What You Need to Know Before Buying their Security System

Last updated: August 1, 2018.  Fan of hide-n-go seek?  Because Ackerman is.  Most companies’ websites have fine print at the bottom of the website showing offer details, contract terms etc.  Ackerman security likes to save these juicy details for the end of the phone call (if at all).  Hey, don’t ask don’t tell, right?  They do have to tell you what you are signing up for over the phone but also make a keynote of asking about the price, for how long and is it guaranteed.

ackerman home security system

Here is a look into the good and bad of Ackerman security:


  • A long time – They have been around for nearly 50 years with a great BBB rating.  Makes you wonder why they are still as small as they are!
  • Brand name equipment – as already mentioned before, they use Honeywell which is a trusted name in security equipment.
  • Red, white and blue – Heck, who can’t love their America themed logo and colors?



  • Help, I’m stuck! – Bad customer reviews.  From high repair costs, to the initial getting started.
  • Stay put – If you move out of one of the three areas they service you will be paying a hefty (hundreds of dollars) cancellation fee.  Any of our top 3 companies ranked here all give “move with you service” to anywhere in the USA.
  • Bad customer service – Several reports about monitoring not calling when alarm went off.
  • What backup?  Large companies have dozens of monitoring stations and backup ones to take your call if one goes down due to natural disaster.  With a smaller company like this, if they go down you’re going with them.
  • Watch out – for the contract terms and other hidden fees they will add to your start up and monthly costs.
  • Automatic withdrawal on repeat – Unfortunately most of their customer complaints seen across the internet are from when customers have cancelled yet they keep getting payment drafted from their bank account monthly.  Some call them scammers, others filed complaints to BBB.




Ackerman Security Prices

Hard to find until you call in…

We review a lot of home security systems.  We have even setup and tested Protect America’s no setup costs system.  But with Ackerman, they don’t show you a pricing table or set of different packages to choose from like all the others we have reviewed.  With that being said, here is what we found out:

They offer wireless monitoring (no need for a landline).  Home automation packages cost more, which is typical and you can expect around $50+ a month for that.  You will pay quite a bit out of pocket for home security cameras and other equipment you may want.

Ackerman doesn’t have any current good promotions going on as of 2016.  For the best promo, check out ADT where you can get $850 of free equipment for your home.

Make sure you don’t pay over $49.99/mo with these guys and don’t pay over $99 for installation, otherwise you are not getting the best deal available.

Security Equipment review

Ackerman Security System Review

Nothing too fancy here, pretty standard equipment for any home security dealer…

They are an authorized dealer of Honeywell equipment.  Honeywell has been around for decades and has equipment you can trust.  Because Honeywell doesn’t offer any monitoring service (like GE alarm systems) companies use their equipment to install at customers’ homes and then do the monitoring themselves.  You can also buy a Honeywell security system yourself, install it and hire out the monitoring but that is more complicated approach.

Here are some screenshots of what you can get installed inside your home.  Please note that the panel, security cameras and other equipment may require drilling in your home.  The sensors are all wireless and shouldn’t need to be drilled.

Ackerman burglar alarm products

Typically you will get 2-3 door sensors, a motion and a panel at no cost.  Other accessories and upgrades will be out of pocket expenses or a much higher monthly monitoring rate.  For the best package deal of good equipment, read our review of ADT.

Smart mobile control

Easier than using the punch pad…

Gone are the days when you need to run in carrying the groceries and turn off the alarm system.  While that option is always available, Ackerman, like all other security systems have a free mobile app you can use to turn on and off the alarm system.

They use Alarm.com app like dozens of other companies do.  What is nice about this is it is reliable software and works great with Honeywell equipment.  It does lack some of the nicer features that self-made apps have but for a small company like these guys it is their only chance to offer customers a mobile friendly way of control.

Areas of monitoring service

You better live in one of these 3 Cities…

Ackerman service areas

You must live in Atlanta, Washington DC or Philadelphia to sign up with Ackerman.  If you don’t live within those city limits then check out companies who can get you setup.  Like Vector security and Central Group, Ackerman only covers the East coast and are growing slow and steady.

Alarm Reviews conclusion

So there you have Ackerman security broken down into pieces.  Without their long history we would advise everyone to stay far, far away but because they have been around for a long time it is really up to you.  There is nothing great that stands out about them, no good sign-up deals compared to Protect America and others but they do professional installation and have a good brand name on the East coast.[frontpage_news widget=”4288″ name=”Trending Articles”]

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