Is this east coast company good enough to rely on?

Vector Security is an emerging company (ever so slowly) out of Virginia.  They are working on rolling out national service but are primarily an east coast company.  This has its perks and disadvantages.  Their worse reviews come from high starting costs and lack of support after getting the security system installed in your home.  We’ll see if those hold true as we review Vector. 

Locations of Service

We figure this should come first so you don’t waste your time reading about a company you can’t get.  The states available for Vector monitoring are as follows:  Delaware, Florida, Maryland, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Before we dig deeper into them as a company lets take a glance at the good and bad of Vector.


  • Recognized brand
  • Standard 3 year contracts
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Over 40 years as a company
  • Does not outsource monitoring



  • Very average feeling.  Nothing special stands out from other home security providers.
  • Termination fee.  If you may move anywhere outside of your state or the East coast you may end up paying an early termination fee if they can’t service your next location.  You can avoid this by going with a national company.  However, they do have a military policy that allows you to terminate service if you are moving to an non serviceable area.
  • Not available for renters
  • High starting costs
  • Must have a high credit score to sign up
  • No 24/7 customer service



Pricing & Packages

Starting Costs: $99 for basic system.  Additional for home automation services such as cameras and mobile monitoring.

Monthly:  $25+.  Good rates for a smaller company.  They don’t have as many monitoring stations such as ADT monitoring or Protection One home security in place and they typically hire out their monitoring during the off hours to random companies that do not know your situation.

Vector security system equipment

vector security system

You can expect the norm with Vectors security equipment.  Nothing too special but nothing too bad either.  They have all the basics you would expect such as:

  • Panel
  • Key Fob
  • Window / Door sensors
  • Motion
  • Smoke (can be extra $)
  • Emergency pendant
  • Others


They are not a do-it-yourself installation company so you can expect a technician to be in your house for 2-3 hours per installation.  Their techs are licensed so you shouldn’t have to worry about having damage be done other then occasional accidents.  For most people a professional installation is still preferred over DIY.  However if choosing DIY, you can save yourself $99+.  If you already own a home though this is not a big fee for most to worry about to get it up and running right. 

Re-branded company and logo

Vector recently re-did their colors and logo design.  If you are still rocking their old sign loud and proud in your front yard it is time to ask them for an upgrade.  Old security signs are a big hint to burglars that your alarm system is out of date and therefore safe to break in!  Not good, but at least Vector is still in business.  Thousands of Americans still have Brinks security signs in their front yard who have been out of business for over three years.  Vector got rid of the dark blue and are more focused on white and red with a touch of their classic Navy blue. 

History of company banner

Steady history and rating

Founded in Virginia 1970:  Vector is going onto its 45th year as a security company.  Few others have been around this long.  They also have an A BBB rating but have unresolved customer disputes.

Team:  Girl power!  Vector security is run by Pamela Petrow, a woman CEO.  She has an impressive resume and is capable of keeping them afloat.  They have 7 vice presidents from CFO, COO and a couple that are over their sales division.

Our conclusion


Many companies lack a firm foundation and Vector has just that.  They may not be known across the country and have plateaued in growth over the years but they are a company to trust upon.  They are doing an average job at keeping up with the ongoing market demand to offer more automation services to be able to transform your place into a ‘smart home’.  If you leave on the East coast and know for a fact you won’t be moving in the next 3 years then they may be the right choice for you.  You can save $100-300 by going with our #1 or #3 company recommended here by setting them up for yourself, but if money is not your worry then try out Vector security.

Hope you enjoyed this review and please leave any experience or things we may have missed about Vector below.[frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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