Solid History and Price, so what’s the Catch?

Last updated: .  **UPDATE**  ADT has purchased Protection 1 in 2016 for 6.9 billion ($49 a share).  According to SecuritySystemNews, 'Apollo private equity firm plans to combine ADT with Protection 1 and, according to an ADT news release, “will operate primarily under the ADT brand.”  If you are a current Protection One customer, we recommend you calling their customer support to see how this will affect your current contract.  For those looking to get Protection 1, you can now sign up directly with ADT

--- Below is a review of the original Protection 1 home security services company that has been in business for years ---

Classic yard sign design for Protection One

Protection One is most well known among business owners.  They specialize in small and large business security systems.  However, they still have a very large number of customers (over 2 million) in the United States.  They have several monitoring stations and business offices across the nation.  If you are a person who needs support then this is a good choice. They are the only alarm company to maintain a A+ BBB rating for year upon year while employing door to door salesmen nationwide.  Before going into too much detail here are some of the advantages and disadvantages.

Pros and Cons of Protection 1 Home Security

  • Reputable company
  • Long time in business
  • Professional installation
  • Great BBB rating


  • High starting & monitoring costs
  • Dropping popularity quickly with new sales tactics
  • Slow to roll out the touch screen panel and other advanced features
  • Business to business work is an extremely slow process... trust us, we've tried!


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 Pricing and packages banner with money icon

Let's talk numbers

They are on the higher end of home security.  They offer basic, interactive and digital-video-energy (home automation) packages. 

Installation:  Git-R-Done.  $99-149.  They are very particular on who can install their systems making sure each technician is certified. 

Activation:  $0.  Some companies may offer Free Installation but then you'll be charged with a $99 activation fee.  Either way, when choosing the right home security system expect $99+ in starting costs.

Packages:  Average starting cost and monitoring rate is more than ADT.  

They have three main packages:

1.  Basic home security:  $44.99 / mo + $99 setup.  Still comes with a touchscreen two way over voice panel.  For equipment you get 3 intrusion sensors, 1 motion sensor and a key-fob.  Smart phone control is more limited but users are still able to arm and disarm the security system.
2.  Digital home security:  $49.99 / mo + $99-149 setup.  Same features as the basic package plus some extras.  This adds extra features to the control panel including local alerts.  You can enable text and email alerts but still not connect or use security cameras.
3.  Digital energy & video security:  $54.99+ / mo + $99-199 setup.  This has everything a person can want in the way of home automation.  For most homes, you may still need to pay extra for door sensors as 3 is not usually enough.  This package comes with a security camera and cool wifi / z-wave features.  For reference, you can get this same package with Frontpoint for $5 less a month and better equipment.

Protection Ones main security package with images of motion, window sensors, panel and keyfob   Protection one reviews on signs, camera, iphone app, touchscreen panel and keyfobs

Basic, digital and video home security packages belonging to Protection One

Security Equipment banner with icon of camera over house

Analysis of their sensors and smart alarm gadgets

Protection 1 uses Honeywell, GE and 2gig branded equipment.  All of which is good quality and reliable. 

Even though they don't have self-made equipment like some companies, it is very common to use these reliable brands to compile customers a security system.

Essentials:  Everything you can think of they have.  Wireless door sensors, motion sensor, cameras, key-fobs and much more.  You will get all the essentials covered  for free with their basic or digital package.

Home automation:  They have indoor cameras, light control, thermostat control and all energy automation that has become the new industry standard.  Choosing home automation package will raise the monthly price but you save a lot on upfront costs. 

Customizing to your home:  Not the easiest company to come up with a package on your terms but they are still willing to bend if you want to trade X sensor for Y sensor. 

Equipment Rating:   4.5

Hammer and wrench icon next to saying installation process

How to get the security system up and running

They are extremely picky with who they let install their systems.  Each technician is certified through several tests.

Here are the steps:

Pick 'n choose: Agree upon a package that best fits your needs.
Schedule:  They schedule a time for tech to install.
Sit back:  Usually takes 1-3 hours to complete the job.  During this time you can sit back and relax or watch the game and let them do all the work.

Tip:  If possible, have someone else that will be using the alarm with you during install so between the both of you, you can remember things.

The technician will stay around to walk you through how to work the alarm.

 What Makes this company unique banner with light bulb icon

Anything special about these guys?

Comparing Apples to Apples with other companies, here is what makes them different.

10 second guarantee:  That was fast!  With other companies you typically deal with an automated answering service.  Protection One claims to answer every call within 10 seconds.

Protection One technician closing door to van

P1 Techs go through a rigorous certification process

Technicians:  Any average Joe can become a technician with most companies.  Protection One takes this title seriously and does a background check before hiring.  Landing a technician job is much easier with Vivint than it is with P1.

DIY and professional install options:  What to choose?  They just launched in March of 2014 a Do-It-Yourself system.  This makes install fee $0, however, you do not get as good of a panel compared to paying for professional install but it is an affordable way to get a security system.  If you do want a DIY system, check out Frontpoint our #1 pick for that. 

Landline Service: For the few out there that still have a landline you will get a discount on your monitoring rate by connecting it through the home phone line.  But beware, all companies are transitioning out of this and using cellular monitoring only.

Time capsule icon next to banner saying History of Company

A glance into the past of Protection 1

They have primarily been a business provider but also have over 2 million residential customers.  Map of call centers, headquarters and service locations for Protection One

Founded:  Quarter decade.  In 1988 -- over 25 years as a Home Security provider.

Location:  Where it all began.  Head Quarters in Lawrence, KS and Romeoville, IL.  Offices dot the United States.

Partners:   These guys could come in handy.  To help you as a consumer they partner with:

1 - Honeywell.   If you do not recognize the name, you have seen it.  Large producer of high end security technology equipment.
2 - GE security.  The name speaks for itself.  Both reliable and safe they have been in the industry for years.
3 - Top awards:  In 2008 Protection One was the only security company listed in the Forbes list of Americas most trustworthy companies. 

Recently they have opened a door to door sales program.  This is making many once loyal fans change as they watch Protection 1 go mainstream and lose their core values.

 Green chat bubble customer support text

Ring, ring, anyone there?

These guys are the king of customer service.  All of their calls are answers by a live representative and guaranteed to be answered within 20 seconds.

Group of Protection One workers and customer service agentsChat Support:  Type Away.  Available, for prospect or current customers.

Tech Support:  Geeks-R-Us.  Any questions you may have about mobile control, working your alarm or need a password reset you will be quickly taken care of.

Online Videos:  Not the most entertaining thing to watch.  They have a blog with video tutorials that covers anything you may wonder.

How-To Guides:  Prefer pictures?  They will leave you with guides how to work the alarm system. 

Customer Support:  Long hours.  Customer service is not automated service or hired out overseas.  They pay extra to maintain this high customer approval.


Alarm Reviews conclusion

So there you have everything from A to Z on Protection 1.  An all around company that many have not heard about for one reason or another.  They do a lot of referral marketing so you may have not seen them on a TV ad like ADT does.  They are heading in a uncertain future by adding door to door salesmen to their company and risk their good BBB rating but they are also in a competitive industry and are taking the necessary risks to grow.

Have you had any experience with Protection 1?  Share your story with us below!

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