Is this New Security System Trustworthy and Worth the Cost?

Peter Piper Pumpkin Eater… Well, sort of.  If you are thinking about buying the new Piper fasten your seat belt and get a hold of your wallet cause you’re going to need it.  These new ‘all-in-one’ home security system devices are popping up everywhere.  Cocoon, a similar all-in-one security device was launched recently in March 2016, and Canary security already does the same thing that Piper can.  The one thing they boast about is no monthly fees but most of these companies including Nest try to sell you a monthly package for video data storage on their cloud.

Before going further here’s a look at the pros and cons of the Piper security:

The Good
  • All in one device.  Less clutter in home.
  • Has some basic automation features but do not purchase for those reasons.
  • Z wave compatible so many other sensors can connect to it to make it a full alarm system.
  • Wireless, Do it yourself installation
  • Instant alert to your smartphone when alarm is triggered.
  • Good customer support including click-to-chat support.


The Not-So-Goods

It is a new device in the market and is going to need some time to prove itself.  However, it is working and functional and being sold in big stores so you can rely on them.

  • Does not call the police or any other authorities.  If you miss the alert (travel, work, movie night out etc.) then the robber gets away free.  If you want a DIY alarm system that is connected to local authorities (the point of an alarm system to us!) then check out these wireless systems.
  • Need multiple all in one devices per home.  At least 2, bigger homes may want 3-4.  At $179+ a pop this can get pricey quick.
  • New to market.  Like Xfinity and other companies have learned, you can get some bad ratings quickly when you don’t have a perfected product.
  • Doesn’t have night vision.


security equipment

What it is and how it works

piper automation bundle

The Main Bundle.  Great for apartment, condo or smaller home.

The all in one security system claims to be a:


It’s pretty cool how they designed it from the inside out.  We suggest placing this in the area with the most foot traffic (living room, entry way).  It is easy to connect with any smart phone and you can also monitor some of your homes lighting energy and habits from their app.  Freebie tip:  Download their app for free prior to buying to see if this is something you can control.  Search for in app store ‘Piper Security’.

Here is a screenshot about how it all works including pet sensitivity.

about piper security

For the full package that comes with extra sensors so you don’t have to buy multiple all-in-one sensors you can purchase it for $349.99 with Free Shipping.

Piper Camera Reviews

Piper camera

Salt and Pepper.  You can choose from white or black.  It has a great modern look and goes great in any room inside your home.  This system costs more than the Canary all in one camera which is basically the same thing but it is made by iControl who has a longer history in the industry.   It is Wifi and Z-Wave compatible and this one does have night vision.  It has two way voice as well but without a monitoring company we don’t see the need for that.

You can buy it for $275 with Free Shipping by clicking here.

History of Company

Wait, who?  They are owned by iControl Network who is located in Redwood City, California.

How it all began… Like Cocoon, Piper was started on a fundraising platform and did so well that they are now selling it to customers.  It is all fairly new to the market which usually means if you get it you also volunteer to be a test dummy for them.

Our verdict

So will this be the smart all in one security for you?  This trend is definitely becoming more popular among the do-it-yourself lovers.  We recommend having your alarm system monitored by professionals but this is a great alternative.  The most important part when sleeping at night is that you have something that will sound off a siren so you know to get the gun or call the police.  This will do the job of alerting for you, just make sure you have your smartphone close by!

If you have any experience or tested the Piper gadgets yourself please leave a review below.

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