Don’t Blink or You just Might Miss a Burglary

The quest for an ideal security system for your home requires adequate research and close consideration of security options viz their pros and cons. A security company that has been around for a short time yet seems to tick most of these boxes is Blink security. Earlier we did a review of the Blink cameras, a group of low cost security camera options that offers much upgrade to the generic security cam set up.

Blink security is a camera based security company that offers crisp HD video surveillance of your home on a battery-powered, no contract plans complete with wireless setup. The range of video camera system comes in a single, double and triple camera set up with a sync module.

Black pack of 4 with control shown

Here’s a look at the good and bad of Blink security outlines the following

  • Way cheaper than the opposition
  • DIY installation
  • Wireless setup
  • Battery powered capable of lasting up to 2 years
  • No monitoring contracts
  • Weather resistant setups
  • Full HD cameras
  • Up to 10 camera connectivity
  • IPTTT integration (works with Amazon Alexa)
  • Multi user account available
  • Ideal for renters


  • Suboptimal night vision
  • No dedicated storage included
  • No Alarm included in set up
  • Live video feed only accessible to one user at a time
  • Two-way Audio not available


Quick Facts on Blink Security

Founded 2012
Headquarters Andover, MA
Sales Line
Standard sensors NO
Touchscreen Panel NO
Key Remote (on/off switch) NO
C02, Fire and Flood Sensors NO
Mobile & Tablet Control
Cameras Indoor & Outdoor
Z-Wave Technology NO
Advanced Features
Installation $0
Activation None
24/7 monitoring
Customer Reviews 5 of 5
Support 4 of 5
Smart app control Included free


The Looks & Design of a Blink Security System

Very easy to place in places not expected by criminals.  Shown on a tree.  Great weatherproof durability.

Regardless of your system, the content of the box remains the same. Each retail package comes with the desired amount of cameras (up to 10), AA batteries, a sync module and an instruction manual.

The camera measures about 8cm in length making it relatively small and light weight. each camera build is the same. The front houses a full HD camera lens a led indicator and a microphone. The back houses the battery compartment and a USB port. The sync module doesn’t come with a battery compartment as it is the only wired part of the set up and requires a direct power source.

Performance – What to expect from a Blink Security Camera System

Specs listed from their website

We are particularly pleased with the performance of the Blink security cameras.  Blink security systems is amazon Alexa enabled which means of voice control if you own an Alexa enabled gadget.  Other recent companies like Protect America and Vivint have started integrating Alexa or Google bots with security control.

The first quarter of 2018 would bring professional monitoring to the Blink security setup at an added fee although self-monitoring option would still be available. Furthermore, the next update hopes to bring a 4G chip in the sync module to allow cellular backup as well as Wi-Fi and other added security options, these would comprise the Blink Seecurity™ video based surveillance systems

As an added purchase of $45.00, you can purchase an alarm siren to scare away intruders when a trigger is activated if you own the Blink XT camera setup.

What it lacks in local storage, it provides with free cloud storage of over 7000 seconds of video recording depending on length of clips. As storage runs out, the older clips are deleted to make room for new ones. There is the option to download clips to mobile devices.

Currently, Blink can only be accessed from only a mobile device and not a computer which makes remote access not possible.

Getting it Setup and Running on Smartdevices

The end result shown – user on the Blink Security App.
Get it for iOS | Android

Blink deserves an excellent score on the ease and speed of installation required for its security camera systems.

Set up takes relatively 30 minutes from unpacking to full set up. The needed skill is basic as even a technical noob can get it all running. There is a very detailed guide available on the Blink blog on how to set up the camera and the sync module complete with pictures on each step. Here’s a summary.

Blink security mobile app works on both android running android KitKat v4.4 and above and iOS devices running iOS 8.1 and above

  • Navigate to the android playstore or Apple appstore to update or install the latest version of the Blink home monitor app. The app is free to download and install
  • Create an account within the app once installed and launched to access your cameras. Multiple accounts can be created on different devices for the same camera system.
  • Connect the sync module to a power source and proceed to set it up by adding the cameras by following the given instructions.
  • The cameras are battery powered, insert the AA batteries that came with your camera system and set up the cameras where you desire. There’s a live feed when the camera is being installed so you can see where it covers.
  • Set up the scheduling process for armed and unarmed times and days that suit your required need.


About Blink Security

Blink  is a brainchild of the Immedia group founded in 2016. Formed by a crowd funding initiative (familiar to Canary.IS, Piper and iSmartThings), the company aimed to produce a video based home security camera that is not contract dependent, wireless, battery powered and offers crisp video and audio quality at a relatively cheaper rate than competition.

Here is a look at what the company boasts of themselves:

Wrapping it all up – Conclusion

Blink security offers a wide range of security options that an ideal video based security system should have, while it is not perfect, its worth considering as it surpasses the offerings of its competition.

It’s believed that the next generation Blink cameras like the Seecurity systems set for release in 2018 would iron out the drawbacks noticed in the current setup particularly two-way audio, professional monitoring and an alarm trigger system.

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