Doorbell Cameras Reviews

Doorbell Cameras Reviews

Ding Dong! The 3 Best Doorbell Camera Reviews

finger-pushing-doorbellLast Updated: April 7th, 2017.  The new smart doorbells cams are taking the market by storm.  These create the ability to view people coming up to your door, triggering notifications to any smart device.  They bring peace of mind to those who are nervous about answering the door without knowing who is there.  These also serve as a great 'peephole' and now those at home don't have to lift up the blinds to peek at who is there.

Here is a look at the pros and cons of having a Security Doorbell viewer

  • Crime deterrent
  • Easy to install & use on mobile device
  • Captures and records live footage
  • Add users in app so any family member can access
  • Able to set up 'smart zones' within 10'-40' perimeters of the doorbell camera
  • Talk with people at the doorstep directly from app
  • Free app control on each for iOS or Android


  • The ones you buy outright (aside from a security company) still up-sell you a monthly fee for them to store footage on their cloud system.
  • Depending on technical skills can be difficult to put in
  • App software can be buggy at times or sometimes miss users at your doorstep


Without further ado, for those looking to buy a new doorbell security camera here are the top 3:

#1 - FrontPoint Security HD Smart Doorbell

skybell hd camera

FrontPoint recently added a doorbell camera to their lineup in late 2016.  They use a third party product, Skybell, and integrate it with their app so you get a full security system with your doorbell camera.  This is a great all around camera although slightly bulkier than other top pick.  It looks less like a typical doorbell you would ring and more like a camera/tech product.  We give the appeal a 3.5 of 5 and functionality 4.5 of 5.

user using skybell app

To add this to a Frontpoint security system users need to ask for it as they are not adding it to any promotions right now.  They do give you a discount so it is $160 over the $180+ users would pay for it on the internet.

Specifics include:

  • 1080 HD video camera
  • Frontpoint's security app integration
  • Night vision
  • Text alerts to answer or view history
  • Add & manage users
  • Made in USA


The monthly cost is going to be around $50 which will include 24/7 monitoring of the security system and doorbell video camera.  Frontpoint has done a great job at adding this to their lineup.  Users who use the Skybell cam through Frontpoint gives them one app to control all home automation and security features.  Better than logging in and out of several apps to see what is going on in the home.

Call Frontpoint at 855-861-8730

Visit Frontpoint

#2 - Vivint doorbell + automation system

video footage of vivint doorbell


Vivint is the only security company (as of 2016) to create their own doorbell camera and not use a third parties.  It integrates with their app flawlessly.  As soon as someone rings the doorbell, app users are notified and can swipe to answer and then talk to the person on the other end.  When talking to the user, try to have wifi connection or cell phone data will be burned quickly.

Part of a full automation security system.

vivint doorbell camera complete system


You can get Vivint doorbell smart cam in their automation package.  Monitoring is going to be $59-79 a month but this is a full security system.  The sky panel is touch screen and also connected to the doorbell cam.

This is the costliest option of all, but that comes with great quality.  Vivint has close to 1 million home security users already with a 20-year history so glitches in their app have already been worked out.  This company thrives on innovation so for users that want more than just a doorbell camera then this is your best long term option.

Call Vivint for a Free Quote at 855-298-7671

Learn more by clicking here

#3 - Ring door viewer


Ring is the most well-known and popular of the doorbell cameras.  They are the original inventors of this product and re-branded from their original name, 'Doorbot'.  It is not as slim as Vivint's but much better looking than Frontpoints above.

They have a PRO version for $250 (free shipping) with a home security system add-on bundle.  There is also a $195 version which is hard to find the difference between the 'PRO' version.  Users download the Ring app and then sync to their doorbell camera, add security passwords and users and then it is up and running.  Once the flat fee to purchase has been paid, Ring gives users a free 30 day trial of storing footage to the cloud.  Because it's not connected to a DVR or any other kind of backup storage it is hard not to feel obligated to do this.  It is $5/mo, so affordable but users essentially can't use the product for security unless that is paid.

How they work:  

You can setup 'zones' on how far out the camera sees and records motions.  For instance, you can set 5-25' away.  The farther away, the more pictures and recordings you will have.  Every home is different, try to set it up so that your doorbell cam is not taking pictures of every passing car.

When the user rings the doorbell, your smartphone is notified and you can then view a live stream of who is there.  You can also 'answer' it and talk through your phone to them at the doorstep.  This is a great feature if you are at work and need to take a package or talk to whoever is at the door.

Recordings and pictures are saved so if needed you can look up the history of who has been at the front of the home.  We recently used this at Halloween (2016) to see the punk teenagers who walked up to the doorstep and smashed our pumpkins on the sidewalk!


Smart door viewers are a great home automation product and if you plan on living at the location for 2+ years should be bought.  These do replace original doorbells and are not practical to move with you to the next home, although can be done.  Your 'ding dong' noise will stay the same when the doorbell button is pushed (as long as wiring has been done right).  Our #1 choice Vivint will install it for you, the other 2 users are on their own.  As long as you don't buy one that has negative reviews or no support then you are purchasing one that is a 'best of' contender.  With the top 2 choices, users can integrate their doorbell camera system with their home security system.  With option 3, it acts as a stand-alone device and users can pay for cloud backup storage through the Ring app.

Other things users should consider to keep crime away from the front of their homes are:  keep it clean, have a security sign, use outdoor cameras around the home and put neighborhood watch stickers.

  1. Eloise
    02/28/2017 at 19:55

    I've felt so much safer at home ever since getting one of these. The quality is very good when streaming the doorbell camera from my phone. I have no complaints, I didn't realize there was companies that could connect it with my security system! I don't believe ADT has this feature yet but those top two would be a good idea to switch too. It's nice to have the footage available for access up to 60 days. Now I can see whether the person who door bell ditched was a punk teenager or something more.

    • Harry
      04/10/2017 at 14:31

      I thought the same thing! We have a lot of kids in the area and I have had everything from eggs to smashed pumpkins. I got mine installed last week and I love it. I have also been able to bust one of the local UPS driver throwing my package at the door! I reported him and have the proof of it. No more pulling one over on me!

  2. Anna
    01/18/2017 at 19:57

    Well I have number 3 and I love it. It's really worth every penny when it's dark out, I'm by myself and someone knocks. Normally I would hide and not answer the door and be worried all night wondering who was there. Now I don't have to worry about who's there, because I can see them. I'm more comfortable now!

  3. Greg
    01/07/2017 at 16:50

    I'm of one such persons that gets nervous when someone is at the door. I would never want to answer till I get to know whom the person is. I so much like the door viewer. It helps me a lot, I could easy view who is my door before I proceed to open or not. The Doorbell Camera is really great!

    • Mary
      03/01/2017 at 04:11

      Wow! I thought I'm alone on this. I hardly get to open my door not until I get to know whom the person is. I feel more secured. Doorbell cameras are really cool.

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