Local = Large & in Charge?

Titan is a regional home security and home automation company based in Arizona and only offer their services in Arizona. Currently, they offer service in 33 states. The company was founded in 2008 by two brothers, Mike and Taylor Proudfit, who had some experience in the alarm business with Firstline Security and were interested in starting a company that offered state of the art technology and great customer service. In 2010, they started offering commercial alarm service as well, and according to their website they are the top selling alarm service in North America at this time.

Their smartphone app is a whitelabeld service provided by Alarm.com.  Most companies (other than ADT and Vivint) do this so they don’t have to develop their own app and integrate it with a security system.

Services provided include protection against:

Additionally, they offer home automation that allows you to:

Many of the Titan Alarm Services offered.  Screenshot taken from their website.

All of these services integrate together and you have access through the computer or phone for alerts, monitoring, and controlling your home. As you would expect, Titan monitors the system 24 hours a day, every day, so they can alert you and dispatch authorities if needed. As mentioned earlier, they work through Alarm.com to offer their monitoring services, and this is a well-known company that provides services to many security systems all over the country.

You can put in some basic information on their website to schedule an appointment for a personalized home or business assessment and quote but no prices are given on the website so you would not have a ballpark figure going into the appointment of about how much you could expect to pay for the initial installation or for the monthly monitoring. If you are handy and are interested in setting up the system yourself, they do offer a DIY option as well which allows you to save on installation fees. There are videos and instructions available so you are guided through the setup process.

The standard contract is 36 months and if you do not call to cancel before the 36 months is over, the contract automatically renews for an entire year. The monthly cost is at least $35 and it usually costs $47 to get the system installed and activated. You can move with your system, however, some costs will likely be incurred.

Make sure you know whether you will be moving or not in the coming 3 years before signing up.  Since they are not local, you may be stuck with a hefty cancellation fee similar to Vector, Central Group and other local security company horror stories.

Customer Reviews

What others are saying about it

Titan Alarms is rated well (A+) with the Better Business Bureau, but there is only one review on that site and it is a negative one.  One should remember that businesses can pay for better reviews and ranking on the BBB so don’t judge a company by its cover or one may write off Vivint as a potential company.  As far as other reviews, it has a 4.6/5 star rating on Google Reviews, 3/5 on Yelp, and 4.7/5 on Home Advisor.  Just looking at the reviews, it is hard to believe the reviews are discussing the same company.

Some reviewers complain of slow service, unresponsive tech support, and indifferent responses to concerns, while others cannot say enough positive things about the wonderful employees and superb service.

  • Very professional website (unlike other small town companies)
  • Complete integrated automation services
  • Remote access to all your home needs through an app whether running errands or on vacation
  • A big B2B security provider such as Protection One
  • Customer service is only available during standard Arizona business hours meaning if you need technical support on a weekend or at night, no one will be available.
  • No idea of set-up or monthly costs before first contact with company
  • Not available nationwide
  • Good customer ratings according to website, but few actual reviews available on the site.


Titan Alarm Shops shown throughout Arizona.

Wrap up on the MIGHTY Titan Alarm

Although Titan Alarms is by no means a perfect company, it generally seems to be reliable, reasonably priced, and well-liked by customers. If you live in Arizona, getting a free quote and looking into what they can offer is probably a good idea. However, make sure that you consider all the pros and cons, read lots of reviews, and investigate other options as well. If you get a great rep and salesperson and technician, then you will most likely have a wonderful experience with Titan. However, unfortunately this is not a certainty.

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