What happens when the two largest home security companies collide?  

Last updated: August 6, 2018. We stacked up these two security giants dozens of ways for you to decide who the right company is for you and your home.  Ultimately what you are deciding between is a: good vs rocky history, good vs luxury price and basic vs advanced.  These are the two largest home security companies in North America with different sets of standards.

By the end of this comparison we want to know whose crime deterrent sign you will be putting out in your front yard…  The orange circle or the blue octagon?  

**Update to Vivint** They have now changed to a Leasing fee option for equipment as of Feb 13, 2017.  This means there are no more ‘set plans’ and that users can choose to pay upfront for their security equipment (and avoid their long 5 year contracts for monitoring) or lease-to-own the cost of the equipment into the contract.  With this update, it means anyone who qualifies (600+ credit score) can get setup with a ‘no money down’ home automation security system.  This also means their promotion of $1500 Free equipment doesn’t exist as customers have to pay for the equipment.

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Security System Comparison:

Here is a look at what you use to control their alarm systems.

ADT’s Pulse:

Laptop and iPad running ADT Pulse app

Pulse app

Vivint’s smarthome control panel:

screenshot of vivint account control vivint security system control on laptop

Monitoring Stations

ADT dots the nation with 5 corporate calling stations and dozens of monitoring stations.  Each one of these buildings are built to withstand tornadoes, earthquakes and other natural disasters.  If one of their primary monitoring locations were to go down, the calls going to that station automatically re-route to another one so you have true 24/7 monitoring service.

Vivint on the other hand has one primary monitoring station in Provo, UT.  Other recent locations include Seattle, WA.  Many saw Vivint’s CEO Todd Pederson on the TV show ‘Undercover Boss’.  He talked about opening a new monitoring location in the show as well as improving other aspects of the company.  Vivint may hire other phone centers to do after hours support and take calls for their customers but nowhere near the amount of national stations or backup structure that ADT does. 

Alarm Reviews verdict

If you want a better all-around service, price and reputation, then choose ADT.  Your initial term is going to be shorter (36 vs 50 months) and easier to move if the need arises.  If you want the best of the best of the best and don’t mind the higher prices with worse customer ratings then choose Vivint.  Another reason to go with Vivint is if you have an existing ADT system and you want to upgrade.  

Ultimately it is your choice, both are great companies and are industry leaders in the US.  Let us know what you think below![frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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