that your E-Mail address is already in use (so they don't seem to remove it from their server when you unsubscribe). Trying to create an account with the same E-Mail address is not possible, as you get the same message. Your only recourse is either to use another E-Mail address, or simply check out their website. Don't use the "Contact" link, as your messages are returned as being undeliverable. Apart from that, the service is great.

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