Vivint Sky Panel

Vivint Sky Panel

What it is - Specs & Costs

The Vivint Sky panel has taken another leap in the home security industry.  Vivint who does a great job in smart home innovation continually improves and updates their equipment.  They were one of the first home security systems with a 2gig touchscreen panel.  Then in 2015 they introduced the SKY panel and have since released better versions of it.  All Vivint security systems now come standard with a sky panel.

Specs and details of this home security control panel:

  • Can manage a smart thermostat.  This turns homes into a smarthomes and can save the average user $20-30 a month on their energy bill during peak months.
  • Manage users.  Easily add or delete users from the control panel.  Users who have downloaded the Vivint app to their device will be notified and can take control of the alarm system.
  • In 'Settings' you can find how to adjust brightness clock and weather, connect Sky control to WiFi and more.
  • Can setup bypass sensors.  This way you can open that window at night to let the cool air breeze in and not set off the alarm.  This is unique to the Sky, whereas most other home alarm systems have an 'All' or 'Door/window' mode to turn on only.


In 2016 the Sky Control panel took an upgrade by removing all wires.  This is the first truly 'wireless' security panel as of now.  For their technicians, this makes installation times fast and easier.  They can sync the security sensors to the control panel in a matter of minutes and complete a full installation in under 30 minutes.  The hardest part will be installing the security cameras and door locks.  These changes will take place in the coming year of their summer sales program.

Sky versus the standard panel

standard security panel

Like the standard panel, with Sky users can still set up a 4 digit pass-ode.  It is also Z-wave compatible and outperforms even the best Honeywell GO.  The Sky panel can also still be controlled with a key fob for users who don't want to use their smartphones.

Controlling the Sky Panel


Using the Vivint Sky app users will learn to love the ease of use and simplicity of this design.  Easily swipe to turn certain sensors or the alarm system fully on or off.  Access video footage saved from video cameras etc.  The app has even more, functions than the Sky panel itself but the two go hand-in-hand.


For a price of $99+/- for a professional to come out and install a Vivint system including the Sky control panel, it is a great price.  With the new wireless features, Vivint stays ahead in innovative security products for mass consumers.  It compares and beats ADT Pulse app in our opinion and is far superior to any other touchscreen control panel.

To get $0 activation with agreement to their monitoring terms, click here.

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8 User Reviews
  1. Brigitte
    08/16/2018 at 06:57

    Okay, first truly wireless option? Then that's pretty cool. This will make installation smoother and would save a lot of time. Does the wireless make it more durable or easier for repairs? Thanks in advance.

  2. G K
    06/07/2018 at 10:31

    At present, I cannot have a delayed alarm for Leaving (away) mode and an instant alarm for Staying (home) mode. The minimum alarm time is 30 seconds for both or instant alarm for both. This does not allow me to allow time to access the panel to disarm the system by non-family (maid, repair, etc.) while still keeping us fully protected (with an immediate warning) at night when we are home and sleeping. I do not want an intruder to have 30 seconds to harm my family before Vivint's alarm goes off and the center is notified... we could be dead by then!!! The ONLY difference between Leaving and Staying modes is that Staying turns off motion sensors. This SHOULD be a very simple fix but Vivint is not the least bit interested in making a minor change to the panel software code to benefit and help protect their clients.

  3. samantha
    05/10/2018 at 00:36

    User interface is great but not always the best functionality wise. Compared to ADT pulse app I would rather run with this Vivint one. Also better UI than the alarm dot com app although I think theirs functions with equipment better. You may want to turn off automatic updating since sometimes the new versions of Vivint Sky have some bugs in them. If you do this and update weeks later you shouldn't have any issues with the cameras, cloud recording etc. Keep it up V!

  4. Juliet Bob
    05/10/2018 at 00:35

    I was using the ADT pulse app but after a saw a taste of this at my friend's house, I switched as soon as I could. This Vivint sky app has really helped me a lot and I really appreciate that. I can do a lot while at home or outside and I would be comfortable with the result when I check. It's really nice and I recommend.

  5. Danny Varjas
    05/09/2018 at 13:06

    My home obviously became a smart home after installing the Vivint sky panel. It actually allows me do a lot of things to my appliances and many others while sitting or lying in bed. I must say it has also saved me a lot of money and time because all I need to do is just a click away.

    • Not This Idiot
      03/04/2019 at 03:24

      Really? It "actually allows me do a lot of things to my appliances and many others while sitting or lying in bed."??? Would you care to elaborate? Especially on the do a lot of things to many others bit, that would be very enlightening. AND IT SAVED YOU MONEY AND TIME? AND WHY? "because all I need to do is just a click away." This is hilarious! Thank you for the laugh and fake reviews! Haaaaaa! Idiots.

  6. Tom Deaves
    04/23/2017 at 16:58

    I love Vivint! I have not been with them long but their wireless features are great! I also love that I can access everything right on my phone. My phone is glued to me everywhere I go since my cards are saved to it. I used it for shopping so I never forget it anywhere. The customer service reps were very willing to work with my specific needs too. Highly recommend them!

  7. Sharron L.
    04/19/2017 at 17:21

    I wanted a wireless option that I could reach from my phone at all times and this was perfect! The Vivint Sky Panel is the easiest home security option I could find. I may be savvy with phones but everything else is just a hassle for me. The man who installed the system was very nice and polite. He had no issues with my kids asking him a million questions. It was done super fast too! Win - win!

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