Out with the old, in with the new. 

Old junky alarm system on wall

    Have you been paying a monthly monitoring fee now for years with no upgrade?  Just like cell phones, computers and other technology equipment that you update every 2-3 years alarm systems are no different.  So why don’t people?  The mentality is ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’.  Most users don’t know they can get a better system from their company or a new one at no cost.  Sure you may have to put up a fight to your current security company (ie., threaten to cancel) but it will all be worth it in the end.  So here are 3 signs that you need to update your home security system.


    Out of contract

    .  Have you been with your company for over 3 years?  The average time a consumer keeps their system is 7.5 years.  After your initial 2-3 year agreement your due for an upgrade.  Don’t let your company get free money month after month from you.  You deserve the latest and greatest or additional equipment at no cost.

  • Wired alarm system.  Is there a chord that runs from your motion detector all through the walls?  Is your panel the size of a cardboard box?  Heck, these days if you don’t have a touchscreen panel then you need an upgrade.  Everything should be wireless.  It’s not 2004 any more.  They can send in a tech and replace any old equipment.
  • Land Line system.  If your 40 or older you may fall into this category.  That’s nice that you enjoy having a land line at home but time to disconnect it from your alarm system!  If a burglar cuts the phone outside (or a storm knocks it out) you will be mad you are paying for a product that doesn’t work.  They can disarm the system and walk right in to your house if they snip the wires to your land line.  You can also save $30-60 a month if you will get with the times, cancel your Land Line service and tell your security company you want a cellular module added.  If you are going to pay the monitoring fee, you might as well have a product that works.



Old dcs security panels  Conclusion

   So if you are like the majority of America, it is time to update your security system.  You can find great deals and promotions and companies will come and completely replace the old one.  If you don’t update, you risk:

  • Being broken into
  • paying them a monthly for no real reason (free money to the company)
  • missing out on home automation and touchscreen panels

So make sure you have keyfobs, mobile control etc.  If not, read the reviews of our home alarm companies reviewed and decide who to go with from there![frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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