The Need to Know Before Buying their DIY Security System 

If you’re looking for the best deal in home security with a reputable company then this one’s for you.  Protect America is the hip and cool company with great promotions always going on.  We have set up and tested their system ourselves.  When testing, Protect America had the quickest response time (from when an alarm goes off to when they call you) out of any company.  

xti5 security system with sensors

In 2017 Protect America Home Security revamped their brand and changed a few things as shown below:

  • The color of the website to dark blue and purple
  • Up to $1400 in promotions available
  • Added a touchscreen panel (from outdated GE Simon XT)…  It’s about time!!
  • Can integrate your security system with Amazon’s Alexa

protect america app on smartphone with security camera

Before we go further let’s look at the good and the bad of Protect America.


  • Self setup installation
  • Re-branded in July 2017 & upgraded complete security system to better equipment
  • Protect America security has no starting costs or hidden fees
  • Get the most equipment per plan out of any security company
  • Been in business for over 25 years
  • A BBB rating
  • Available for renters
  • Free to move and take anywhere nationally
  • Free smart mobile control


  • Basic control panel
  • Limited home automation

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Protect America Quick Facts

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Pricing and packages banner with $ icon

It’s not always about the money… is it?

ZERO upfront costs plus lots of equipment per package. 

Starting costs bar graph showing $0 on scale from $0-199 with tool icon

Installation:  I’ll take that!  Free

Activation:  What’s that?!  Free.  Behind many Free Installation, claims comes a hidden activation fee.  Not with Protect America.

Packages:  2017 update:  They have dropped 2 of their plans options to make things easier on the consumer.  Below is updated picture:

protect america 2017 prices

Choose your color… 5 choices; 3 choices; each higher package comes with more security equipment.

  1. Copper.  $19.99/Month.  Landline only.   Best price out there but not too practical.
  2. Silver.  $37.99/Month. 10 Sensors + 1 Motion.  Rated best value, will cover most homes and security needs.  
  3. Platinum.  $42.99/Month.  15 Sensors + 1 Motion.  Compare this package to $60+/month in other companies.


Protect America Pricing table with Silver, Bronze, Gold, Platinum packages

(Previous plans screenshot)

Agreement Policy:

Contract bar graph showing arrow at 36 out of 60 months

They have a normal length of 36 months.  Users can move while in contract with no cancellation fee since they have nationwide monitoring service.  Proving that they continue to be one of the all-around lowest home security providers, below is a screenshot of their comparison of a standard 36 contract versus ADT and Vivint.

$720 over 36 months vs adt and vivint

You get a good bang for your buck.  They offer more equipment than any other company per package.  Security cameras may be an extra out of pocket expense.

 Security equipment banner with camera icon over house

This is what will be keeping the bad guys away…

They use General Electric wireless equipment.  They also have several unique security items.

new touchscreen panel offered by Protect America

(New touchscreen panel shown).

iPhone displaying Protect America app

Home Automation Control

Essentials: They offer all the essentials such as window/door sensors, garage door sensor, touchscreen keypad, cellular or landline hook up, motion detectors, glass break sensors, mini keypad, panic fob, wireless key remotes, mobile control apps and more. The Protect America equipment is protected by a lifetime warranty.

Home Automation:  They have their own control app so you can turn your alarm on and off from anywhere. The mobile app is free and downloadable for any smartphone device.   Their home automation is limited compared to Frontpoint who is also a self-setup security system.  Protect America is the best choice when it comes to a basic home security system but may not be the best overall choice for someone looking to get advanced home automation.

Advanced: They have a GPS vehicle tracking device and their security system is z-wave technology compatible so you can do lots of advanced features with the Protect America app.

protect america alarm system in box

Unboxing shown.  Installation is carefully detailed with good instructions and live support available. 

Security cameras: Protect America offers security cameras and video monitoring that you can stream live video footage from via their app.  The first security camera is free and each additional is $179 out of pocket. It is worth the cost to most users for a true peace of mind to be able to check on the home when away on vacation, at work or on a date.

Environmental:  Many people think of a home alarm system a crime deterrent only.  With PA, you can add freeze or flood sensors. A freeze sensor detects frozen pipes saving you time and money.  Add a flood sensor to that and your alarm just became even more of an asset.

Installation process banner with wrench icon

How do you set this up? Piece of cake

It is a do-it-yourself installation system.  Don’t fret, it’s easier than it sounds.  You simply stick to each garage door, door locks, door window, motion sensors, smoke detectors, door window sensors, where it belongs.  As of 2016, you can also pay for them to send out a tech.

Lady mounting wireless door sensor onto door

DIY Setup
30-60 min avg

Here’s the process:

Schedule:  Call 888-936-2878 or Click here 

  1.  Pick a favorite:  Choose what package you need based on how much equipment you need.
  2.  Package arrives:  All security equipment, stickers, and sign are shipped to you.
  3.  Go time:  Peel and stick sensors/motion detector to the areas needed (i.e, door sensor onto the door).
  4.  Support:  Help!  They have you covered if you have any questions whatsoever throughout the process. We have personally installed a system of theirs and found it to be easier than expected.

Enjoy saving $99-199.  If you want to save a headache, pay for them to send out a tech.

 Lightbulb icon with banner saying what makes them unique

Why makes these guys special?

Their packages, GPS car device, no home ownership required and free move-with-you service.

Laptop, iPhone and ipad displaying Protect Americas account control

Mobile Control

PA app:  Easy-Peasy… They produced a perfect app for smartphones and tablets.  With Smart Connect you will watch your live camera video feed, see a history of the alarm, arm/disarm from anywhere.  It’s nice to know what’s going on at home without being there.  Babysitters may not be such a fan of it though.

Automotive GPS security: Vroom Vroom!  For an extra $9.99/mo. you can get a small device that tracks your car, if stolen, to its exact location.  When stealing cars, a common break-in method is for the burglar to go through the back door of your house, walk through the house, into your garage and out with your car.   You leave the device in your car and at any time if it is lost or stolen you can immediately track its GPS coordinates.

Landline: One of the few companies still offering a land line option at $19.99/mo.

protect america indoor cameraSecurity cameras: Easy to set up for anywhere you need to be monitored.  Access live feed from it 24/7 using their app. As seen on the left, their cameras are of high quality.  Can serve a dual purpose as a baby monitor for many parents.

Take it with you:  Moving time?  If you need to move across town or the country you can pack it up and take it with you for free.

Renters:  Being a renter doesn’t mean you shouldn’t protect your belongings.  You can be a renter and get an alarm system with Protect America! This is a great relief as most security companies require homeownership.

With 20+ years of service, they have valuable niches that keep customers staying with them and new ones coming in.

Visit their website for a Free Quote >>

 Protect America history banner with time capsule icon

A glance into the past…

Great overall history and going into its third decade in business.  They maintain an A with the BBB with nearly a million active customers. 

20 Years In History badgeFounded: When?  1992 in Austin, Texas.

Partners:  Great minds think alike.  Their list of partners includes:

1 – Big River™.   Increases online giving.  They help non profit organizations raise extra income.
2 – General Electric Security.  Most have seen this name and logo all of their life.  Many dealerships use their security equipment for its reliability.
3 – Pay It Forward.  They are involved in several giving back programs as well as their own pay it forward program.  They teamed up with students in Michigan to help the local community.
4 – Any Baby Can.  Helping the sick and poor children in Austin, Texas.

20+ years and a great BBB rating: Easier said than done.  Continual growth while maintaining an A on the BBB which means a business has been tested and proven.  In the security industry if a customer feels ripped off they typically let the world know.  This means they have dedicated staff to keep customers happy.

Thousands of companies go out of business every year or are sold to another company.  We do not see this happening with them.

 Customer support review banner

Hello?  Is anyone home?

They call within seconds of the alarm going off.  The protect America customer service and monitoring center is available 7 day a week. 

Chat support:  Type away.  Whether you are a current customer or potential they will chat with you answering any questions.

Tech support:  Yes, available 7 days a week.  

Online videos:  Yes.  Not the most entertaining thing to watch at night though.

How-to guides:  Show not tell.  Rather follow a step-by-step guide?  When you open the box you will get this guide.  They also have online manuals you can download.

Support hours: It’s a long day for them!  We give an A+ rating for customer support hours.  You can reach them Mon-Sun 8:00 am thru 9:00 pm.  We test called support and got thru to the person in charge without being re-routed multiple times.


Final Thoughts on the Protect America

So there you have it!  A great all around company with a bright future ahead.  Their security system serves anyone from the tech wiz to the average Joe.  If you want an advanced system that is installed for you, we recommend ADT Pulse.  Otherwise, these guys have you covered at a better price.

If you have any experience with Protect America, please share it below.

For a Free Quote Call 888-936-2878

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