7 Best Outdoor Motion Lights for Homes

7 Best Outdoor Motion Lights for Homes

Blind the Bad Guys with these Bright LED Security Motion Lights

We may never know all that creeps in the dark around our homes while we sleep. One way to be sure that anything wandering around is aware of you, though, is with outdoor motion lights. Nothing scares off a prowler quicker that a light that snaps on suddenly without warning in the dark of night.

Motion sensitive lights save power because they activate only when there is movement in the area. Many save even more with powerful LED lamps, as well as options to adjust the time that the light is on when activated, or even solar-powered lights to avoid using any electricity from the grid at all.

Features of the many motion lights available include coverage area, brightness of illumination, time light stays on when activated, power needs and usage of the light, installation requirements, and type of lamp used.

1 - Baxia Technology Wireless Waterproof Security

On & Off like a Magician.  400 bright lumens.  Pack of 4 only $29.99

With 28 LED Ultra-Bright lights, the Baxia provides good illumination for a small area when activated. Designed to be water and heat-resistant for the outdoors, the Baxia wireless is a good option for a small area of your yard that is far from any power source.

  • Easy to install
  • Moderately LED illumination for small areas
  • Solar-powered for energy savings
  • 900 reviews - average 4.5 stars


  • Detection distance of 9-16 feet
  • 120° scope of detection best for contained areas like patios or walkways
  • No dim mode for constant nighttime low light, only ON/OFF activator


2 - DrawGreen Solar Lights 1400 Lumens Outdoor Motion Sensor Spotlight

The red eye of doom?  Solar powered convience. $40 per unit

Providing a powerful flood of light up to 50 feet away from the source, the Solar Lights 1400 Lumens Outdoor Motion Sensor Spotlight illuminates a lot of area and may be just right to light up the furthest corners of your yard. LED lamps are intensified with optics-grade PMMA lens. The aluminum casing is extremely durable and long-lasting through all types of weather, including extremes from -30 - 120° F.

  • Solar powered with Li-ion battery for holding charges
  • Durable aluminum casing
  • Very bright illumination
  • They look like security cameras giving bad guys even more of a reason to stay away
  • Detects up to 26 feet away
  • Full recharge requires 5-6 hours of full sunshine
  • $40 for one vs our number 1 pick which is $40 for 4
  • Metal design and look may not fit style of all homes


3 - Mr. Beams MB3000 High-Performance Wireless Spotlight

Will you be inviting Mr. Beams to your home?  $32 + Free Shipping

Two adjustable light heads allow you to aim illumination where your yard it most. Producing 500 lumens from dual LED lights, when Mr. Beams goes on, intruders (and you) will know it, and your yard will light up.

  • Wireless, requires no complicated installation
  • Strong weatherproof design meant for all year outdoor conditions
  • Easy to alter direction of light
  • Two light sources, to illuminate different parts of the yard


  • Battery powered.  Get ready to burn through the expensive large batters.  Also requires to pull off and replace periodically.
  • Doesn't allow adjustment of features such as duration light stays on


4 - SANSI LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Light

Want to blind the bad guys?  This one wins 'Brightest Of' award.  $60 per unit

The 30W LED lights in the SANSI Waterproof Floodlight is energy efficient to provide the equivalent of 250W incandescent light. Rated at 3,400 lumens the SANSI gives a lot of backyard illumination when the motion sensor is activated. The range of sensing ability sets the SANSI apart from many other motion sensor lights, with 180° and 50 feet of range.

  • Waterproof casing to stand up to elements like rain and snow
  • Big 50 foot sensing range with 180° coverage
  • Very bright 3400 lumens LED lights
  • Comes in white or black


  • Adjustable modes limited to Test, Automatic, and Manual
  • Not very appealing design
  • Some knowledge required for installation as it is wired into house electrical system


5 - Good Earth Two-Head Sensor Light

Two light heads of the Good Earth motion light rotate independently, up to 80° vertically and 30° horizontally to reach shadowy corners of deck or yard. With sixteen LED lights putting out 2060 lumens you will get plenty of illumination when this light triggers on.

Requires more advanced installation with electrical.  $56 per unit

  • Energy saving and powerful LED lamps last 50,000 hours
  • Two light heads rotate independently


  • Wiring into home power system requires expert installation
  • Spotlight style two-head look doesn't fit with all outdoor designs


6 - Sunforce 82153 Triple Head Solar Motion Light 1000 lumens

For the paranoid or security preppers. 

The Sunforce 82153 outdoor motion light offers a lot of powerful features that make it stand out among the crowd. Its 30 foot detection distance over a full 180° range assures you it will light up when anything moves in your yard. Solar panels soak up sun to recharge batteries, but they don't require full direct sun to get a full charge to power the light when needed at night.

  • Two adjustable settings for detection distance and light duration
  • Fully weather resistant
  • Extremely bright at 1000 lumens (both good and bad)
  • Simple to mount wherever you need it


  • Three head design may not fit all outdoor designs
  • 1000 lumen intensity may be too bright for some yard areas at night
  • Some people prefer hardwired electric connection for certainty of power supply


7 - Solar Lights Outdoor Wireless Waterproof Security Light

This wins our most durable award.  $37 & free shipping

With the lighting power of 100 LEDs the Solar Lights Outdoor Wireless Security Light produces 2000 lumens. It works well for pathways or shadowed areas between house and garage, for instance. The motion sensor has an intermediate range of 12 feet at 125° angle, just right for medium-sized areas that need the security of a light that activates when anything moves in that area.

  • Easy to install and mount, with no wiring to attach
  • 3600mAH Li-ion battery recharges to work 12 hours of sensing and lighting at night


  • No dim mode, only on when activated or off
  • No adjustable length of light duration or other options


Choose the Best Outdoor Light for You

With so many different options available, the outdoor motion lights right for your home are out there for you to find.  They are the perfect addition to a home security system and a prime deterrent.  They can also help with lighting for better video capture on security cameras.

Knowing the area you need to cover and types of power needs (and installation requirements) is a good start to choosing the right light for your yard's security.  Have any tips on beefing up home security?  Leave them or other feedback on outdoor motion lights below.

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